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Southampton may conjure up images of Tall Ships, old sea dogs and episodes of Howard's Way, but delve a bit further, in the general direction of Terminus Terrace, and you will find SOFTWARE STUDIOS, the Activision group's development headquarters. Richard Eddy, complete with deck-shoes, reports.

SOFTWARE STUDIOS are not the only studios to be found in Terminus Terrace; next door is situated BBC South's studios. And. true to my appalling sense of direction. I managed to make a BBC commisionaire very bewildered as he struggled to offer me ordinary studios, but not ones with any software. But to the BBC's left, about 100 yards, sits the real Software Studios office, equipped with nearly every piece of hardware imaginable.

So this is Software Studios. 'Yes. the central hub on the wheel of development control!' proudly states Neil Jackson, one of the Studios's producers. Software Studios, born in the old Electric Dreams offices, takes care of development, both technical and creative, for Actlvision and its associated labels. Although most product is written out-of-house. the Southampton office is a place where the programmers can come for back-up facilities and advice.

Software Studios is. additionally, the product testing base for Activision games. All games are subjected to rigorous ptaytesting. not only to ensure that the required features and effects have been included, but also to check if any refinements can be made.

Software Studio (l to r): Dave Cummins, Jon Dean , Simon Tons , Pet Sleeman , Alan Drew (1987)


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