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2019-10-24Compilation: Predator 1+FiretrapProein Softline19xx
2020-05-06RapidoLMC / MicroNews19xx
2020-05-02Compilation: Mega-Hot
The MEGA-HOT Collection
ATV Simulator+Advanced Pinball Simulator+BMX Simulator+Professional Tennis Simulator+Fruit Machine Simulator 1+Mig 29 Soviet Fighter+Grand Prix Simulator 1
2020-06-14WACCI PD Disc #116WACCI19xx
2020-06-14WACCI PD Disc #110 - Keith's Games 3WACCI19xx
2017-01-12Compilation: Zeppelin 4x4 Combat Pack #3
Spaghetti Western Simulator+2088+Ninja Commando+Bionic Ninja
Zeppelin Games199x
2014-07-25Compilation: Sélection CPC
Foot+Quadrel+Builderland+Bumpy+Mata Hari+le 5eme Axe
2016-12-06Compilation: Micro Club (Night Raider+Vigilante)USgold / ERBE Software / Micro Club199x
2018-08-13Compilation: NRJ la Compil'action 2
Mystical+The Light Corridor+Crazy Cars 2+Pinball Magic+Shufflepuck Cafe
2016-02-09Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Cartoon
Wizard Willy+Little Puff+Frankenstein Jnr+Olli & Lissa III
2015-01-26Compilation: Super Sega
Super Monaco GP+Crack Down+Shinobi+Golden Axe+ESWAT: Cyberpolice
2015-01-27Compilation: Titus Action
Titan+Knight Force+Crazy Cars 2+Fire and Forget 1
2015-01-25Compilation: Capcom Collection
Strider 1+UN Squadron+Forgotten World+Strider 2+Last Duel+Ghouls'n Ghosts+Dynamty Wars+LED Storm
2016-09-04Compilation: 4 Most Adventures
Life-term+S*m*a*s*h*e*d+Wiz-Biz+Star Wreck
Alternative Software199x
2016-05-26Compilation: 4 Most Horror
The Rocky Horror Show+Nosferatu the Vampyre+Mr Weems and the She Vampires+NEIL Android
Alternative Software199x
2017-01-12Compilation: 4 Most World Sports
GBA Championship Basketball: Two on Two+Grid Iron 2+Championship Baseball+Uchimata
Alternative Software199x
2015-02-18Compilation: Atlantis-4 Game Pack No 1
Crossfire+Spooky Castle+Crack Up+Superkid
Atlantis Software199x
2015-01-23Compilation: Storm Software (Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone+Rodland)Storm Software199x
2015-01-05Fun School 4 For the 7 to 11'sDatabase Software199x
2014-03-25Deutsches Geheimnis 4e/3e
Le Secret des Alchemistes
Generation 5199x
2012-08-25Tetris (CPCinfos)Cpcinfos199x
2019-06-03Mantis 2Raven Adventures199x
2019-06-08Bd Story 2Runstrad199x
2012-08-25Futurs: Stormlord PlusFuturs199x
2020-02-18Killing FistSilmarils199x
2015-01-24Compilation: Cartoons
Tom and Jerry+Super Wonderboy+Dynamite Dux+Toobin'+Buggy Boy
UBI Soft199x
2017-05-19Compilation: Super Heros
L'aigle d'Or le Retour+Baby Jo+Prince de Perse
2015-01-25Compilation: Top Action
Skweek+Moon Blaster+Lode Runner
2015-01-25Compilation: Success Story
Skweek+Turbo Cup+Bumpy+Crazy Shot+Space Racer
2016-09-10Compilation: Zeppelin 4x4 Hit Pack #1
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager+Rally Simulator+Para Assault Course+Mazie
Zeppelin Games199x
2014-01-06Compilation: Zeppelin 4x4 Sport-skill Pack #5
World Soccer+Battle Tank Simulator+Arcade Fruit Machine+Para Academy
Zeppelin Games199x
2016-09-10Compilation: Zeppelin 4x4 Hit Pack #2
Monument+Sabotage+Las Vegas Casino+Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge
Zeppelin Games199x
2019-01-31Compilation: Classic Arcadia
Triple Decker 1
Classic Invaders+Classic Muncher+Classic Axiens
Alternative Software199x
2014-08-06Compilation: Les Dieux du Sport
Tennis Cup 1+SuperSki Challenge+Harricana+OutBoard
2015-01-26Compilation: Sports Best 2
Sport's Best II
Kick Off 2+Tennis Cup 1+Crazy Cars 2
2020-05-26Compilation: La Mega Compil
Turbo Cup+Sapiens+Skweek+Maracaibo+Mobileman+Bumpy+Zox 2099+Cobra+Bactron+Aigle d Or+Kya+Billy II+Billy la Banlieue+Mach 3+5eme Axe+Foot+Tennis 3D+Rally II+3D Fight+Infernal Runner+Charly Diams+Mata Hari+Mission+Fusion 2
2015-01-27Compilation: L.C. Waïkiki
Prehistorik 1+R-Type+Fighter Bomber+The Blues Brothers
2016-08-08Compilation: Metal Action
AMC+La Aventura Original+After the War+Freddy Hardest 1+Satan
2014-05-03Compilation: Toujours Plus: Top 30
Airwolf 1+Battle Of the Planets+Bionic Ninja+Bombjack 2+Combat Lynx+Commonwealth Games+Critical Mass+Deep Strike+Dive-dive-dive+Equinox+F1Tornado Simulator+Future Shock+Ground Zero+International Ninja Rabbits+Las Vegas Casino+Monument+Ninja Commando+Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles+Q10 Tankbuster+Saboteur 1+Saboteur 2: La Revanche de l'Ange+Sigma Seven+Star Ranger+Tag Team Wrestling+Thanatos+The Custard Pie Factory+The Sword Of the Samurai+Titanic Blinky+Turbo Esprit+Tut's Pyramid
Ubi Soft199x
2017-12-04Prehistoric Island199x
2014-07-18Compilation: Triple Decker 2
Alternative Software199x
2019-06-01A Promotional ProspecThe Adventure Workshop199x
Anglais 6e/5e
Anglais Débutant
2013-05-04Flags Of the World199x
2014-02-27Compilation: Fox Collection vol.1
Monty Pythons Flying Circus+The Blues Brothers+Les Aventures de Moktar+Baby Jo: Going Home
2020-03-17Deutsches Geheimnis 6eme/5eme
Le Secret des Alchemistes
Generation 5199x
2020-07-29Mission Spaciale
Mission Spatiale
CPCinfos / CPC HS / CPC Revue199x
2018-09-17Sleepwalker PDS - The Logic DiscSleepwalker PD199x
2013-07-31Le Repere199x
2019-04-03Lords of Chaos: Expansion Kit 1Blade Software / Target Games199x
2013-06-14File 66199x
2015-01-26Compilation: Skyrock la Supercompil Micro
Rainbow Islands+Grand Prix 500 2+Hudson Hawk+Shadow Warriors
2018-08-14Compilation: Big Bang 2
Rick Dangerous 1+Beyond the Ice Palace+Aspar GP Master+Batty+Chicago '90+Highway Patrol
Ubi Soft199x
2019-07-03Compilation: Black System 2Black System199x
2014-08-06Compilation: I Cauldron II
Cauldron 1+Cauldron 2
Hitec Software / Palace Software199x
2013-12-10The Undersea AdventureRadical Software199x
2015-01-24Compilation: Les Dieux du Ciel
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer+ATF+ACE 1+ACE 2+Strike Force Harrier+Tomahawk
Ubi Soft199x
2015-01-24Compilation: Clap Ciné
Licence to Kill+Starring Charlie Chaplin+Ghostbusters+WonderBoy+Quartet+Aliens+Live and Let Die+The Living Daylights
UBI Soft199x
2014-07-18Compilation: Pit-fighter+Super Space InvadersDomark199x
2015-01-27Compilation: Stars Six
Fire and Forget 2+Mystical+Dark Century+SWAP+Crazy Cars 2+Off Shore Warrior
2013-08-08Compilation: Mega Hit
Turbo Cup+Mach 3+Space Racer+Bumpy+Skweek+Cobra
2013-08-05Compilation: Atlantis-4 Game Pack No 3
Boinggg!+League Challenge+Superkid In Space+Survivors
Atlantis Software199x
2013-12-29Compilation: Coleccion Dinamic-90
Navy Moves+Rescate Atlantida+Aspar G. P. Master+Comando Tracer+Bestial Warrior
2017-11-13Compilation: Command Performance
Dix sur Dix
10th Frame+Trantor+Xeno+Bobsleigh+Leviathan+Hardball+Mercenary+The Armageddon Man+Shackled+Cholo
2014-01-22Compilation: Dan Dare Collection (Dan Dare 1+Dan Dare 2)Virgin Games199x
2017-04-02Compilation: Micro Club (Barbarian 1+Barbarian 2)ERBE Software / Palace Software199x
2014-12-21Compilation: Psycho Pig UXB+TitanicSerie Leyenda199x
2019-05-18The Staff of PowerThe Adventure Workshop199x
2014-03-20Compilation: Psycho Soccer
Fighting Soccer+Manchester United+Kick Off 1+Kick Off 2
UBI Soft199x
2014-03-25The Axe of KoltFSF Adventures / The Adventure Workshop199x
2014-03-25Alvin and the ChipmunksAlternative Software199x
2014-08-06Compilation: Six Appeal
Pick'n Pile+Rick Dangerous 1+Twinworld+Satan+Puffy's Saga
Ubi Soft199x
2015-02-03Bomberman: Dyna BlasterUBI Soft199x
2015-01-27Compilation: Titus Action 2
Wild Streets+Galactic Conqueror+Fire and Forget 2+Off Shore Warrior
2019-06-02The Assassins' GuildThe Adventure Workshop199x
2015-07-25Natit 2199x
2019-05-18The Pendant of LogrynThe Adventure Workshop199x
2016-05-30Dave DangerousThe Adventure Workshop199x
2018-07-09Compilation: Codemasters Quattro Megastar Vol 17: Cartoon Collection
Seymour Goes To Hollywood+Spike in Transylvania+Little Puff In Dragonland+Dizzy 1+Slightly Magic
2016-05-24Butch CowardiceRadical Software199x
2016-05-24ManusCrystal X199x
2016-05-26Compilation: 4 Most Speed Stunts
BMX Ninja+Stunt Expert+Turbo Bike+Pro Mountain Bike Simulator
Alternative Software199x
2019-05-18Desmond and GertrudeThe Adventure Workshop / Delbert the Hamster Software199x
2016-05-30A Dark Sky Over ParadiseInteractive Technology / The Adventure Workshop199x
2019-05-18Star FlawsThe Adventure Workshop199x
2019-05-18Larry the Lemming's Urge for ExtinctionThe Adventure Workshop / Delbert the Hamster Software199x
2019-05-19The Domes of ShaThe Adventure Workshop / River Software199x
2019-05-18The Khangrin PlansThe Adventure Workshop199x
2016-08-31Compilation: MegaMix
Operation Wolf+Barbarian II+Dragon Ninja+The Real Ghostbusters
2016-06-27COMPILATION: Power Up
Altered Beast+Rainbow Islands+X-Out+Chase HQ+Turrican 1
2019-09-13Compilation: Serie Oro volumen 3
Quadrel+Sherman M4
Proein Softline199x
2016-08-31Compilation: Mega-mix
Altered Beast+Shadow Warriors+Turrican 1+Chase HQ 1
2016-08-28Compilation: Top Action
Pick'n Pile+Permis de Tuer+Strike Force Harrier+Hard Drivin'+Operation Hormuz+Tarzan
UBI Soft199x
2016-09-25Compilation: Crazy Cars II Compilation BCA Exclusive PackTitus / B.C.A199x
2016-09-25Compilation: Barbarian II Compilation BCA Exclusive PackPalace Software / B.C.A199x

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.