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GAMELIST Deflektor 1987
H.A.T.E: Hostile All Terrain Encounter
GAMELIST Android 1: Operation Reactor Run
Android One: The Reactor Run
GAMELIST TLL: Tornado Low Level 1985
GAMELIST Android 2
Android Two
GAMELIST Revolution 1986
GAMELIST Alien Highway: Encounter 2 1986
GAMELIST Highway Encounter 1985

Vortex Software has built up quite a reputation since it was launched back in 1982. Each of its releases has been progressively better – witness the success of the recent Highway Encounter and Alien Highway.

Other releases include Android One , Cyclone and Tornado Low.  The men behind Vortex – Luke Andrews and his brothers-in-law, Crete and Coast Panayi  – have hardly blitzed the market. Quality has always been their aim.
And with the release of Revolution on the Spectrum and Amstrad . Vortex has – if there is any justice in the world And the recenlty announced link-up with US Gold will do the company no harm.
manufacture, promote  and market Vortex games but  at the same time Vortex will  retain its individual identity and logo.
Without the day to day headaches of running a software house. Vortex now plans to expand the programming side of its business and the hunt is now on for more programmers.
The object of each puzzle is to make two blocks, one made of matter and the other anti-matter, disappear. Touch one with the bouncing ball to change its colour. You then have to touch the other block. It will also change colour and the two blocks will disappear Solve the four puzzles and it's then on to the next level.
But of course things are not that simple. The blocks change back to the original colour after a certain time, so you have to move quickly.
There are also various hazards – blocks which kill your bounce; delicate dandelion shaped things which prove lethal; areas which slide you away from where you want to go.
Of course, if you're clever these things could be put to use in solving the puzzles.

But the really great thing about Revolution is that while it is very hard to progress through the levels you don't get bored trying to crack the same old puzzle each time.
Each time you play a new game, the computer randomly conjours up a new grid for each level and randomly chooses the puzzles for each level. This means that it could be a long time before you play the same puzzle twice.

C+VG 1986



» ABC  Soft-Compilation-10  Computer  Hits  2-Highway  Encounter-Alien  Highway    SPANISHDATE: 2014-08-27
DL: 214 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 668Ko
NOTE: w969*h1325
» Android  1DATE: 2010-06-02
DL: 258 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 103Ko
NOTE: w540*h755

» Android  Two    ENGLISHDATE: 2011-08-19
DL: 202 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 208Ko
NOTE: w947*h1288

» Highway  EncounterDATE: 2012-07-27
DL: 267 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 139Ko
NOTE: w923*h1343

» TLL-Tornado  Low  Level    ENGLISHDATE: 2014-05-10
DL: 195 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 184Ko
NOTE: w913*h1308

» Vortex  Software-Android  One-Tornado  Low  LevelDATE: 2012-09-21
DL: 289 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 229Ko
NOTE: w919*h1331

» Vortex  Software-Beware  the  CycloneDATE: 2012-07-27
DL: 319 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 217Ko
NOTE: w927*h1319

» Vortex  Software-TLL-Cyclone    ENGLISHDATE: 2012-08-01
DL: 250 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 405Ko
NOTE: w927*h1308

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