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2018-08-28CPC Revue Cassette n°14CPC Revue198x
2018-08-14Compilation: Big Bang
Tetris+Star Wars+Shockway Rider+Mange Cailloux+Vivre et Laisser Mourir+Light Force
UBI Soft1990
2018-08-14Compilation: Big Bang 2
Rick Dangerous 1+Beyond the Ice Palace+Aspar GP Master+Batty+Chicago '90+Highway Patrol
Ubi Soft199x
2018-08-14Compilation: The Magnifcient Seven 2
Les Sept Mercenaires no. 2
Rampage+International Karate plus+Short Circuit+Slap Fight+Super Sprint+Wizball+Freddy Hardest 1+Yie Ar Kung Fu 1
2018-08-13Compilation: NRJ la Compil'action 2
Mystical+The Light Corridor+Crazy Cars 2+Pinball Magic+Shufflepuck Cafe
2018-08-08Compilation: Silver Collection
Ikari Warrior+Strike Force Harrier+Pacmania+Skateball+Emlyn Hughes International Soccer+Star Wars 1
Ubi Soft19xx
2018-08-03Compilation: Megaplay Volume 1
Energy Warrior+Zub+Rasterscan+Destructo+Curse Of Sherwood+180
2018-08-03Compilation: Classic Games 4
3D Clock Chess Vocal+Bridge Player+Draughts/Checkers+Backgammon CP Software
CP Software1989
2018-08-01Compilation: 12 Jeux Fantastiques
Skate Crazy+Super Scramble Simulator+Artura+Dark Fusion+Techno Cop+Night Raider+Motor Massacre+HATE+Gary Lineker's Hot-Shots+Stormlord+Gary Lineker's Superstar Football
Gremlin Graphics1989
2018-07-28Blockbusters Question MasterMacsen Software1985
2018-07-28Compilation: Bogie's Pick 3
Druid's Moon+Stock Exchange+Darkwurlde+Herbert's Dummy Run
Top Ten19xx
2018-07-18Compilation: Your Computer 2
Maggot Splat+Amstrad Jumper+RSX Background Music+RSX Extra Power+Time Bomb
Sintax / Your Computer198x
2018-07-09Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Megastar Vol 17: Cartoon Collection
Seymour Goes To Hollywood+Spike in Transylvania+Little Puff In Dragonland+Dizzy 1+Slightly Magic
2018-07-08Compilation: Codename Midnight Sun+Trapper!1985/2006
2018-07-06Compilation: El Paquetazo 1
Gunboat+Yogi Bear+Through The trap Door+Flight Simulator+The Vikings+The Fifth Quadrant
2018-07-06Compilation: The Radical Collection volume 2
Star Driver+The Masters of Space
Radical Software1994
2018-07-06Compilation: Hit 14
Bombjack 2+Nigel Mansell Grand Prix+Saboteur 2+Critical Mass+Sigma 7+Netherworld+Deep Strike+Thanatos+Zynaps+Fury+Turbo Esprit+Combat Lynx+Airwolf 1+Saboteur 1
UBI Soft1989
2018-07-03Compilation: ESP Soft 10 Anniversario 2004-2014
Arquimedes XXi+BCM: The Code Searcher+Columns+El Paciente 106+El Prisionero+Gates to Hell+Hora Bruja+Ilogicall+Imaginario Colectivo+La Guerra de Gamber+Mansion Kali 1+Mansion Kali II+Mariano the Dragon In Capers In Cityland+Nheredia+Phantomas Saga: Infinity+Small Games for Smart Minds+Totems
ESP Soft2014
2018-07-01Compilation: 10 Great Games 1
Ten Great Games
10 Jeux Fantastiques
Samurai Trilogy+Avenger+Future Knight+Krakout+Bounder+Footballer of the Year+Trailblazer+Highway Encounter+Monty on the Run+West Bank+Jack the Nipper 1+Convoy Raider
Gremlin Graphics19xx
2018-07-01Compilation: 10 Jeux Fantastiques
Au Revoir Monty+Final Matrix+Krakout+Thing Bounces Back+Samurai Trilogy+Convoy Raider+West Bank+Avenger+Future Knight+Jack the Nipper 1
Gremlin Graphics19xx
2018-07-01Compilation: 10 Great Games 2
10 Jeux Fantastiques 2
10 Jeux Magnifiques II
Ten Great Games 2
Death Wish 3+The Duct+Mask 2+Basil The Great Mouse Detective+The Final Matrix+TrailBlazer+Exolon+Zynaps+Revolution+Jack the Nipper 2
Gremlin Graphics19xx
2018-06-26Compilation: The Magnificent Seven
Wizball+Short Circuit+Arkanoid 1+Head over Heels+The Great Escape+Cobra Stallone+Frankie Goes to Hollywood+Yie ar Kung-Fu 1
2018-06-24COMPILATION: Top 10 - Computers Hits Exclusive to Dixons
Head Over Heels+Batman 1+Game over 1+Arkanoid 1+Tank+The Legend of Kage+Phantom Club+Freddy Hardest 1+Slapfight+Madballs
2018-06-24Compilation: Pack PowerSports
Carlos Sainz Rally+Paris Dakar+Sito Pons 500 Cc Grand Prix+Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam
2018-06-10Compilation: Best of Elite Volume 2
Paperboy+1Ghosts n Goblins+Battle Ships+Bomb Jack 2
2018-05-29Compilation: Logistrad 3Logipresse1986
2018-05-29Compilation: Logistrad 4Logipresse198x
2018-05-29Compilation: Logistrad 6
Coup de Force+Magic Square+Tigre+Chemin de Fer+Tigre
2018-05-29Compilation: Logistrad 10Logipresse198x
2018-05-29Compilation: Logistrad 8
Monoson+La Boule+Calculatrice+Le Train Fou
2018-05-29Compilation: Logistrad 1
Roulette+Regime et Calories+Sequence Musicale+Slot Machine
2018-05-29Compilation: Logistrad 9
Strip poker+Landru et ses femmes+Test+Sexy machine
2018-05-28Compilation: Bollaware PD DiscBollaware199x
2018-05-28Compilation: Audio Amstrad #01G.E.A.S.A198x
2018-05-17Compilation: Classic Arcadia 2
Alternative Software19xx
2018-05-17Compilation: 10 Computer Hits Vol 5
Dark Sceptre+Tarzan+Catch 23+Mystery of the Nile+Endurance+Mega Apocalypse+Ninja Hamster+Activator+The Boggit+Enlightenment Druid 2
Beau Jolly198x
2018-05-15COMPILATION: Top By Topo 1
Butragueno Futbol+Metropolis+Tuareg+Wells and Fargo+Rock'n Roller+Score 3020+Mad Mix Game+Black Beard
Topo Soft / ERBE Software19xx
2018-05-15Compilation: DIMensionNEW 4 Juegos
Idealogic / Dimensionnew1986
2018-05-15Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Solomon's Key+Road Runner)Erbe Software19xx
2018-05-15Compilation: Micro Club (Tetris+Pop-Up)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2018-05-13Compilation: Nouveau Logistrad 2
Starstrike+Starstrike 2+Dark Sceptre+Survivors
2018-05-09Compilation: 15 Mega Stars
Exolon+Navy Moves+Ghost'n'Goblins+Bombjack 1+Saboteur 1+Battleships+Commando+Scooby Doo+Buggy 2+1942+Le Crépuscule du Ninja+Le Talisman d'Osiris+Battle Valley+Airwolf 1
Ubi Soft1990
2018-05-08Compilation: AJ Concept Disc19xx
2018-05-06Compilation: M.G.T et Bactron
MGT: The Magnetik Tank+Bactron
2018-05-05Compilation: Best Of Elite Volume 1
Airwolf 1+Frank Bruno's Boxing+Commando+Bombjack 1
2018-05-05Compilation: 4 Stars
Alpha-jet+Enigme à Oxford+Défi au Tarot+Dakar Moto
Coktel Vision198x
2018-05-05Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 13Codemasters19xx
2018-05-05Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 11Codemasters19xx
2018-05-05Compilation: Best of Codemasters Volume 8
Blade Warrior+Bounty Hunter+Ninja Massacre+Street Gang Football
2018-05-05Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 15Codemasters19xx
2018-05-05Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 5: Power
Moto X Simulator+Championship Jetski Simulator+Pro Powerboat Simulator+ATV Simulator
2018-05-05Compilation: The Hollywood Collection
De Ciné
Les Stars D'hollywood
Ghostbusters 2+Indiana Jones 3+Robocop 1+Batman 3 The Movie
2018-03-14Compilation: Gargoyle Classics
Sweevo's World+Tir Na Nog+Dun Darach+Marsport+Heavy on the Magick
Rebound / Hewson / Mastertronic / Gargoyle Games / Melbourne House1989
2018-03-01Compilation: Amstrad ERBE Disco
Hypersports+Green Beret+Yie ar Kung-Fu 1+Ping pong
ERBE Software198x
2018-03-01Compilation: Chip Hits Collection 1
M.l.m 3D+Zaxx+Buggy II+Devil Castel
2018-03-01Compilation: Micro Club (Operation Thunderbolt+Dragon Ninja)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2018-03-01Compilation: Micro Club 23
Nemesis+R Type
Micro Club1991
2018-02-28Compilation: Micro Club (Welltris+The Light Corridor)Micro Club / Erbe Software1991
2018-02-06COMPILATION: System 3 Pack
Vendetta+Tusker+Myth: History in the Making+International Karate Plus
Usgold / System 31991
2018-01-20Compilation: Run'Star 5
2018-01-20Compilation: Run'Star 4
Cauldron 1+Bubble Ghost+Sorcery+Stifflip+Azirun
2018-01-20Compilation: Run'Star 3
Crafton et Xunk+Sky Hunter+Pacific+Stryfe
2018-01-20Compilation: Run'strad 2
Peasant's Tale+Mission+Atomic Driver+Demo-dementes+Force 4+Transtrad
2018-01-19Compilation: Logistrad 12
Eden Blues+Oroscope+Hexaminos+Zool
2017-12-28Compilation: Micro Mag Hors-Series 10MicroMag1989
2017-12-28Compilation: Micro Mag Hors-Series 7MicroMag1989
2017-12-14Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 5Cobra Soft1986
2017-12-14Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 4
Conjugaison+Vocabulaire+Proff+Le chateau du Diable
Cobra Soft1986
2017-12-14Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 3
Cobra Soft1985
2017-12-14Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 1Cobra Soft1985
2017-12-14Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 6Cobra Soft1985
2017-12-14Compilation: Cobra Soft Disquette Educative 2
Mathasard+Orthorepere+Histo Quizz
Cobra Soft1985
2017-12-13Compilation: 4th Dimension
Herobotix+Anarchy+Supercup+Battle Valley
2017-12-13Compilation: Amstrad Magazine n°5Amstrad Magazine1986
2017-12-12Compilation: Action Countdown
Rock'n Roller+Metropolis+Wells and Fargo+Colosseum+Titanic+Score 3020+Tuareg+Star Dust+Black beard
Kixx / Topo Soft / Usgold1989
2017-12-09Compilation: Programando mi Amstrad #3
Tragoncete+Gusanin (Editorial Cometa)+Los Invasores+Carrera Alpina
Editorial Cometa198x
2017-12-09Compilation: Especial Amstrad 25Software Editores19xx
2017-12-08Compilation: Computing with the Amstrad CPC: Ten of the Best! volume 1Computing with the Amstrad198x
2017-12-08Compilation: Computing with the Amstrad CPC: Ten of the Best! volume 2Computing with the Amstrad198x
2017-12-08Computing with the Amstrad volume 1 no. 10Computing with the Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2017-12-04Compilation: 4 Spiele 1 Diskette
Vier Spiele, Eine Diskette
Ariolasoft / Rainbow Arts1985
2017-12-04Computing with the Amstrad volume 1 no. 3
Computing With the Amstrad1985
2017-12-04Compilation: ACE Magazine covertape
Impossible Mission 1
USgold / Epyx / ACE Magazine1988
2017-12-04Compilation: ACE Magazine covertape
ACE Magazine / Electric Dreams1988
2017-12-04Computing with the Amstrad volume 1 no. 1Computing with the Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2017-12-04Compilation: Turbo Amstrad #02
2017-12-04Compilation: Power-Soft
Conan's Castle+Copter Patrol+Zauberschloss
Tronic-Verlag / / Computronic19xx
2017-12-04Compilation: Club Amstrad #5
Jumper (Club Amstrad)+Inter-Reloj+Azar-Menu+Indigestion+Funciones (Club Amstrad)+Backgammon (Club Amstrad)+Horoscopo Chino+Combi-20-Loto+El Loto+Loteria (Extracciones)
Software Editores1986
2017-12-04Compilation: Club Amstrad #04
Golf (Software Editores)+Combiloto-3 (Combiloto-2)+El Loto+Loteria aka Dataloto+El Amuleto+Listin+Biorritmos+Deduccion
Software Editores19xx
2017-12-04Compilation: Club Amstrad #03
Mach-4+Espiragrafo+Combiloto 2+El Loto+Loteria (Dataloto)+Stranded+Bronceado+Batalla Naval+Papel Pintado+Pintor 1+Pintor 2
Software Editores19xx
2017-12-04Compilation: Club Amstrad #01
El Loto+Graficos+Puzzletras+Reliflejos+TV Privada+Horoscopos
Software Editores19xx
2017-12-01Compilation: Fantasy Pack
Targhan+Xyphoes Fantasy
2017-11-15Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 12: Mission Jupiter+Super Robin Hood+Advanced Pinball Simulator+Fruit Machine SimulatorCodemasters19xx
2017-11-15Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 10: The Amazing Adventures of Dizzy
Dizzy 1+Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Dizzy+Dizzy 3:Fantasy World Dizzy+FastFood Dizzy
2017-11-14Compilation: Shadow Dancer+Alien StormUsgold199x
2017-11-13Compilation: NRJ la Compil'action 1
North and South+Tintin sur la Lune+Fire and Forget 1+Teenage Queen+Hostages
2017-11-13Happy Computer 2/86 - 4/86MarkT&Techni1986
2017-11-13Compilation: Heroes
Barbarian II+Licence to Kill+The Running Man+Star Wars
2017-11-13Compilation: Sonderheft 1/86CPC Schneider International1986
2017-11-13Compilation: Command Performance
Dix sur Dix
10th Frame+Trantor+Xeno+Bobsleigh+Leviathan+Hardball+Mercenary+The Armageddon Man+Shackled+Cholo

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.