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Explosive action as five of the best-selling Tengen coin-op conversions of last year gather together under one roof.

Explosive software is the billing and that's exactly what it is. Five superb titles forming superb value for money, with hordes of action to keep you busy over the winter months. Arcade addicts sit back and prepare for one of the biggest treats of your lives.

Here we go. First on the list is the classic car smash Hard Drivin'. Ok, so it's also being included on another of Domark's compilations, Wheels of Fire, but when you get a game this good, you can't blame anybody for giving it a little overexposure.

Rev up the engine and choose between a death defying battle of speed against the Phantom Photon, or a dice with death over the loops and turns of the stunning stunt course. Dare you try that awesome loop the loop?

Whichever, the superb 3D graphics will keep you coming back for more, while the slow motion replay option will make you cringe at your last error. Excellent stuff.

In a more lighthearted vein, take to the rapids, any rapids you like, be they in Africa, America, anywhere on the Earth, or even on the moon. Whatever, take to them in your crazy inflatable Toobs and prepare for some of the best fun in ages.

Try it on your own or against a friend as you speed down the waterways, dodging in and out of the posts, picking up bonuses and tin cans to throw at the lurking weeds and make sure you get past the finishing post first on your way to becoming all round top Toob Dude. This is pretty rad stuff, guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen til the bitter end, or should I say, watery end.

Further down the line, we have one of the best cops and robbers blasts of last year in APB. Take to the streets Constable Rookie and try to keep up as the villians tearoff in their getaway cars. You've got to make arrests to make the grade, so get after them.

Look out for some spectacular shoot out scenes amidst the excellent graphics, take the cars off the road and make that all important arrest. Hang on to your seat throughout for some of the best high speed chase scenes yet.

Next up is the mega shoot-em-up Dragon Spirit. Go get your jodhpurs on and get used to the feel of the dragon scales as you mount the fire breathing beast in your quest to do away with the bad guys.

There are some excellent graphics sequences in this one, as well as some superb scrolling as you work your way from hard to harder. You'll need to be good to stay aboard your mount, one false move and it's all over.

Finally in this marvellous package, we come to Xybots, the epic tale of good versus bad in the world of the future. There you are, half guy, half robot with a mission. Clear the streets of criminal scum to make the world a better place for the rest of us. Sounds sweet doesn't it? Don't you believe it, this is one tough mother of a game and if you're not the fittest, you don't survive.

What have you got? You've got an awful lot wrapped up in one excellent package. If you like your action red hot, you'll like TNT.

John Taylor, ACU #9012

COMPILATION: TNT 1 [Hard Drivin'+Dragon Spirit+APB: All Points Bulletin+Toobin'+Xybots]


  1. A.P.B: All Points Bulletin
  2. Dragon Spirit
  3. Hard Drivin'
  4. Toobin'
  5. Xybots

★ YEAR: 1990


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» Compilation-TNTDATE: 2015-01-26
DL: 127
TYPE: image
SiZE: 1393Ko
NOTE: w1226*h1722
» Compilation-TNT    ENGLISHDATE: 2016-08-21
DL: 150
TYPE: image
SiZE: 837Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by hERMOL ; w1801*h1274

» Compilation-TNT  1    (Release  DISK)    FRENCHDATE: 2023-03-01
DL: 44
TYPE: image
SiZE: 2865Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by manuelv ; w2175*h3545
» Compilation-TNT  1    (Rerelease  DROSOFT)    SPANISHDATE: 2012-08-06
DL: 482
TYPE: image
SiZE: 254Ko
NOTE: w1699*h731

Dump disquette (version commerciale):
» Compilation-TNTDATE: 2012-07-20
DL: 217
SiZE: 236Ko
NOTE: Dump by Johnny Farragut ; 43 Cyls

» Compilation-TNT  1    (Release  DISC-DROSOFT)    SPANISHDATE: 2020-03-18
DL: 50
TYPE: image
SiZE: 49Ko
NOTE: w675*h783

» Compilation-TNT  1    (Release  DISK)    FRENCHDATE: 2023-03-09
DL: 12
TYPE: image
SiZE: 361Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by CPCLOV ; w1191*h1491

» Compilation-TNT  1    (Release  TAPE)    ENGLISHDATE: 2016-09-06
DL: 78
TYPE: image
SiZE: 43Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by hERMOL ; w717*h503

Notice d'utilisation:
» Compilation-TNT  1    (Rerelease  DROSOFT)    SPANISHDATE: 2010-03-29
DL: 257
SiZE: 2597Ko
NOTE: 16 pages/PDFlib v1.4

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