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2016-08-28Compilation: Ere Hits Volume 1
Mission 2+Pacific+Macadam Bumper
ERE Informatique1987
2020-03-17Compilation: Ere Hits Volume 2
Crafton et Xunk 1+Sai Combat+Eden Blues+Robbbot
ERE Informatique1987
2020-03-17Compilation: Ere Hits Volume 3
Tensions+Contamination+Stryfe+Despotik Design
ERE Informatique1987
2018-07-03Compilation: ESP Soft 10 Anniversario 2004-2014
Arquimedes XXi+BCM: The Code Searcher+Columns+El Paciente 106+El Prisionero+Gates to Hell+Hora Bruja+Ilogicall+Imaginario Colectivo+La Guerra de Gamber+Mansion Kali 1+Mansion Kali II+Mariano the Dragon In Capers In Cityland+Nheredia+Phantomas Saga: Infinity+Small Games for Smart Minds+Totems
ESP Soft2014
2017-12-09Compilation: Especial Amstrad 25Software Editores19xx
2014-10-24Compilation: Etranges Affaires
L'affaire Vera Cruz+L'affaire Sydney
Infogrames / ERE Informatique1990
2015-01-26Compilation: Extra-ball
Tennis Cup 1+Sliders+Pinball Magic+Bumpy
2017-06-03Compilation: Fairlight - The Legend
Fairlight 1+Fairlight 2
Micro Selection198x
2016-06-15Compilation: Fantastic 4
180 Darts+Rasterscan+Colony+Zub
2020-04-13Compilation: Fantastic FourMastertronic198x
2020-04-13Compilation: Fantastic Four
Cockaigne+Terranaut I+Fruits+Terranaut II
2017-12-01Compilation: Fantasy Pack
Targhan+Xyphoes Fantasy
2014-10-24Compilation: FestivaLia
Great Courts+Super Wonderboy+Action Fighter+P-47 Freedom Fighter+Trivial Pursuit
UBI Soft1990
2020-05-18Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC 10CPC Magazin1985
2020-05-18Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC 20CPC Magazin1985
2020-05-18Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC 30CPC Magazin1985
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 1/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-24Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 1/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 10/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 11/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 12/85CPC Magazin1985
2020-05-22Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 12/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 2/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-24Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 2/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 3/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-24Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 3/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 4/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-28Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 4/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 5/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-28Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 5/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 6/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-28Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 6/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 7/86CPC Magazin1986
2020-05-28Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 7/87CPC Magazin1987
2020-05-21Compilation: Fingerschonend CPC-Magazin 8/86CPC Magazin1986
2014-05-14Compilation: Fists of Fury Edition 1Virgin Games19xx
2017-01-25Compilation: Fists of Fury Edition 2
Double Dragon 2+Shinobi+Dynamite Dux+The Ninja Warriors
Virgin Games19xx
2017-01-17Compilation: Fists'n Throttles
Fists and Throttles
Buggy Boy+Enduro Racer+Ikari Warriors+Thundercats+Dragon's Lair 1
2014-03-30Compilation: Five Star Games Volume 1
Spindizzy+Who Dares Wins II+Three Weeks In Paradise+Zoids+Equinox
Beau Jolly1986
2014-03-30Compilation: Five Star Games volume 2
Five Star Games Volume II
Eden Blues+Alien Highway+Dandy+Frost Byte+Cauldron 2
Beau Jolly1986
2014-07-15Compilation: Five Star Games Volume 3
Trap Door+Way Of The Exploding Fist+Tau Ceti+Firelord+Tempest+Strike Force Harrier+Aliens
Beau Jolly1987
2020-01-03Compilation: Flight Ace
Les As du Ciel
ACE 1+Spitfire 40+Strike Force Harrier+Heathrow International Air Traffic Control+ATF+Tomahawk
Star Games1989
2012-08-26Compilation: Football Manager 2 and FM2 Expansion KitAddictive Games1989
2017-04-27Compilation: Forces Magiques
It's a Kind of Magic
Pink Panther+Clever and Smart 1+Western Games+Operation Nemo+Dakar 4x4
Magic Bytes1989
2014-05-31Compilation: Four Great Games Volume 1
European Games+Paws+Ground Zero+International Rugby
2016-04-09Compilation: Four Great Games Volume 2
Compilation: Cuatro Grandes Juegos volumen II
Cop-Out+Battle of the Planets+Future Shock+Tut's Pyramid
Microvalue / TyneSoft19xx
2014-05-12Compilation: Four Great Games Volume 3
The Custard Pie Factory+Equinox+Ian Botham's Test Match+Dive Dive Dive
2014-02-15Compilation: Four Smash Hits
2014-11-30Compilation: Fourmost Adventures
Ring Of Darkness+The Mural+Galaxies+Microman
Global Software1986
2014-02-27Compilation: Fox Collection vol.1
Monty Pythons Flying Circus+The Blues Brothers+Les Aventures de Moktar+Baby Jo: Going Home
2012-11-23Compilation: Frank Bruno's Big Box
Big Box
Frank Bruno's Boxing+Commando+Battle Ships+Scooby-Doo+Saboteur 1+BombJack 1+Airwolf 1+Batty+Ghosts and Goblins+1942
2012-12-13Compilation: Game Box 3
Alphajet+Telefomania+Kampt Den Insekten+Funbouncer
2019-01-19Compilation: Game Over - (Special Double Pack)
Game Over 1+Game Over 2
2015-01-20Compilation: Game Set And Match 1
Balle de Match+Barry Mc Guigan World Championship Boxing+Daley Thompson's Supertest+GBA Championship Basketball Two on Two+Hyper Sports+Jonah Barringtons Squash+Ping Pong+Pool+Super Soccer World Series Baseball
2012-08-26Compilation: Game Set and Match 2Ocean19xx
2020-02-22Compilation: Gamebox 1DMV-Verlag19xx
2020-02-22Compilation: Gamebox 2DMV-Verlag19xx
2012-08-26Compilation: Games CrazyGremlin Graphics1989
2018-03-14Compilation: Gargoyle Classics
Sweevo's World+Tir Na Nog+Dun Darach+Marsport+Heavy on the Magick
Rebound / Hewson / Mastertronic / Gargoyle Games / Melbourne House1989
2015-06-17Compilation: Gasol Hits
Gutter+Starboy+Duel+Sub+Hold-Up+Amélie Minuit
Gasoline Software198x
2013-08-08Compilation: Gauntlet Limited Edition
Gauntlet 1+Gauntlet 2
2019-05-25Compilation: GeoCobra Soft / ARG Informatique1986
2017-01-13Compilation: Giants
Giants: les Best D'us Gold
2017-06-02Compilation: Ginormous CollectionAlternative Software1992
2014-08-16Compilation: Go Crazy
Desolator+Side Arms+Bedlam+Bad Cat+Jinks+Shackled
Usgold / Go!19xx
2016-12-18Compilation: Go!
Out Board+Toyota Celica+Harricana+Turbo Cup
2014-08-02Compilation: Gold Silver Bronze
Summer Games 1+Summer Games 2+Winter Games
Usgold / Epyx1988
2013-05-16Compilation: Golden 7
Duel 2000+Cap sur Dakar+Fantome City+James Debug dans le Mystere de l'ile Perdue+Poseidon+Imperialis+La Malédiction de Thaar
Coktel Vision1988
2012-08-26Compilation: Grand Prix Selection
Championship Sprint+Super Hang On+Super Sprint
Electric Dreams1989
2015-01-26Compilation: Grandstand
Pro Tennis Tour+Continental Circus+World Class Leaderboard+Gazza's Super Soccer
2014-11-30Compilation: Grrr
Killer Gorilla+Gauntlet
Micro Power198x
2016-04-07Compilation: Gun-stick
Pack Regalo Gunstick
Solo+Bestial Warrior+Trigger+Target Plus
Opera Soft / Dinamic / Ubi Soft1989
2012-12-09Compilation: Heatwave
2017-04-29Compilation: Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal+Beach-Head
Access Software / Usgold19xx
2017-06-07Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 1
Interieurs+Master Rubik's Cube+L'age De Pierre
Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1985
2015-02-15Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 2Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1985
2015-02-15Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 3Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1985
2015-02-15Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 4Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1985
2015-02-15Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 5Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1986
2017-06-07Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 6Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1986
2019-12-14Compilation: Heroes
Barbarian II+Licence to Kill+The Running Man+Star Wars
2015-01-20Compilation: History In the Making (The First Three Years)
Beach Head 1+Gauntlet 1+Bruce Lee+Spy Hunter+Raid!!!+Goonies+Supercycle+World Games+Express Raider+Infiltrator+Beach Head2+Gauntlet+Road Runner+Impossible Mission 1+Kung Fu Master+Leaderboard
Usgold / Atari Games1988
2018-07-06Compilation: Hit 14
Bombjack 2+Nigel Mansell Grand Prix+Saboteur 2+Critical Mass+Sigma 7+Netherworld+Deep Strike+Thanatos+Zynaps+Fury+Turbo Esprit+Combat Lynx+Airwolf 1+Saboteur 1
UBI Soft1989
2016-02-27Compilation: Hits! volume 1
Rock'n Wrestle+Sir lancelot+Starion+Redhawk
Melbourne House1986
2012-08-26Compilation: Hits! Volume 1
The Way of the Exploding Fist+Redhawk+Rock'n Wrestle+Starion
Melbourne House1987
2016-09-04Compilation: Hollywood featuring Batman and the Untouchables
Batman 3: the Movie+The Untouchables
2014-01-28Compilation: Hot Cakes 1
Highway Patrol+Metro 2018
2014-01-28Compilation: Hot Cakes 10
Zarxas+Dom Camillo
2014-08-29Compilation: Hot Cakes 11
Une Affaire en Or+Budget Familial
2013-01-25Compilation: Hot Cakes 12
Blue Star+Dedalos
2013-01-25Compilation: Hot Cakes 13
Blue Star+Dedalos
2013-01-25Compilation: Hot Cakes 14
2013-01-25Compilation: Hot Cakes 15
Atomic Fiction+Lost Satellit
2013-01-25Compilation: Hot Cakes 16
Jungle Jane+Bacterik Dream
2013-01-25Compilation: Hot Cakes 17
2014-08-02Compilation: Hot Cakes 2
Monopolic+1000 Bornes
2014-01-28Compilation: Hot Cakes 3
Evil Donjon+Thesaurus
2017-05-22Compilation: Hot Cakes 4
Chicago 90+Skylab
2013-01-25Compilation: Hot Cakes 5
Grand Prix 500cc+Super Flippard
2013-01-25Compilation: Hot Cakes 6
Fireball+Space Game

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.