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2017-04-27Computing with the Amstrad volume 1 no. 11Computing With The Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2017-04-27Computing with the Amstrad volume 1 no. 8Computing With The Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2017-04-27Computing with the Amstrad volume 1 no. 9Computing with The Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2017-04-27Compilation: Amstrad Magazine 03-04-05Amstrad Magazine1986
2017-04-27Compilation: Amstrad Magazine 27-28-29Amstrad Magazine1987
2017-04-27Compilation: Broderbund Classics
Wings of Fury+Lode Runner+Shufflepuck Cafe
Loriciel / Broderbund1990
2017-04-27Compilation: Amstrad Magazine Hors-Série n01Amstrad Magazine198x
2017-04-27Compilation: Amstrad Magazine Hors-Série n02Amstrad Magazine1986
2017-04-27Compilation: Amstrad Magazine 15-16-17Amstrad Magazine198x
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag Hors-Série n9 - Listings CPCAM-Mag198x
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag Hors-Série n8 (Listings CPC)AM-Mag198x
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag Hors-Série n°7 (Listings CPC)AM-Mag198x
2017-04-27Compilation: Amstrad Magazine 09-10-11Amstrad Magazine1986
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag Hors-Série n6 - Listings CPCAM-Mag198x
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag Hors-Série n5 - Listings CPCAM-Mag1985
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag Hors-Série n10AM-Mag1989
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag 42-43-44AM-Mag1989
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag 36-37-38AM-Mag1988
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag 33-34-35AM-Mag1988
2017-04-27Compilation: AMMag 30-31-32AM-Mag1989
2017-04-27Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Tuareg+Silent Shadow)ERBE Software / Topo Soft19xx
2017-04-27Compilation: 2 por 1 (Mission+Charly Diams)Proein Soft Line / Loriciels1991
2017-04-27Compilation: Forces Magiques
It's a Kind of Magic
Pink Panther+Clever and Smart 1+Western Games+Operation Nemo+Dakar 4x4
Magic Bytes1989
2017-04-04Compilation: We Are the Champions
Arcade Action
Barbarian 1+International Karate Plus+Rampage+Renegade+Super Sprint
2017-04-04Compilation: Top 20
Buggy 2+Permis de Tuer+Mange Cailloux+Battle Valley+Light Force+Starring Charlie Chaplin+Game Over 2+P-47 Freedom Fighter+MLM 3D+ACE 1+Superski+Zaxx+Hot Shot+Devil Castle+500cc Grand Prix+TT Racer+Shockway Rider+Aspar Grand Prix Master+3D Grand Prix+Batty
UBI Soft198x
2017-04-02Compilation: Mortadelo y Filemon 1+Pink PantherMagic Bytes / Drosoft19xx
2017-04-02Compilation: Micro Club (Barbarian 1+Barbarian 2)ERBE Software / Palace Software199x
2017-04-02Compilation: Micro Club (Renegade 3 The Final Chapter+Last Ninja 2)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2017-04-01Compilation: Les Barbares
Renegade III+Barbarian II+Double Detente/Red Heat+Guerrilla War
2017-04-01Compilation: Dark Force
Night Breed+Midnight Resistance
2017-04-01Compilation: Les Vainqueurs
Thunderblade+Tiger Road+Last Duel+Blasteroids+Forgotten World
2017-04-01Compilation: 100 per 100 Dynamite
100% Dynamite
Double Dragon+Last Ninja 2+After Burner+Wec le Mans
2017-03-31Compilation: Master Navy
Frank's Bruno Boxing+Zombi+Navy Moves+Hot Shot+Bombjack 1+Football Manager 2+Tetris+ACE 2
UBI Soft1988
2017-03-31Compilation: Epyx Action
4x4 Off Road Racing+California Games+Impossible Mission 2+Street Sports Basketball+The Games: Winter Edition.
Usgold / Epyx19xx
2017-03-31Compilation: Top 17
Ghosts'n Goblins+Battle Ships+Bombjack 2+Scooby Doo+Saboteur 2+Combat Lynx+Bomjack 1+Commando+Deep Strike+Saboteur+Sigma 7+Airwolf+1942+Thanatos+Batty
Ubi Soft19xx
2017-03-31Compilation: Les Tilt d'Or
Turbo Cup+Sapiens+Skweek
2017-03-31Compilation: Micro Club (Pac Mania+Pacland)Micro Club / MCM / Grandslam1991
2017-03-31Compilation: Micro Club (Chase HQ+Wec le Mans)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2017-03-31Compilation: Mega Box
Navy Moves+La Aventura Espacial+El Capitan Trueno+After the War+AMC+Satan+Narco Police+Army Moves
2017-03-22Compilation: Micro Club (Tiger Road+Street Fighter)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2017-03-20Compilation: 10 Computer Hits Vol 1
Chuckie Egg 1+Pinball Wizard+Killer Gorilla+Heroes of Karn+Special Operations+Flight Path 737+Ghouls+Defend or Die+The Covenant+Jack and the Beanstalk
Beau Jolly1985
2017-03-18Compilation: Mastertronic Computer Games - Special Offer
On Cue+Invasion+Soul of a Robot
2017-03-18COMPILATION: Mastertronic Computer Games - Special Offer
Storm+Vectorball+The Way of the Exploding Fist
2017-03-11Compilation: CPC Retrodev Contest 20142016
2017-03-11Compilation: CPC Retrodev Contest 20152015
2017-03-11Compilation: CPC Retrodev Contest 20162016
2017-03-07Compilation: Premium
Baby Jo+Panza Kick Boxing+Tennis Cup
2017-02-10Compilation: Les Guerriers Ninja
Double Dragon 2+Shinobi+The Ninja Warriors
Virgin Games1990
2017-02-08Compilation: Malette jeux Amstrad 2
la Valise Fil 2
Starglider+Star Raiders 2+Dwarf+Canadair
2017-01-31Compilation: 2x1 (Hundra+Turbo Girl)Dinamic1988
2017-01-31Compilation: 2 por 1 (Survivor+Desperado)ERBE Software19xx
2017-01-31Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Forgotten Worlds+Super Scramble Simulator)ERBE Software19xx
2017-01-30Compilation: The In Crowd
Barbarian 1+Karnov+Platoon+Predator 1+Combat School+Crazy Cars 1+Gryzor*Target Renegade
2017-01-29Compilation: 4 JeuxCobra Soft1985
2017-01-29Compilation: Pack Educatif n1Cobra Soft / General Video198x
2017-01-25Compilation: Fists of Fury Edition 2
Double Dragon 2+Shinobi+Dynamite Dux+The Ninja Warriors
Virgin Games19xx
2017-01-22Compilation: Six Super Arcades
6 Super Arcades
Arkanoid 1+Army Moves+Barbarian 1+Freddy Hardest 1+Mag Max Robo Centurion+Tank
Ocean / Continent198x
2017-01-22Compilation: AMMag 39-40-41AM-Mag1989
2017-01-20Compilation: The House Mix
Dark Fusion+Night Raider+TechnoCop+Skate Crazy+Motor Massacre+Artura
Gremlin Graphics1989
2017-01-18Compilation: Schneider Super-Games 2 (3D)
Schneider Super-Sport II (3D)
3D Boxing+3D Grand Prix+3D Stunt Rider
Schneider / Amsoft1986
2017-01-18Compilation: Black Soft Volume 2
Mortville Manor+La Secte Noire+Infernal House+La Malediction+Survivre
2017-01-17Compilation: Carré d'As
Balade Au Pays de Big-Ben+Starting Blocks+Dakar 4x4+James Debug le Mystére de Paris
Coktel Vision1988
2017-01-17Compilation: Fists'n Throttles
Fists and Throttles
Buggy Boy+Enduro Racer+Ikari Warriors+Thundercats+Dragon's Lair 1
2017-01-15Compilation: Arcadia
Chase HQ+The New Zealand Story+Operation Thunderbolt
2017-01-14Compilation: Addicted to Fun - Rainbow Collection
Rainbow Islands+Bubble Bobble+The New Zealand Story
2017-01-14Compilation: Sega Mastermix
Super Wonderboy In Monsterland+Turbo Out Run+Crack Down+Thunder Blade+Dynamite Dux
Usgold / Sega1991
2017-01-13Compilation: Intégral la Compil
Super Scramble Simulator+Super Cars+Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge+Toyota Celica Gt Rally
Gremlin Graphics1992
2017-01-13Compilation: Thrill Time Gold Collection
Thrill Time Platinum 1
2017-01-13Compilation: Thrill Time Platinum 1Elite1991
2017-01-13Compilation: Dizzy Collection
Dizzy 1+Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Dizzy+Dizzy 3: Fantasy World Dizzy+Dizzy 4: Magicland Dizzy+Fast Food Dizzy
2017-01-13Compilation: Les Maîtres Ninja
Last Ninja 2+Double Dragon 1
2017-01-13Compilation: Giants
Giants: les Best D'us Gold
2017-01-13Compilation: 12 Jeux Exceptionnels
Douze Jeux Exceptionnels
Maitres de L'universe+Mask 1+Cybernoid 1+Blood Brothers+Exolon+Marauder+Venom Strikes Back+Ranarama+Deflektor+North Star+Hercules+Nebulus
Gremlin Graphics1988
2017-01-13Compilation: Addicted to Fun - Ninja Collection
Double Dragon 1+Shadow Warriors+Dragon Ninja
2017-01-13Compilation: Arcade Collection vol 1Players1990
2017-01-13Compilation: Arcade Collection vol 2Players1990
2017-01-13Compilation: Arcade Collection vol 3
Dizzy Dice+Street Cred Football+Into the Eagle's Nest
2017-01-12Compilation: Multimixx 4
Gauntlet 1+Gauntlet The Deeper Dungeons+Gauntlet 2
2017-01-12Compilation: Multimixx 5
Monty On the Run+Jack the Nipper 2+Auf Wiedersehen Monty
2017-01-12Compilation: Micro Club (Out Run+Road Blasters)ERBE Software / USGold1991
2017-01-12Compilation: Zeppelin 4x4 Combat Pack #3
Spaghetti Western Simulator+2088+Ninja Commando+Bionic Ninja
Zeppelin Games199x
2017-01-11Compilation: Arcade Force Four
Road Runner+Metrocross+Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom+Gauntlet 1
2017-01-10Compilation: Adventure PD199x
2017-01-05Compilation: Pack FIL n?
Enlightenment Druid II+Wonder Boy+Gee Bee Air Rally+Sentinel
2017-01-01Compilation: Woolworths Bumper Pack
Mega Apocalypse+Sai Combat+Flunky+Dark Fusion+Throne Of Fire
Elite / Woolworths198x
2016-12-26Compilation: ¡Busca la Accion!
Pack Xam
Zafiro Software19xx
2016-12-22Compilation: Master 2000
3D Grand Prix+Navy Moves+Skateball+Game Over 2+Exolon+TT_Racer+Star Wars
Ubi Soft198x
2016-12-22Compilation: Skateball Collection
Live And Let Die+Skateball+Navy Moves+Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix+Pacmania+Battle Ships
Ubi Soft198x
2016-12-21Compilation: Special Hits
Wild Streets+Titan+Super Ski 1+Crazy Cars 1+Gazza's Super Soccer+Pipe mania
2016-12-21Compilation: Chip Pack 2Chip1986
2016-12-21Compilation: Battle Stations
Operation Wolf+Typhoon+Guerrilla War
2016-12-18Compilation: Go!
Out Board+Toyota Celica+Harricana+Turbo Cup
2016-12-15Compilation: The Trap Door+Through The Trapdoor - Two games on one cassetteAlternative Software198x
2016-12-10Compilation: Sonderheft 3/86CPC Amstrad International1986
2016-12-06Compilation: Micro Club (Night Raider+Vigilante)USgold / ERBE Software / Micro Club199x
2016-12-05Compilation: Micro Club (Gauntlet 1+Gauntlet 2)Micro Club / ERBE Software1991
2016-11-11Compilation: Les Lauréats
Silent Service+Cauldron 2+Green Beret
Tilt / Hitsquad1986
2016-11-03Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #086 - Action Pack #20 (November 1992)
Glider Rider
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1992
2016-11-03Compilation: Chart Busters
Dan Dare 1+Agent X 2+Ghostbusters 1+Kane+The Way of the Exploding Fist+Harvey Headbanger+War Cars Construction Set+Ninja Master+Thrust 1+Park Patrol+L.A. SWAT+zolyx+Rasputin+Olli and Lissa the Ghost of Shilmoore castle+Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge+Tau Ceti+I Ball 1
Beau Jolly19xx
2016-11-03Compilation: Burning Rubber

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.