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CPDRead was created to provide an easy method of transferring data from  the CPC to the PC. To this end, CPDRead allows you to read any kind of  data from either 3", 3.5" or 5.25" floppy disks and convert it into a  DSK image. CPDRead v3.xx generates images in the extended DSK format.  This format provides greater flexibility with CPC disks that use  varying sector sizes. 

CPDRead attempts to create an accurate representation of the original  disk and retains any copy protection that might be present. Should you  encounter a disk that CPDRead cannot transfer, please send me an e-mail  describing your problems. 


There are two possible ways of reading CPC disks: either you hook up a  3" drive to the PC (please see the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit FAQ, available  at ftp.ibp.fr in /pub/amstrad for installation instructions), or you  will have to copy the data onto a 3.5" or 5.25" disk. The latter  requires you to have a secondary drive of either format connected to  your CPC (once again, see the FAQ for details on how to do this). 

Before you use CPDRead, you should verify that the defaults given in  the CPDREAD.CFG file match your particular setup. The configuration  file consists of a few keywords denoted my the # character. These keywords are case insensitive. They should be followed by their  corresponding value, separated from the keyword by spaces, tabs or  equal signs. Comments start with a semicolon (;), anywhere on the line.  Keywords may also be commented out. 

★ YEAR: 1996
★ AUTHOR: Ulrich Doewich


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