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Heroes was a first rale success for Domark, so you can't really blame them for wanting another bite at the cherry with this sequel compilation. Besides, who cares when the sequel is as good as this little beauty, containing, as it does, four best-selling games in their own right.

First up on this epic collection, is the Bond offering. The Spy Who Loved Me. Remember when this one first came out? This is one of those games that seems like a bit of a doddle first time around but, what you don't realise is that, after you've completed it, you're hooked and you want to do it all over again to top your high score.

Featuring some great car and boat chases, as well as somepuzzlingcodecracking, this one will soon become a firm favourite.

Next on the list is the cracking Ninja 2 blast, which sees you whizzing through time to modern day Manhattan, to take on your arch enemy Shogun Kunitoki. Finding your way through the labyrinthine levels is problem enough, but don't forget the evil henchmen along the way. Chop them down first otherwise you'll find yourself on die bandstand again, with the whole fight ahead of you.

Superb Ninja action to set your pulse rate racing, and an excellent offering to keep you busy for hours. If you didn't get Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade the first time around, then make sure you don't miss it this time. Superb adventure from the very first drop into the caverns, on the hunt for the Cross of Cornado, to the final fight for the Holy Grail, this is one blast to keep you on the edge of your seats for a long, long time.

Use your whip wisely and be sure to check your ammo supplies in this superb offering. Last on the list, is the epic Strider 2 outing, which sees you setting out on a desperate bid to rescue an important world leader from the clutches of the dastardly aliens.

Setting down from the helicopter, you must use all of your skills and agility to avoid the alien lasers, before moving on to take on the big boys at the end of each action-packed level.

Plenty to see and do, and more blast action than you can handle, dare you miss it? Each of these blasts is brilliantly put together, featuring superb graphics and realistic sound effects. Basically, if you like your action rough and tough, then you'll have to go a long way to beat this collection. Grease up your trigger finger, but don't forget to keep your brain in gear as well, as you'll need both to survive these awesome outings.

Jim Johnson, ACU #9203

COMPILATION: SUPERHEROES [Last Ninja 2+Strider 2+the Spy Who Loved Me+Indiana Jones III]

★ YEAR: 1992



  1. Indiana Jones 3: The Last Crusade
  2. James Bond 007: The Spy Who Loved Me
  3. Last Ninja 2
  4. Strider 2


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» Compilation-Superheroes    (Release  DISC)    ENGLISHDATE: 2017-01-07
DL: 45 fois
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SIZE: 40Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by hERMOL ; w548*h333

» Compilation-Super  Heroes    (Release  DISC)    ENGLISH-GERMAN-FRENCH-ITALIANDATE: 2018-07-06
DL: 29 fois
TYPE: image
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