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0000-00-00Schiffe versenkenCPC Amstrad International1992
0000-00-00SchlangeCPC Amstrad International1988
0000-00-00Take itCPC Amstrad International1989
0000-00-00TroffCPC Amstrad International1989
0000-00-001 KiloByte Jack PotCPC Amstrad International1991
0000-00-00La Course Contre la MontreMicrostrad1986
0000-00-00Alien-alarmCPC Amstrad International1990
0000-00-00AutorennenCPC Amstrad International1988
0000-00-00Base 2014CPC Amstrad International1989
0000-00-00Die berlinerinCPC Amstrad International1988
2019-07-20Compilation: Album de Platino
Grand Prix Simulator 1+BMX Simulator+Terra Cognita+Professional Snooker Simulator+Ghost Hunters+Comic Arcade y Aventura+Super Robin Hood
Serma Software198x
2019-07-03Compilation: Top 6 Amstrad CPC
Space Shuttle Simulateur+Lorigraph+Budget Familial+Mach 3+Billy 2+Charly Diams
2019-07-03Compilation: Black System 2Black System199x
2019-07-03Compilation: Black System 1Black System199x
2019-06-27Compilation: Épopées Volume 3
Mokowe+Saga+Infernal House
2019-06-25Compilation: Schneider Aktiv Softbox 10/87Schneider Aktiv1987
2019-06-24Compilation: Action Masters
Turbo Out Run+Welltris+F16 Combat Pilot+Double Dragon 2+Italy 90
Infogrames / Erbe Software1991
2019-06-24Compilation: La Compile Micro Fun Radio 2
Kick Off 2+Great Courts+3D Grand Prix+Grand Prix 500 II
Ubi Soft1992
2019-06-24Compilation: La Compile Micro Fun Radio 3Ubi Soft199x
2019-06-24Compilation: La Compile Micro Fun Radio
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 1+Back to the Future 1+Gremlins 2
UBI Soft / Elite1988
2019-06-24Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #052 - AA Christmas CassetteAmstrad Action / Future Publishing1990
2019-06-23Compilation: CPC Computing no. 11Computing With The Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2019-06-23Compilation: Data Amstrad #3
Las Joyas Del Nio+Espacial+Formula+Cartas+Nocturno
2019-06-23Compilation: CPC Computing no. 10Computing With The Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2019-06-22Compilation: Player's Dream 6Schneider Magazin19xx
2019-06-22Compilation: Player's Dream 5Schneider Magazin19xx
2019-06-22Compilation: Player's Dream 4Schneider Magazin19xx
2019-06-22Compilation: Player's Dream 3Schneider Magazin19xx
2019-06-22Compilation: Player's Dream 1Schneider Magazin19xx
2019-06-22Compilation: Player's Dream 2Schneider Magazin19xx
2019-06-22Compilation: 2 por 1 (Street Sports Basketball+Impossible Mission II)ERBE Software / Epyx / Usgold1989
2019-06-22Compilation: Drivers
Highway Patrol+Grand Prix 500cc+Quad+Chicago '90
2019-06-21Compilation: Two Game Disk (Thunder Zone+Think!)Firebird19xx
2019-06-20Compilation: Schneider Super Games
Astro Attack+Hunchback+Roland in den Hohlen+Roland in der Zeit
Schneider / Amsoft1986
2019-06-20Compilation: Classic Games On Amstrad Vol.1
Deadman+Alien Intruders+Snapman+Mayday
Database Software / Computing with the Amstrad198x
2019-06-03Compilation: The Tony Collins Collection
Nythyhel: Files Of the Occult+Theseus and The Minotaur+The Hermitage+Teacher Trouble+Miami Mice
2019-06-03Compilation: Pack de Aventuras GAC
Don Quijote+Ke rulen los petas+La corona+La guerra de las vajillas+Legend+Mega-Corp+Los pájaros De Bangkok+Mantis 1+Mantis 2+Zipi y Zape
2019-06-01Compilation: The Phill Ramsay Collection
The Sphere of Q'li+Hades+City of Shadows+The Weirdstone+The Eunuch's Ball+Save Your Sister
The Adventure Workshop19xx
2019-06-01Compilation: The Adventures of Mike Erlin
Magnetic Moon+Starship Quest.
The Adventure Workshop1993
2019-06-01Compilation: Pick'n Mix
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde+Phoenix+Violator of Voodoo+Cloud 99
The Adventure Workshop1993
2019-06-01Compilation: Pick'n Mix
Black Fountain+Sharps Deeds+First Past the Post+Get me to the Church+Larry the Lemming+Snow Joke
The Adventure Workshop1993
2019-06-01Compilation: Pick'n Mix
Agatha s Folly+The Jade Stone+Leopold the Minstrel
The Adventure Workshop1993
2019-06-01Compilation: The Alex Gough Collection
The Prophecy+The Gladiator (Alex Gough)+Detective (Alex Gough)+Crown Jewels+Hero Select
The Adventure Workshop198x
2019-05-30Compilation: Videoamstrad 11Software Editores19xx
2019-05-30Compilation: The Covenant+PSS DemosPSS / ERE Informatique / Amstrad Action1986
2019-05-25Compilation: Die Goldene
Schatz+Garten Manager+Berg der Monster+Poker+Super Chance+Captain Starships Test+Oil Willi
2019-05-25Compilation: La Compil'
La Compile
Salamander+Typhoon+Captain Blood+Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge+The Vindicator
2019-05-25CPC Revue Cassette n°11CPC Revue198x
2019-05-25CPC Revue Cassette n°07CPC Revue1985
2019-05-25Compilation: Videoamstrad 01
Relieve + Simon Relieve + Super-Saltarin + Sopa De Letras + Agenda + Cultez + Sintetizador Musical + Fuego Cruzado + Artist Cpc + Concurso + Gusanos Luminosos + Tiro Al Blanco + Oferta Y Demanda
Software Editores19xx
2019-05-25Compilation: Videoamstrad 03Software Editores198x
2019-05-25Compilation: Videoamstrad 04
Pentominos (Software Editores)+Rescate Lunar+Cultez Geografia+Mosquitos (Software Editores)+Agenda Noviembre+El Comecocos+Compra/Venta/Cambio
Software Editores198x
2019-05-25Compilation: GeoCobra Soft / ARG Informatique1986
2019-05-24Compilation: Classic Arcadia Collection
Classic Invaders+Classic Muncher+Classic Axiens+Grebit+Er*bert+Aftermath
Alternative Software199x
2019-05-24Compilation: Adventure 4-PackThe Amstrad User198x
2019-05-24Compilation: The CD Games PackCodemasters19xx
2019-05-23Compilation: 4 Most ThrillersAlternative Software1989
2019-05-23Compilation: 6 Computer Hits Vol 3Beau Jolly198x
2019-05-23Compilation: The Gold Collection 2
The Gold Collection II
Kung-Fu Master+Gunfright+Knightlore+Desert Fox+Bounty Bob+Questprobe
2019-05-23Compilation: The Gold Collection IUsgold198x
2019-05-23Compilation: Micro Club 21
Thunderblade+1943 - The Battle of Midway
Micro Club1991
2019-05-23Compilation: The Gold Collection 3
The Gold Collection III
Express Raider+Leviathan+Black Magic+Revolution+10th_Frame+Crystal Castles
2019-05-23Compilation: Solid Gold
Compilation: MassivGold
Gauntlet 1+Ace Of Aces+LeaderBoard+Infiltrator+Winter Games
2019-05-23Compilation: Les Trésors de US Gold
Gauntlet 1+Ace Of Aces+LeaderBoard+Infiltrator+Metrocross
2019-05-23Compilation: Amstrad Action Disk #072 (September 1991)Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1992
2019-05-23Compilation: Amstrad Action Disk #085 (October 1992)Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1992
2019-05-07Compilation: Repoker de Ases
Adiós a la Casta 1+Adiós a la Casta 2+Profanation 2 - Escape Abu Simbel+Baba's Palace*The Lost Treasure of Cuauhtemoc
2019-05-01Compilation: Rod Pike's Horror
2019-05-01Compilation: Trio (Loriciels)Loriciels1990
2019-05-01Compilation: Sirius
Satan+Hard Drivin'+Aspar GP Master+Rick Dangerous 2+Fire
UBI Soft1990
2019-04-07Compilation: Drive Me Crazy
Action Fighter+Stunt Car Racer+Highway Patrol+Chicago 90+A.P.B
UBI Soft1990
2019-04-02Compilation: Multicours 4eme
Don Quichotte+Objectif_Europe_Geographique+A_La_Decouverte_de_la_Terre
Coktel Vision198x
2019-04-02Compilation: Multicours 3emeCoktel Vision198x
2019-03-24Compilation: Coin-Op Connexion
Breakthru+Express Raider+Metro Cross+Crystal Castles
2019-02-18Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Vol 8: Fighters
Blade Warrior+Ninja Massacre+Street Gang Football+Bounty Hunter
2019-02-128BP Collection volume 01Matranet2019
2019-02-128BP Collection volume 02Matranet2019
2019-02-03Compilation: Die Amstrad Spiele SammlungGremlin Graphics1988
2019-01-31Compilation: Classic Arcadia
Triple Decker 1
Classic Invaders+Classic Muncher+Classic Axiens
Alternative Software199x
2019-01-24Compilation: Cobra Pinball + Misión DeltaZafiro Software1988
2019-01-24Compilation: Tensions+Golf TrophéeZafiro Software1988
2019-01-24Compilation: 2x1: Afteroids+HumphreyZigurat1988
2019-01-19Compilation: Game Over - (Special Double Pack)
Game Over 1+Game Over 2
2019-01-08Compilation: Now Games 4
Back to The Future 1+Dan Dare 1: Pilot of The Future+Hacker 1+Mission Omega+Jonah Barrington's Squash
Virgin Games1987
2019-01-08Compilation: Computer Classics
Dynamite Dan 1+Aliens+Cauldron 2+Zynaps+Into the Eagle's Nest
Beau Jolly1987
2019-01-08Compilation: 10 Computer Hits Vol 4
Bride Of Frankenstein+Starquake+Uchi Mata+Pulsator+Elektra Glide+City Slicker+Revolution+Triaxos+The Sacred Armour of Antiriad+Deactivators+Spindizzy+Dandy
Beau Jolly19xx
2019-01-08Compilation: 6-pak Volume 2
Into the Eagle's Nest+Arkanoid 1+Ace+Light Force+International Karate+Batty
Elite / Hit Pak1988
2019-01-08Compilation: Pack Of Aces
International Karate+Boulder Dash 1+Who Dares Wins 2+NEXUS
Prism Leisure / Paxman Promotions1987
2019-01-08Compilation: 10 Jeux d'enfer
Dix Jeux D'enfer
Buggy 2+Zoids the Battle Begins+Cosmic Shock Absorber+Mission Elevator+Nemesis the Warlock+Pulsator+Redhawk+Samantha Fox Strip Poker+Uchimata+Volley-ball
2019-01-08COMPILATION: The Sports Pack
Progiciel de Sport
Championship Baseball+GBA Championship BasketballGFL Championship Football
Activision / Gamestar1987
2019-01-08Compilation: Zap Pak 9
Trollie Wallie+Space Ace
2019-01-08Compilation: Zap Pak 8
Nuclear Heist+Riding the Rapids
2019-01-07Compilation: Silicon Dreams
Snowball+Return to Eden+The Worm In Paradise
2019-01-06CPC Revue Cassette n°01CPC Revue1985
2019-01-05Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #016 - Christmas Avalanche
Firebird Demo+Druid Demo+Spartacus Demo+Lusitania Demo
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1986
2019-01-05Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #028 - Christmas Gift Pack (January 1988)
AA Christmas Gift-Pack
The Duct+464 to 6128+Disk Editor+First Numbers+Thoughtlink+Sound Digitizer
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing / Gremlin Graphics1986
2019-01-05Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #040 - Christmas Gift Pack (January 1989)
Total Eclipse Special Edition+Isotopes+Solar System+Perspective Art+Disk Library System+Gibberish+Reviews
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1989
2019-01-05Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #037 - Birthday Gift Pack (October 1988)
Dizzy Special Edition+Micro Assembler+Special Disk Formatter+SmArt 2
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1988
2019-01-05Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #049 - Birthday Gift Pack (October 1989)
Shinobi Demo+Daleks+DataMaker+WordFinder+Self Dest+Easisheet
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1989

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.