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At Last! Amstrad Ends PCW Grief (New Computer Express)
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Amstrad PCW owners unfortunate enough to have bought one of the recent batch of models sold with incompatible interfaces will be able to bring their machines into line for free.

Amstrad is giving away a "tiny gadget" which will make the PCWs compatible with peripherals such as mice and extra printers. The problem arose after Amstrad, faced with a UK shortage of PCW8512s, shipped in machines from Germany with reversed male and female connectors. This meant that they were incompatible with British standard peripherals.

Owners wishing to obtain the new adaptor may simply pick one up from their dealer. But Amstrad thinks the numbers who do so will be small. "The vast majority of PCW owners won't find a need for the interface since most use the machine simply for word processing," offered a spokesman.

Originally Amstrad caused a storm of protest amongst the PCW fraternity by threatening to charge for the gadget. At the time Amstrad was reluctant to comment on the matter beyond saying that it was "nonsense". This change of heart is some-thincr of a rarity for a company which
takes pleasure in being hard-headed.

Whilst it's obvious that something needed to be done, the Brentwood crowd are simply not used to giving things away, regardless of the circumstances. The spokesman kept up the firm's tough image by stressing that this pipe of peace to PCW owners isn't costing Amstrad much.

The company is apparently aware of which dealers received the German stocks and is strenuously denying that most of the PCWs bought here over the past few weeks are from that source.

New Computer Express #6 (17 December 1988)

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