Epson and Amstrad's no-score draw (Popular Computing Weekly)
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EPSON has dropped its law suit against Amstrad. The lawsuit was "ver Amstrad's use of the initials L.Q on its range of printers. Epson was claiming that for the last four years it had been producing printers with the initials LQ and that the letters were connected with the Epson brand.

An understanding has now been reached by both companies and Amstrad and Epson will be having new printers using the initials LQ.
A spokesperson from Amstrad said: “We recognise that the printer designation LQ has been used previously, is presently used and will in future be used on a range of Epson letter quality printers.”

Amstrad believe that because the products are aimed at different markets, there will not be any confusion over the products.

Edward Huggins, corporate communications manager of Epson said: “There is confusion amongst dealers and end-users asking if we're making printers for Amstrad. A lot of people thought we had linked up with them, there is no link-up."

Huggins was rather adamant about Amstrad's intention to carry on calling their printers LQ.

“We certainly wouldn't use DMP. Amstrad have jumped onto our territory and it's been causing confusion."
With Amstrad claiming there is no confusion and Epson saying there is, it will be down to the consumer to decide which printer is suitable for their needs.

Either way, it looks likely that both Amstrad and Epson have benefited more than anyone else from the publicity with an increased awareness in their products, both within and out of the industry that has already made them both very successful.

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