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You lucky gamesters have never had it so good.

If you're lookingfor something to keep you occupied on a rainy day, then you need look no further than this box of delights. As CDS put it in their modest claim: "We proudly present the compilation that caters for all tastes", and they are not far wrong.

All wrapped up in this tasty little package, there are ten games in all for the CPC, along with playing boards, counters, money (no, it's not real unfortunately) and playing cards.

What is going to cause real problems here, is arguing over which one you want to play. To kick off, there's Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, which will have you wheeling and dealing in the manager's boardroom, buying and selling players, and making sure that your team ends up on top. For two to five players, the game is played both on screen and on the board provided. Excellent fun for footie lovers.

Next up is Castle Black-star. As a text-style adventure on its own, it's so-so, but as part of the collection it is well worth its place as you delve around for treasure and clues. The forest can cause problems without a map, so be careful, and be sure to return the Orb of Power to Artemis. Brain power will see you through the Hi-Q-Quiz, a quickfire question and answer game, with varied topics like sport, entertainment and history; a not so trivial pursuit!

As Nick Razor in Ice Temple, you are involved in a race against time and the aliens to thwart a deadly mission against the Earth. Your space cruiser has been stolen, and when you trace it, you find the aliens in their Ice Temple, removing the planet's energy to fuel their mission. As the planet dissolves into slush, you must remove the eight pieces of the reactor and throw them into the refuse-crusher chutes in this powerful shootem-up.

Moving on to the simulator section, you have an incredible choice of pool, pinball and Steve Davis Snooker. Get all of the smoky poolhall atmosphere in your quest to sink the eight ball, then take time out for some light relief in the arcades before trying out the more gentlemanly art of snooker, under the expert tuition of Mr Davis.

If that were not enough, there are three more epic adventure and action blasts to round off this excellent collection. Syntax will have you collecting crystalsin your supersonic impulse drive fighter in your bid to crush the evil rebels of planet Syntax. In Wizard's Lair, you must plot your route through seven complex layers of subterranean caves and passages, piecing together four lumps of the Golden I Jon and making good your escape from the depths.

Last, but by no means least, choose from the five intrepid missions available in Wulfpack. Sink U-Boats as you attempt to land valuable supplies on the beachheads, or help out at the D-Day invasion. Whicheveryou choose, there is more than enough action to keep you busy.

In fact, you're going to need a month of rainy days at least if you want to do this collection justice, and at the price of only £12.99, I want to know why you're still reading this and not already down at the games shop with a copy in your hand!

John Taylor, ACU #9009

COMPILATION: THE COMPLETE GAMES CENTRE [Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes+Wizards Lair+Hi-Q-Quiz+Ice Temple+Steve Davis Snooker+Pinball+Steve Davis Pool+Syntax+Castle Blackstar+Wulfpack]

★ PRICE: £12.99

★ YEAR: 19XX
★ LANGAGE: ???


  1. Castle Blackstar
  2. Pinball
  3. Pool
  4. Steve Davis Snooker
  5. Syntax
  6. Wulfpack


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