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William Poel, General Manager of Amsoft and Managing Editor of Amstrad User has left Amstrad to run New Star. William was an early influence in the 'Arnold'project and has always been particularly interested in software support. New Star will specialise in finding the best available serious software for Amstrad computers and selling it at reasonable prices. The jewel in the New Star crown is NewWord, a Wordstar-like word processor at half the price.

"The most important feature of our selection", said William,"is the fact that all the software we intend to promote has a logical upgrade path through to 16-bit and multi-systems. My guess is that the Amstrad revolution will cause a much quicker re-evaluation of the multi user, multi processor approach that was extolled in the ABC section of the December issue, since the overall costs and benefits of Amstrad computers as terminals and self contained work-stations are going to wipe out stand-alone PCs for serious businesses much sooner than most people believe possible."

"Our customers will not thank us if they find that they have to re-learn the software as they expand their horizons, and with so much good software meeting this specification, we have no shortage of choice."

New Star has already got off to a roaring start, and William apologizes for the fact that the telephone line has been totally jammed during business hours, but tells us that there are now extra lines on (0277) 220573.

Readers will not be deprived of William's prose, he will carry on writing for the magazine and will find out what it is like waiting for someone else to process contributors payments.

ACU #8601

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