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Retro category (a new game with a Retro style). While this is essentially a new game developed n the PC game, the retro style Hosen is very much Amstrad CPC from around 1989; it uses the CPC's 16 colours on screen from a palette of 27. The name Cosmic Prison Commando is also a reference to the CPC itself and the game's level design has been created with obvious influences 'from the likes of the Turrican series.

The Amstrad CPC style graphics have been replicated perfectly

Due to time constraints, C.P.C. was not completed in time for the Retro Remakes compo deadline, hence why this is the demo version we're looking at. So what we have here is one level with most of the features hidden or removed. Some of the things Carnivac had to remove include the options menu, a rdeath animation, boss enemies, and extra weapons.

The plot of Cosmic Prison Commando is not really known - intro screen is currently disabled - but the aim of the demo is to get to the end of the level, negotiating around the map area, shooting the enemies, collecting power ups.

For the demo, controls can be configured in the config file (0 for keyboard and 1 for joystick), as can the scanline options (1 is solid, 0 is invisible and 0.5 is a compromise). For the moment the game can only be played full screen, which isn't really any bother to be honest.

The controls are fairly easy and are probably designed for use with a joystick/keyboard combo, although you can use a gamepad.

There's the usual walk, jump, crouch movements, but there is also the ability to b thin platforms by crouching down and pressing the jump key.

Certain coloured doors block your path so you will need to find the matching colour device and destroy it to open these doors. Collecting orbs will give you extra points (one hundred will gain you an extra life). The weapons in the game include your standard blaster and a multiple shot, which are upgradeable through picking up the relevant ammo icons. As mentioned, a third weapon is not working for the demo, but should be read for the completed game, as will smart bombs and weapon maximum upgrades. It is a great demo all the same, and if Carnivac can complete the game in the near future, then he will have a brilliant little game on his hands.

The Turrican influences become apparent immediately

Three-way gunfire. Look at the lighting effect on Jack. Excellent

He, he. The power up is an icon of the Amstrad CPC464. Nice touch

Jack lets rip with his standard weapon as the enemy approach



Dumps disks:
» Cosmic  Prison  Commando  2014    SLIDESHOWDATE: 2020-04-24
DL: 495
SiZE: 17Ko
NOTE: 40 Cyls

» Cosmic  Prison  Commando    SLIDESHOWDATE: 2008-11-15
DL: 610
SiZE: 39Ko
NOTE: Extended DSK/40 Cyls

Other platform tool:
» Cosmic  Prison  Commando    DEMO  v1  1DATE: 2015-05-15
DL: 516
SiZE: 1890Ko

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.