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2014-03-25Compilation: Sword and Magic
Targhan+Twinworld+Barbarian 2
Ubi Soft / Silmarils1990
2018-02-06COMPILATION: System 3 Pack
Vendetta+Tusker+Myth: History in the Making+International Karate Plus
Usgold / System 31991
2015-01-20Compilation: Taito Coin Op Hits
Les Defis de Taito
Le Defis de Taito
Rastan Saga+Flying Shark+Slap Fight+Arkanoid 1+Arkanoid II+ Renegade 1+Bubble Bobble
Ocean / Imagine Software1987
2014-02-25Compilation: Take 3 Sports
Steve Davis Snooker+Darts (Blue Ribbon)+Steve Davis Pool
Blue Ribbon198x
2014-10-29Compilation: Take 4 Games
Rocco+Project Future+Super Sleuth+Thing On A Spring
Gremlin Graphics1987
2019-11-24Compilation: Take Two Double Pack
Bruce Lee+Zorro
2019-01-24Compilation: Tensions+Golf TrophéeZafiro Software1988
2019-06-01Compilation: The Adventures of Mike Erlin
Magnetic Moon+Starship Quest.
The Adventure Workshop1993
2019-06-01Compilation: The Alex Gough Collection
The Prophecy+The Gladiator (Alex Gough)+Detective (Alex Gough)+Crown Jewels+Hero Select
The Adventure Workshop198x
2013-05-31Compilation: The Amstrad User - CPC Year Disc #10The Amstrad User1988/1989
2013-05-31Compilation: The Amstrad User - CPC Year Disc #12The Amstrad User1989
2015-01-20Compilation: The Archon Collection
Archon: The Light And the Dark+Adept: Archon II Battle Of the Mages
Electonic Arts19xx
2013-03-30Compilation: The BizOcean1990
2019-05-24Compilation: The CD Games PackCodemasters19xx
2016-05-30Compilation: The Charles Sharp Collection
The Key to Paradox+Werewolf Simulator+Jolly Poppa Down+Druids Moon+A.R.E.N.A
2014-09-10Compilation: The Complete Games Centre
Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes+Wizards Lair+Hi-Q-Quiz+Ice Temple+Steve Davis Snooker+Pinball+Steve Davis Pool+Syntax+Castle Blackstar+Wulfpack
CDS Software19xx
2014-11-30Compilation: The Complete Home Entertainment Centre
Colossus 4 Bridge+Colossus Backgammon+Colossus Chess 4+Colossus Mah Jong+Dominoes+Hi-Q Quiz+Macadam Bumper+Steve Davis Pool+Steve Davis Snooker+Video Card Arcade
CDS Software1988
2019-05-30Compilation: The Covenant+PSS DemosPSS / ERE Informatique / Amstrad Action1986
2016-05-20Compilation: The CPC Buggy Boy Pack
Buggy Boy+Tetris+Thundercats+Beyond the Ice Palace+Battle Ships
UBI Soft198x
2015-04-01Compilation: The Dinamic Pack '92
Narco Police+Los Templos Sagrados+Hammer Boy+Megaphoenix+Aspar GP Master
2016-06-01Compilation: The Dream Team
The Simpsons Bart Vs The Space Mutants+Terminator 2+WWF Wrestlemania
2019-05-23Compilation: The Gold Collection 2
The Gold Collection II
Kung-Fu Master+Gunfright+Knightlore+Desert Fox+Bounty Bob+Questprobe
2019-05-23Compilation: The Gold Collection 3
The Gold Collection III
Express Raider+Leviathan+Black Magic+Revolution+10th_Frame+Crystal Castles
2019-05-23Compilation: The Gold Collection IUsgold198x
2014-08-26Compilation: The Hi-tec Hanna-barbera Cartoon Character Collection
Top Cat+Yogi's Great Escape+Hong Kong Phooey+Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure
Hitec Software1991
2014-10-23Compilation: The Hit Pack
Five a Side Soccer+Cauldron 2+Ninja Scooter Simulator+Turbo Boat Simulator
Paxman Promotions / Silverbird / Prism Leisure1990
2018-05-05Compilation: The Hollywood Collection
De Ciné
Les Stars D'hollywood
Ghostbusters 2+Indiana Jones 3+Robocop 1+Batman 3 The Movie
2017-01-20Compilation: The House Mix
Dark Fusion+Night Raider+TechnoCop+Skate Crazy+Motor Massacre+Artura
Gremlin Graphics1989
2017-01-30Compilation: The In Crowd
Barbarian 1+Karnov+Platoon+Predator 1+Combat School+Crazy Cars 1+Gryzor*Target Renegade
2018-12-01Compilation: The James Bond Collection
Live And Let Die+Licence To Kill+James Bond 007: The Spy Who Loved Me
2012-08-26Compilation: The Ken Bond CollectionThe Adventure Workshop19xx
2016-10-18Compilation: The Lineker CollectionGremlin Graphics / Kixx1992
2014-01-24Compilation: The Loopz Collection
Loopz+Helter Skelter+Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz
2018-08-14Compilation: The Magnifcient Seven 2
Les Sept Mercenaires no. 2
Rampage+International Karate plus+Short Circuit+Slap Fight+Super Sprint+Wizball+Freddy Hardest 1+Yie Ar Kung Fu 1
2018-06-26Compilation: The Magnificent Seven
Wizball+Short Circuit+Arkanoid 1+Head over Heels+The Great Escape+Cobra Stallone+Frankie Goes to Hollywood+Yie ar Kung-Fu 1
2019-06-01Compilation: The Phill Ramsay Collection
The Sphere of Q'li+Hades+City of Shadows+The Weirdstone+The Eunuch's Ball+Save Your Sister
The Adventure Workshop19xx
2014-04-28Compilation: The Postman Pat Hit Collection
Postman Pat 1+Postman Pat 2+Postman Pat 3
Alternative Software / Woodlands Animation1992
2016-05-24Compilation: The Radical Collection volume 1
Ball Bearing+Fluff+The Master 3 Extra Levels
Radical Software1994
2018-07-06Compilation: The Radical Collection volume 2
Star Driver+The Masters of Space
Radical Software1994
2012-08-26Compilation: The River Collection
Treasure Island+Bounty Hunter+The Miser+Davy Jones Locker+Into The Mystic
The Adventure Workshop / River Software19xx
2014-10-30Compilation: The Soccer Squad
Gary Linekers Hot-Shot!+Roy of the Rovers+Gary Linekers Superstar Soccer+Gary Linekers Superskills
Gremlin Graphics1988
2016-05-30Compilation: The Sporting Trio
Football Frenzy+For gold or glory+Cricket Crazy
2019-01-08COMPILATION: The Sports Pack
Progiciel de Sport
Championship Baseball+GBA Championship BasketballGFL Championship Football
Activision / Gamestar1987
2015-01-20COMPILATION: The Spy vs Spy Trilogy
Spy vs Spy 1+Spy vs Spy 2 The Island Caper+Spy vs Spy 3 Arctic Antics
Databyte / First Star1988
2017-10-30Compilation: The Star-wars Trilogy
Star Wars 1 A New Hope+Star Wars 2 The Empire Strikes Back+Star Wars 3 Return of the Jedi
Domark / Atari Games1989
2014-12-07Compilation: The Story So Far Volume 2
Space Harrier+Live and Let Die+Overlander+Hoppin' Mad+Beyond The Ice Palace
2014-07-07Compilation: The Story So Far Volume 4
Ghostbusters+The Eidolon+Wonder Boy+Quartet+Back to the Future 1+Aliens
2014-07-18Compilation: The Tengen Trilogy
Klax+Cyberball+Escape from the planet of the robot monsters
Domark / Tengen19xx
2019-09-12Compilation: The Thriller Pack
A View to a Kill+Friday the 13th+Codename Mat 2+Handicap Golf+Test Match Cricket+On the Oche
Paxman Promotions19xx
2014-01-28COMPILATION: The Tolkien Trilogy
The Hobbit+Lord of the Rings Game One+The Shadows of Mordor
Beau Jolly1989
2019-06-03Compilation: The Tony Collins Collection
Nythyhel: Files Of the Occult+Theseus and The Minotaur+The Hermitage+Teacher Trouble+Miami Mice
2014-10-23COMPILATION: The Top 10
Top Ten Collection
Airwolf 1+Saboteur 1+Critical Mass+Thanatos+Bombjack 2+Turbo Esprit+Combat Lynx+Saboteur 2+Sigma 7+Deep Strike
Elite / Hitpak1988
2016-12-15Compilation: The Trap Door+Through The Trapdoor - Two games on one cassetteAlternative Software198x
2015-06-17Compilation: The trap Door: Two games on one cassette (The Trap Door+Through The Trap Door)Alternative Software198x
2015-01-24Compilation: The Ultimate Collection
Skate Wars+Stunt Car Racer+Pro Tennis Tour+Zombi+After The War+A.M.C: Astro Marine Corps
UBI Soft1991
2016-05-30Compilation: The Undead & Tommyrot EpochThe Adventure Workshop19xx
2015-02-15Compilation: The Way Of the Exploding Fist+Fighting WarriorMelbourne House1986
2014-07-18Compilation: The Winning Team
Klax+APB+Escape from the Planet Of The Robot Monsters+Cyberball+Vindicators
Domark / Tengen1991
2014-05-06Compilation: The Worlds Greatest
Les Meilleurs au Monde
World Games+Impossible Mission 1+Winter Games+Super Cycle
Epyx / USGold1987
2013-09-26COMPILATION: They Sold a Million 1
Beach Head+Daley Thompson's Decathlon+Jet Set Willy+Sabre Wulf
HitSquad / Ultimate Play The Game / Usgold / Ocean / Software Projects1986
2017-03-24COMPILATION: They Sold a Million 2
They Sold a Million II
Bruce Lee+Match Point+Knight Lore+MatchDay
Hitsquad / Ultimate Play The Game / USGold / Ocean1986
2015-02-17COMPILATION: They Sold a Million 3
They Sold a Million III
Fighter Pilot+Rambo 2+Kung-fu Master+Ghostbusters
Hitsquad / Activision / Digital Integration / Ocean1986
2012-08-26Compilation: Thrill Time Gold 2Elite1991
2019-09-11Compilation: Thrill Time Gold 3
Commando+1942+Spitfire+Combat Lynx+Deep Strike
2017-01-13Compilation: Thrill Time Gold Collection
Thrill Time Platinum 1
2017-01-13Compilation: Thrill Time Platinum 1Elite1991
2017-05-24Compilation: Time & Motion
Forbidden Planet+Dark Star+2112 AD+Halls of the Things+Invaders+Bat and Ball
Design Design198x
2014-09-10COMPILATION: Time And Magik
Lords Of Time+Red Moon+the Price Of Magik
Level 9 / Mandarin Software1988
2015-01-27Compilation: Titus Action 2
Wild Streets+Galactic Conqueror+Fire and Forget 2+Off Shore Warrior
2015-01-27Compilation: Titus Action
Titan+Knight Force+Crazy Cars 2+Fire and Forget 1
2016-05-26Compilation: TNT 1
Compilation: T.N.T 1
Hard Drivin'+Dragon Spirit+APB: All Points Bulletin+Toobin'+Xybots
Domark / Tengen / namco / Atari Games1990
2014-10-23Compilation: Tnt 2
Hydra+Stun Runner+Skull and Crossbones+Badlands+Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
Domark / Tengen1992
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre el Amstrad #1G.T.S. Editorial1987
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #10G.T.S. Editorial1987
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #2G.T.S. Editorial1987
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #3G.t.s. Editorial1987
2014-05-21Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #4G.t.s. Editorial1987
2014-05-21Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #5G.t.s. Editorial1987
2012-08-25Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #6G.t.s. Editorial1987
2013-10-22Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #7G.t.s. Editorial1987
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre el Amstrad #8G.T.S. Editorial1987
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #9G.t.s. Editorial1987
2018-06-24COMPILATION: Top 10 - Computers Hits Exclusive to Dixons
Head Over Heels+Batman 1+Game over 1+Arkanoid 1+Tank+The Legend of Kage+Phantom Club+Freddy Hardest 1+Slapfight+Madballs
2017-03-31Compilation: Top 17
Ghosts'n Goblins+Battle Ships+Bombjack 2+Scooby Doo+Saboteur 2+Combat Lynx+Bomjack 1+Commando+Deep Strike+Saboteur+Sigma 7+Airwolf+1942+Thanatos+Batty
Ubi Soft19xx
2012-08-26COMPILATION: Top 20 - Computers Hits Exclusive to DixonsOcean198x
2017-04-04Compilation: Top 20
Buggy 2+Permis de Tuer+Mange Cailloux+Battle Valley+Light Force+Starring Charlie Chaplin+Game Over 2+P-47 Freedom Fighter+MLM 3D+ACE 1+Superski+Zaxx+Hot Shot+Devil Castle+500cc Grand Prix+TT Racer+Shockway Rider+Aspar Grand Prix Master+3D Grand Prix+Batty
UBI Soft198x
2014-10-27Compilation: Top 25
Army moves+Football Manager 2+Strike force harrier+Tarzan+Bobsleigh+Combat Zone+Operation Hormuz+Skatewars+Astro Marine Corps+Gunboat+Tomahawk+Zynaps+Ace 2+Andy Capp+Fight simulator+Jaws+popeye+ATF+Netherworld+Strike Force Cobra+Tuer n'est pas jouer+20000 avant J.C.+After the war+Exolon+Malefice des Atlantes
Ubi Soft1991
2015-01-25Compilation: Top 3
Pinball Magic+Tennis Cup 1+Moon Blaster
2019-07-03Compilation: Top 6 Amstrad CPC
Space Shuttle Simulateur+Lorigraph+Budget Familial+Mach 3+Billy 2+Charly Diams
2016-08-28Compilation: Top Action
Pick'n Pile+Permis de Tuer+Strike Force Harrier+Hard Drivin'+Operation Hormuz+Tarzan
UBI Soft199x
2015-01-25Compilation: Top Action
Skweek+Moon Blaster+Lode Runner
2018-05-15COMPILATION: Top By Topo 1
Butragueno Futbol+Metropolis+Tuareg+Wells and Fargo+Rock'n Roller+Score 3020+Mad Mix Game+Black Beard
Topo Soft / ERBE Software19xx
2014-08-02COMPILATION: Top By Topo 2
Top By Topo II
Viaje al Centro de la Tierra+R.A.M+Mad Mix Game 2+Ice Breaker+Drazen Petrovic Basket
Topo Soft / ERBE Software19xx
2016-09-26Compilation: Total Eclipse Special EditionIncentive Software / Domark1989
2014-08-02COMPILATION: Total
Target Renegade+Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh+Combat School+Platoon
ERBE Software / Ocean1989
2014-05-03Compilation: Toujours Plus: Top 30
Airwolf 1+Battle Of the Planets+Bionic Ninja+Bombjack 2+Combat Lynx+Commonwealth Games+Critical Mass+Deep Strike+Dive-dive-dive+Equinox+F1Tornado Simulator+Future Shock+Ground Zero+International Ninja Rabbits+Las Vegas Casino+Monument+Ninja Commando+Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles+Q10 Tankbuster+Saboteur 1+Saboteur 2: La Revanche de l'Ange+Sigma Seven+Star Ranger+Tag Team Wrestling+Thanatos+The Custard Pie Factory+The Sword Of the Samurai+Titanic Blinky+Turbo Esprit+Tut's Pyramid
Ubi Soft199x
2019-05-01Compilation: Trio (Loriciels)Loriciels1990
2013-08-07Compilation: Trio
3Dc+Airwolf 2+Great Gurianos
Elite / Hit Pak198x
2014-07-18Compilation: Triple Decker 2
Alternative Software199x
2014-07-18Compilation: Triple Pack Alligata
Super Sam+Doppleganger+Defend or Die

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.