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Survival is the name of the game and only the best will succeed. 

Virgin Games has come up with some pretty hot compilations in the past and Fists of Fury is certainly no exception. Four spectacular blasts, all best sellers in their own right, coming together to offer a street fighting challenge of epic proportions. Think you can handle it? You've got to try it to find out

First up is that classic Ninja beat-em-up Shinobi. Counting the number of hours we've all spent chucking our shurikens about the screen with this one would probably be like counting the number of stars in the sky at night.

With some excellent graphics and super smooth scrolling, getting out there to rescue the kidnapped kids is a treat. There are more than enough thugs out there who want to spoil your day but, by mastering the joystick movements, the hand to hand combat is exciting and certainly rewarding. There's nothing like catching a thug fairly and squarely in the guts with a well-timed kick.

Fists of fury is indeed a pretty much ninja orientated blast, but the variety of the games ensures that you won't get bored in a hurry.

The second offering is Ninja Warriors, which will have two ofyou out and about committing some outrageous assassination attempts. It's all about getting to grips with the ultra-evil Bangler and, if you manage to work your way through the hordes of guards to his inner sanctum, you deserve all the credit you can get.

Ninja Warriors is no picnic. With plenty of action and some neat sound effects, you won't want to put it down in a hurry.

Rolling along on the same theme, Double Dragon II has you and a chum hitting the streets in the quest to avenge the death of your beloved Marian. Get used to the movements and take Billy and Jimmy through a wide variety of scenarios, right up to the secret lair of the boss himself.

Double Dragon is superbly colourful, with plenty of bonusses, not least the possibility of bringing Marian back to life. However, you'll need to be pretty darned quick with your firsts to get that far.

Last, but by no means least, on this superb collection, is the masterful Dynamite Dux. These cheerful chappies have been the subject of compilations before. butt hey certainly brighten up any collection on the market.

Rescuing Lucy from the clutches of the evil Achacha is an excellent way of spending your spare time. Take on a whole host of weird and wonderful opponents. Bin and Pin certainly come in for some rough treatment, so get you upper cuts well and truly sorted out and get out there and do some damage.

All of the games on Fists of Fury are brilliantly presented, offering excellent all-round playability, especially for Ninja fans and particularly for those of you who like a good, clean, on-screen scrap.

ACU #9106

COMPILATION: FISTS OF FURY EDITION 2 [Double Dragon 2+Shinobi+Dynamite Dux+The Ninja Warriors]

★ YEAR: 19XX


  1. Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
  2. Dynamite Dux
  3. Shinobi
  4. The Ninja Warriors

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