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2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #2G.T.S. Editorial1987
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre el Amstrad #1G.T.S. Editorial1987
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre el Amstrad #8G.T.S. Editorial1987
2015-06-20Compilation: Todo Sobre El Amstrad #9G.t.s. Editorial1987
2015-06-19Compilation: Computing with the Amstrad CPC: Ten of the Best! volume 3Computing With The Amstrad / Database Publication198x
2015-06-17Compilation: CPC Computing no. 8Computing With The Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2015-06-17Compilation: CPC Computing no. 7Computing with the Amstrad / Argus Press1985
2015-06-17Compilation: Chip (Atomic Fiction+Zarxas)CHIP1987
2015-06-17Compilation: Univers 1
Grand Prix 500cc+Targhan+Eagle's Rider+SWAP
2015-06-17Compilation: El Paquetazo 2
Compilation: El Paquetazo II
2015-06-17Compilation: Damas DominoIdealogic / Dimensionnew198x
2015-06-17Compilation: Soccer 6
Treble Champions+World Soccer League+Euro Boss+European Champions+World Champions+Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory
Challenge Software / E&J Software1990
2015-06-17Compilation: Two Game Disk (Thrust 1+The Ninja Master)Firebird19xx
2015-06-17Compilation: Two Game Disk (Rebelstar+Pneumatic Hammers)Firebird19xx
2015-06-17Compilation: The trap Door: Two games on one cassette (The Trap Door+Through The Trap Door)Alternative Software198x
2015-06-17Compilation: Blue Ribbon Games Disk no1
Astro Plumber+Darts+Diamond Mine 2+Castle Assault+Screwball+Nightmare Maze
Blue Ribbon198x
2015-06-17Compilation: Load 'n Run #0
Uranium+El Planeta Perdido+Conversador Computerizado+Compresor de Programas+Las Torres de Hanoi+Curso de Basic
2015-06-16Compilation: Stars volume 1
Didact English+Prohibition+Bivouac
2015-06-15Compilation: Micro Club (Arkanoid 1+Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh)Micro Club / ERBE Software1990
2015-04-10Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Arkanoid 2+Platoon)ERBE Software19xx
2015-04-02Compilation: Pack FIL n2
Revolution+The Great Escape+Cauldron 2+Sorcery
2015-04-01Compilation: The Dinamic Pack '92
Narco Police+Los Templos Sagrados+Hammer Boy+Megaphoenix+Aspar GP Master
2015-04-01Compilation: After the War+SatanDinamic19xx
2015-02-19CPC Revue Cassette n°13CPC Revue198x
2015-02-18Compilation: Atlantis-4 Game Pack No 1
Crossfire+Spooky Castle+Crack Up+Superkid
Atlantis Software199x
2015-02-18Compilation: Atlantis-4 Game Pack No 2
Skatin USA+Snoball In Hell+Gunfighter+Periscope Up
Atlantis Software1992
2015-02-17COMPILATION: They Sold a Million 3
They Sold a Million III
Fighter Pilot+Rambo 2+Kung-fu Master+Ghostbusters
Hitsquad / Activision / Digital Integration / Ocean1986
2015-02-16Compilation: Cassette Anniversaire Amstrad Magazine
ERE News+Le Survivant
Amstrad Magazine / ERE Informatique / PSS1986
2015-02-15Compilation: La Compil Extraordinaire
Bactron+Bumpy+Cobra+K.y.a+L'aigle D'or 1+Maracaibo+Mobile Man+Sapiens+Skweek+Turbo Cup+Zox 2099
2015-02-15Compilation: 2 Por 1 (Rygar+Indiana Jones 2: The Temple of Doom)ERBE Software / USGold19xx
2015-02-15Compilation: Konami Coin-op Hits
Los Grandes Exitos de Konami
Green Beret+Yie Ar Kung Fu 1+Mikie+Konami Ping Pong+Hypersports
Imagine Software1987
2015-02-15Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 5Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1986
2015-02-15Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 4Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1985
2015-02-15Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 3Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1985
2015-02-15Compilation: Hebdogiciel Software Amstrad 2Hebdogiciel / Shift Editions1985
2015-02-15Compilation: The Way Of the Exploding Fist+Fighting WarriorMelbourne House1986
2015-02-14Compilation: Double Gold (Top Secret+Mountains of Ket)Incentive Software198x
2015-02-14Compilation: Ocean's All Star Hits 1: 6 Super Hits pour Amstrad
Top Gun+Street Hawk+Galivan: Cosmo Police+Miami Vice+Knight Rider+Short Circuit
2015-02-14Compilation: Six Super Hits
6 Super Hits
Basket master+Phantom Club+Renegade 1+Gryzor+Madballs+Slap Fight
Ocean / Continent198x
2015-02-13Compilation: Microids Action Pack
Sliders+Highway Patrol+Chicago '90+Eagle's Rider
2015-02-13Compilation: Data Amstrad #9
2015-02-13Compilation: Audio Amstrad #06
Tenis 3D (Copa Davis)
2015-02-13Compilation: Audio Amstrad #07
Space Crazy
2015-02-13Compilation: Data Amstrad #16
2015-02-13Compilation: Data Amstrad #18
2015-02-13Compilation: Data Amstrad #17
Poker Lees/Poker Less
2015-02-12Compilation: Amstrad Mania #1Editorial Cometa198x
2015-02-12Compilation: Amstrad Mania #3
Representacion grafica de una Variable+Gauss-Sistem+El Pensador II+El Ajedrez+Cinco Iguales+Gane on la Loteria Primitiva
Editorial Cometa198x
2015-02-12Compilation: Amstrad Mania #4Editorial Cometa198x
2015-02-12Compilation: Amstrad Mania #5Editorial Cometa198x
2015-02-03Compilation: Black Soft volume 1
Mokowe+Fugitif+Le Trésor d'Ali Gator+Saga+Burglar
2015-01-29COMPILATION: Super Action Pack
Toyota Celica GT Rally+Impossamole+Super Cars+Switchblade+Gary Linekers Hot-Shot!'
Gremlin Graphics1991
2015-01-28Compilation: Amstrad Action Covertape #061 - Birthday Gift Pack (October 1990)
Ivan'Ironman'Stewart's Super Off Road Racer+Tau Ceti
Amstrad Action / Future Publishing1990
2015-01-27Compilation: 4 Amtix! Accolades
Monty On the Run+Bounder+Sweevo's World+Starquake
Star Games / Gremlin Graphics1986
2015-01-27Compilation: Stars Six
Fire and Forget 2+Mystical+Dark Century+SWAP+Crazy Cars 2+Off Shore Warrior
2015-01-27Compilation: Delta Force
Dark Century+Fire and Forget 2+Knight Force+Barbarian 2
2015-01-27Compilation: Movie Stars
Indiana Jones 3: The Last Crusade+Dick Tracy+Moonwalker
2015-01-27Compilation: Titus Action 2
Wild Streets+Galactic Conqueror+Fire and Forget 2+Off Shore Warrior
2015-01-27Compilation: Titus Action
Titan+Knight Force+Crazy Cars 2+Fire and Forget 1
2015-01-26Compilation: Grandstand
Pro Tennis Tour+Continental Circus+World Class Leaderboard+Gazza's Super Soccer
2015-01-26Compilation: Skyrock la Supercompil Micro
Rainbow Islands+Grand Prix 500 2+Hudson Hawk+Shadow Warriors
2015-01-26Compilation: Sports Best 2
Sport's Best II
Kick Off 2+Tennis Cup 1+Crazy Cars 2
2015-01-26Compilation: Sports Best
Tennis Cup 1+Turbo Cup+Panza Kick Boxing
2015-01-26Compilation: Extra-ball
Tennis Cup 1+Sliders+Pinball Magic+Bumpy
2015-01-26Compilation: Rap Pack
P-47 Freedom Fighter+Stunt Car Racer+Satan+Vixen+Army Moves+Championship Sprint
UBI Soft1992
2015-01-26Compilation: Super Sega
Super Monaco GP+Crack Down+Shinobi+Golden Axe+ESWAT: Cyberpolice
2015-01-25Compilation: Capcom Collection
Strider 1+UN Squadron+Forgotten World+Strider 2+Last Duel+Ghouls'n Ghosts+Dynamty Wars+LED Storm
2015-01-25Compilation: Chart Attack
Les Collectors AMSTRAD
Shadow Of The Beast+Super Cars+Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge+Impossamole+Ghouls'n Ghosts
Gremlin Graphics1991
2015-01-25Compilation: Les Battants 2
Rick Dangerous 1+AMC+Permis de Tuer+Satan+Rick Dangerous 2+Double Dragon 2
Ubi Soft1991
2015-01-25Compilation: Les Stars
Builderland+Skweek+Super Skweek+Bumpy
2015-01-25Compilation: Top 3
Pinball Magic+Tennis Cup 1+Moon Blaster
2015-01-25Compilation: Les Costos
Flimbo's Quest+Twin World+Rick Dangerous 2+The Munsters+Popeye 2+Andy Capp
UBI Soft1991
2015-01-25Compilation: Karaté Aces
Oriental Games+Last Ninja 2+Double Dragon 1+Double Dragon 2
UBI Soft1992
2015-01-25Compilation: Success Story 2
Skweek+Disc+Sherman M4+Pinball Magic
2015-01-25Compilation: Top Action
Skweek+Moon Blaster+Lode Runner
2015-01-25Compilation: Le Temps des Heros
Prince of Persia+Moon Blaster+North and South
Loriciel / Broderbund1991
2015-01-24Compilation: The Ultimate Collection
Skate Wars+Stunt Car Racer+Pro Tennis Tour+Zombi+After The War+A.M.C: Astro Marine Corps
UBI Soft1991
2015-01-24Compilation: Attention Explosifs
After The War+Starring Charlie Chaplin+Savage+Game Over 2+Exolon+Light Force
Ubi Soft1990
2015-01-24Compilation: Challengers
Fighter Bomber+Stunt Car Racer+Pro Tennis Tour+Kick Off 1+SuperSki+Rick Dangerous 1
Ubi Soft1991
2015-01-24Compilation: La Collection No.2
Dragon Ninja+Wec le Mans+Wonder Boy+Beach Volley+Matchday 2+Basket Master+Renegade 1+Arkanoid 1+Flying Shark+Super Sprint+Bubble Bobble
2015-01-24Compilation: Crazy Stars
Wild Street+Crazy Cars 2+Gazza's Super Soccer+Cauldron 2
2015-01-24Compilation: One Two
Fire and Forget 2+Barbarian II+Crazy Cars 2+One
2015-01-24Compilation: Wheels Of Fire
Ruedas de Fuego
Turbo Out Run+Chase Hq 1+Hard Drivin+Power Drift
2015-01-24Compilation: Les Geants du Sports
Kick Off 1+Great Courts+Bobsleigh+TT Racer+3D Grand Prix+Emlyn Hughes International Soccer+Football Manager 2
Gremlin Graphics19xx
2015-01-24Compilation: Cartoons
Tom and Jerry+Super Wonderboy+Dynamite Dux+Toobin'+Buggy Boy
UBI Soft199x
2015-01-24Compilation: Clap Ciné
Licence to Kill+Starring Charlie Chaplin+Ghostbusters+WonderBoy+Quartet+Aliens+Live and Let Die+The Living Daylights
UBI Soft199x
2015-01-24Compilation: Les Dieux du Ciel
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer+ATF+ACE 1+ACE 2+Strike Force Harrier+Tomahawk
Ubi Soft199x
2015-01-24Compilation: La Compil' - 13 super hits
3D Fight+Billy 2+Billy la Banlieue+Charly Diams+Foot Marius Trésor+Fusion II+Infernal Runner+Le 5eme Axe+Mach III+Mata Hari+Mission+Rally II+Tennis 3D
2015-01-24Compilation: Mines d'Or volume 1
Les Aventures du Ka: Le Talisman d'Osiris+Les Aventures du Ka: Menace sur l'Arctique+Overlander+Les Aventures Du Ka: Le Crépuscule de Naja+Batlle Ships
UBI Soft1989
2015-01-24Compilation: Mines d'Or volume 2
3D Grand Prix+Devil Castle+Zaxx+Manhattan 95 Light+Buggy 2+MLM 3D
UBI Soft1989
2015-01-23Compilation: Duo Pack (Space Racer+Bob Winner)Loriciels1988
2015-01-23Compilation: Storm Software (Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone+Rodland)Storm Software199x
2015-01-23Compilation: Superstars de L'arcade
Too Hot to Handle
2 Hot 2 Handle
Shadow Warriors+Golden Axe+Total Recall+Ivan Ironman Stewarts Super Off Road Racer
2015-01-21Compilation: Les Inédits 1
Bacterik Dream+Zarxas+Fireball
Cosmic Software / ESAT Software1989
2015-01-20COMPILATION: The Spy vs Spy Trilogy
Spy vs Spy 1+Spy vs Spy 2 The Island Caper+Spy vs Spy 3 Arctic Antics
Databyte / First Star1988
2015-01-20Compilation: Taito Coin Op Hits
Les Defis de Taito
Le Defis de Taito
Rastan Saga+Flying Shark+Slap Fight+Arkanoid 1+Arkanoid II+ Renegade 1+Bubble Bobble
Ocean / Imagine Software1987
2015-01-20Compilation: History In the Making (The First Three Years)
Beach Head 1+Gauntlet 1+Bruce Lee+Spy Hunter+Raid!!!+Goonies+Supercycle+World Games+Express Raider+Infiltrator+Beach Head2+Gauntlet+Road Runner+Impossible Mission 1+Kung Fu Master+Leaderboard
Usgold / Atari Games1988
2015-01-20Compilation: Simulation Pack
Quad+Grand Prix 500cc+Super Ski 1
2015-01-20Compilation: The Archon Collection
Archon: The Light And the Dark+Adept: Archon II Battle Of the Mages
Electonic Arts19xx
2015-01-20Compilation: Game Set And Match 1
Balle de Match+Barry Mc Guigan World Championship Boxing+Daley Thompson's Supertest+GBA Championship Basketball Two on Two+Hyper Sports+Jonah Barringtons Squash+Ping Pong+Pool+Super Soccer World Series Baseball

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.