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2017-12-09Compilation: Programando mi Amstrad #3
Tragoncete+Gusanin (Editorial Cometa)+Los Invasores+Carrera Alpina
Editorial Cometa198x
2014-12-21Compilation: Psycho Pig UXB+TitanicSerie Leyenda199x
2014-03-20Compilation: Psycho Soccer
Fighting Soccer+Manchester United+Kick Off 1+Kick Off 2
UBI Soft199x
2017-06-08Compilation: Pyjamarama+Master ChessMIKROGEN198x
2014-06-10Compilation: Quartet
War Zone+Moon Buggy+Ghouls+Gauntlet
2014-08-06Compilation: RéflexionCobra Soft1985
2015-01-26Compilation: Rap Pack
P-47 Freedom Fighter+Stunt Car Racer+Satan+Vixen+Army Moves+Championship Sprint
UBI Soft1992
2014-08-02Compilation: Red Dynamite Pack
Mambo+Ruler Of The World+Kung Fu Warrior+African Trail Simulator+Mountain Bike Racer
2019-05-07Compilation: Repoker de Ases
Adiós a la Casta 1+Adiós a la Casta 2+Profanation 2 - Escape Abu Simbel+Baba's Palace*The Lost Treasure of Cuauhtemoc
2019-05-01Compilation: Rod Pike's Horror
2018-01-20Compilation: Run'Star 3
Crafton et Xunk+Sky Hunter+Pacific+Stryfe
2018-01-20Compilation: Run'Star 4
Cauldron 1+Bubble Ghost+Sorcery+Stifflip+Azirun
2018-01-20Compilation: Run'Star 5
2018-01-20Compilation: Run'strad 2
Peasant's Tale+Mission+Atomic Driver+Demo-dementes+Force 4+Transtrad
2014-08-02Compilation: Run'strad 1
Dan Dare 1+Dan Dare 2+Strangeloop+Shogun+Transtrad
2014-07-25Compilation: Sélection CPC
Foot+Quadrel+Builderland+Bumpy+Mata Hari+le 5eme Axe
2016-08-30Compilation: Sélection Or: Grand Prix Du Jeu Loriciels
L'aigle D'or+Le 5eme Axe+M.G.T+Sapiens
2018-10-19Compilation: Sac à Dos Amstrad
Labyrinthe (Carraz)+Barre L'intrus+Memorise+L'abc des Petits+Associe
Carraz Editions1987
2019-06-25Compilation: Schneider Aktiv Softbox 10/87Schneider Aktiv1987
2017-01-18Compilation: Schneider Super Games 2
3D Boxing+3D Grand Prix+3D Stunt Rider
Schneider / Amsoft1986
2019-06-20Compilation: Schneider Super Games
Astro Attack+Hunchback+Roland in den Hohlen+Roland in der Zeit
Schneider / Amsoft1986
2018-12-21Compilation: Schneider Super Games
Macadam Bumper+Kniffel+Reversi
2018-12-21Compilation: Schneider Super Games
Pool Billard+Tennis
Schneider / Amsoft1986
2018-12-21Compilation: Schneider Super Games
Roland am Seil+Roland im All+Punchy+Harrier Attack
2014-01-09Compilation: Sciences Naturelles 1
La Nutrition+Le Squelette+La Digestion
2015-01-24Compilation: Sega Arcade Turbo
Super Wonderboy In Monsterland+Turbo Out Run+Crack Down+Thunder Blade
Usgold / Sega19xx
2017-01-14Compilation: Sega Mastermix
Sega Arcade Turbo
Super Wonderboy In Monsterland+Turbo Out Run+Crack Down+Thunder Blade+Dynamite Dux
Usgold / Sega19xx
2016-04-07Compilation: Serie Leyenda
1942+Batty+Scooby Doo In The Castle Mystery+Frank Bruno's Boxing+Battle Ships+Ikari Warriors+Thundercats: The Lost Eye of Thunders+Airwolf 1+Ghosts and Goblins+Buggy Boy
MCM / Erbe Software / Iber Sof19xx
2019-09-13Compilation: Serie Oro Amstrad19xx
2019-09-13Compilation: Serie Oro volumen 3
Quadrel+Sherman M4
Proein Softline199x
2019-09-13Compilation: Serie Oro volumen 4
Moon Blaster+Tennis Cup
Proein Softline199x
2017-11-14Compilation: Shadow Dancer+Alien StormUsgold199x
2019-01-07Compilation: Silicon Dreams
Snowball+Return to Eden+The Worm In Paradise
2018-08-08Compilation: Silver Collection
Ikari Warrior+Strike Force Harrier+Pacmania+Skateball+Emlyn Hughes International Soccer+Star Wars 1
Ubi Soft19xx
2012-08-26Compilation: Simulation Hits
Turbo Cup+Mach 3+Space Racer
2015-01-20Compilation: Simulation Pack
Quad+Grand Prix 500cc+Super Ski 1
2014-08-06Compilation: Simulation Top
Targhan+Prince of Persia+Panza Kick Boxing
2012-08-26Compilation: Simulation's BestLoriciel1992
2019-05-01Compilation: Sirius
Satan+Hard Drivin'+Aspar GP Master+Rick Dangerous 2+Fire
UBI Soft1990
2014-08-06Compilation: Six Appeal
Pick'n Pile+Rick Dangerous 1+Twinworld+Satan+Puffy's Saga
Ubi Soft199x
2017-01-22Compilation: Six Super Arcades
6 Super Arcades
Arkanoid 1+Army Moves+Barbarian 1+Freddy Hardest 1+Mag Max Robo Centurion+Tank
Ocean / Continent198x
2015-02-14Compilation: Six Super Hits
6 Super Hits
Basket master+Phantom Club+Renegade 1+Gryzor+Madballs+Slap Fight
Ocean / Continent198x
2016-12-22Compilation: Skateball Collection
Live And Let Die+Skateball+Navy Moves+Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix+Pacmania+Battle Ships
Ubi Soft198x
2015-01-26Compilation: Skyrock la Supercompil Micro
Rainbow Islands+Grand Prix 500 2+Hudson Hawk+Shadow Warriors
2015-06-17Compilation: Soccer 6
Treble Champions+World Soccer League+Euro Boss+European Champions+World Champions+Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory
Challenge Software / E&J Software1990
2015-01-12Compilation: Soccer Double 2
World Champions+World Soccer League
Challenge Software1991
2016-08-12Compilation: Soccer Double 3
Euro Boss+European Champions
Challenge Software1991
2015-01-12Compilation: Soccer Double
Premier II Super League+European II
Challenge Software1991
2015-11-01Compilation: Soccer Mania
Football Manager 2+Gazza's Super Soccer+Football Manager World Cup Edition+Microprose Soccer
Addictive Games1990
2014-05-03Compilation: Soccer Stars
Microprose Soccer+Kick Off 2+Gazza 2+Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
2012-08-26Compilation: Software Superstore's 50 Game DiscMastertronic1988
2019-05-23Compilation: Solid Gold
Compilation: MassivGold
Gauntlet 1+Ace Of Aces+LeaderBoard+Infiltrator+Winter Games
2017-11-13Compilation: Sonderheft 1/86CPC Schneider International1986
2016-12-10Compilation: Sonderheft 3/86CPC Schneider International1986
2014-07-28Compilation: Space Ace
Northstar+Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper+Zynaps+Xevious+Venom Strikes Back+Exolon+Cybernoid 1
Star Games1988
2017-04-27Compilation: Special Action - 6 Logiciels Exceptionnels
Shao Lin's Road+Basket Master+Salamander+Gryzor+Target Renegade+International Karate Plus
Imagine Software1989
2017-04-27Compilation: Special Action
Driller+Captain Blood+The Vindicator+Daley thompson+SDI
2016-12-21Compilation: Special Hits
Wild Streets+Titan+Super Ski 1+Crazy Cars 1+Gazza's Super Soccer+Pipe mania
2013-08-07Compilation: Sport 88Proein Softline198x
2013-09-12Compilation: Sporting Gold from EPYX
The Games Summer Edition+The Games Winter Edition+California Games
Usgold / Epyx1989
2015-01-26Compilation: Sports Best 2
Sport's Best II
Kick Off 2+Tennis Cup 1+Crazy Cars 2
2015-01-26Compilation: Sports Best
Tennis Cup 1+Turbo Cup+Panza Kick Boxing
2014-05-30Compilation: Star Games 1/Star Games One
Barry Mc Guigan World Championship Boxing+Rescue on Fractalus+Beach Head 2+The Way of the Tiger
Beau Jolly / Gremlin Graphics1987
2014-03-30Compilation: Star Games 2
Star Games II
Highway Encounter+Knight Games+Trailblazer+Avenger+BallBlazer+The Eidolon
Beau Jolly198x
2018-09-17Compilation: Star-Games IStar-Division1985
2015-01-27Compilation: Stars Six
Fire and Forget 2+Mystical+Dark Century+SWAP+Crazy Cars 2+Off Shore Warrior
2015-06-16Compilation: Stars volume 1
Didact English+Prohibition+Bivouac
2015-02-18Compilation: Starstrike 1 and 2
3D Starstrike+Starstrike 2
2015-01-23Compilation: Storm Software (Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone+Rodland)Storm Software199x
2016-09-05Compilation: Straight Six
Soccer+Mgt+3D Fight+Billy+Flash+Zox 2099
2015-01-25Compilation: Success Story 2
Skweek+Disc+Sherman M4+Pinball Magic
2015-01-25Compilation: Success Story
Skweek+Turbo Cup+Bumpy+Crazy Shot+Space Racer
2012-09-18Compilation: Summer Gold
The Dam Busters+Bruce Lee+Impossible Mission 1+10th Frame+Rebel Planet+Beach Head II
2016-10-19Compilation: Summer Pack
Corsarios+Livingstone Supongo 2+Mot
Opera Soft1990
2015-01-29COMPILATION: Super Action Pack
Toyota Celica GT Rally+Impossamole+Super Cars+Switchblade+Gary Linekers Hot-Shot!'
Gremlin Graphics1991
2012-08-26Compilation: Super FighterOcean1991
2017-05-19Compilation: Super Heros
L'aigle d'Or le Retour+Baby Jo+Prince de Perse
2015-06-17Compilation: Super Pack 10
Apocalipsis New+Body Travel+Damas+Domino+El Gerente+Invierte y Gana+O'Thelo+Quinielas+Risky Holding+Y'Ahtzee
Idealogic / Dimensionnew198x
2015-01-26Compilation: Super Sega
Super Monaco GP+Crack Down+Shinobi+Golden Axe+ESWAT: Cyberpolice
2014-02-05Compilation: Super Sim Pack
Snow Strike+Italy 1990+Heavy Metal+Out Run Europa
2014-01-17Compilation: Super Soft 1
Cap sur Dakar+La malediction de Thaar+Fantome City
Pocket Soft / Coktel Vision198x
2014-08-27Compilation: Super-10
Exploding Fist+Turbo Esprit+Rock'N Lucha+Zorro+Three Weeks In Paradise+Abu Simbel Profanation+Saboteur 1+Cauldron 2+Bruce Lee+Raid Over Moscow
ERBE Software198x
2013-08-08Compilation: Superheroes
Last Ninja 2+Strider 2+the Spy Who Loved Me+Indiana Jones III
2014-12-05Compilation: Superstar Seymour
Sergeant Seymour Robotcop+Seymour Goes To Hollywood+Seymour Stuntman+Super Seymour Saves The Planet+Wild West Seymour
2015-01-23Compilation: Superstars de L'arcade
Too Hot to Handle
2 Hot 2 Handle
Shadow Warriors+Golden Axe+Total Recall+Ivan Ironman Stewarts Super Off Road Racer
2014-04-10Compilation: Supreme Challenge Soccer Spectacular
Football Manager+Peter Beardsley's International Football+World Champions+Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona+Soccer Supremo
Firebird / Beau Jolly1989
2016-10-26Compilation: Supreme Challenge
The Sentinel+Star Glider+Elite+Ace 2+Tetris
2019-10-13Compilation: Swift Selection PlusSwift Software198x
2014-03-25Compilation: Sword and Magic
Targhan+Twinworld+Barbarian 2
Ubi Soft / Silmarils1990
2018-02-06COMPILATION: System 3 Pack
Vendetta+Tusker+Myth: History in the Making+International Karate Plus
Usgold / System 31991
2015-01-20Compilation: Taito Coin Op Hits
Les Defis de Taito
Le Defis de Taito
Rastan Saga+Flying Shark+Slap Fight+Arkanoid 1+Arkanoid II+ Renegade 1+Bubble Bobble
Ocean / Imagine Software1987
2014-02-25Compilation: Take 3 Sports
Steve Davis Snooker+Darts (Blue Ribbon)+Steve Davis Pool
Blue Ribbon198x
2014-10-29Compilation: Take 4 Games
Rocco+Project Future+Super Sleuth+Thing On A Spring
Gremlin Graphics1987
2019-01-24Compilation: Tensions+Golf TrophéeZafiro Software1988
2019-06-01Compilation: The Adventures of Mike Erlin
Magnetic Moon+Starship Quest.
The Adventure Workshop1993
2019-06-01Compilation: The Alex Gough Collection
The Prophecy+The Gladiator (Alex Gough)+Detective (Alex Gough)+Crown Jewels+Hero Select
The Adventure Workshop198x
2013-05-31Compilation: The Amstrad User - CPC Year Disc #10The Amstrad User1988/1989
2013-05-31Compilation: The Amstrad User - CPC Year Disc #12The Amstrad User1989
2015-01-20Compilation: The Archon Collection
Archon: The Light And the Dark+Adept: Archon II Battle Of the Mages
Electonic Arts19xx
2013-03-30Compilation: The BizOcean1990

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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.