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What is a ROM-RAM-BOX ?

The ROM-RAM-BOX ist a ROM-BOX which does not need any EPROMs ! Up to 8 (16) EPROMs can be stored in the accu-buffered simulator-RAM (128KB/256KB capacity).

In addition to the eight (sixteen) 'RAM-ROM slots'with 16KB capacity each, the ROM-RAM-BOX offers a 'normal'EPROM-socket for EPROMs with 8-64KB capacity. This EPROM-socket either serves as a source for programs to be placed in the 'RAM-ROM slots' or you can run EPROM-software in it.

ROM-software can be installed very easily in the ROM-RAM-BOX or it can be saved on disc. Loading and installing of 'EPROMs'is as easy as saving. Just load the 'EPROM' from disc and install it in the box. You see, you can handle ROMs as easy as 'normal'programs.

The BOX gives you a whole new range of possibilities ! You don't need expensive EPROMs anymore. EPROM-programmers and UV-lamps can be put aside. It really gets easy to develop new ROM-software or to patch ROMs since you don't have to erase and re-burn EPROMs anymore. Just install the software in the ROM-RAM-BOX !

The 'RAM-ROMs'in the ROM-RAM-BOX can be used just like if they were in a 'normal'ROM-BOX. Every program that runs in a ROM-BOX wil run in a ROM-RAM-BOX, too. The only difference is the much more comfortable handling of the 'RAM-ROMs'.

The installation of ROM-software in the BOX can be done with the completely menu-driven SOFTBRENNER. This nice piece of code (it will be constantly updated!) gives you total control over EPROMs and ROM-software. You can load and install 'RAM-ROMs'from disc, 'grab' the contents of EPROMs and save it to disc, display RSX commands etc. But that's not all: You can very easily generate you own ROM-programs. Binary & Basic programs can be transformed into BOOT-ROMs at the touch of a button.
Example: transform SMON or DISC'O'MAGIC into a BOOT-ROM install it and you can use one of the programs just by typing a RSX command.

While the computer is in operation, the accumulator in the ROM-RAM-BOX is constantly charged so that the 'RAM-ROMs' in the simulator-RAM remain intact even when the computer is switched off.

The 'RAM-ROM sockets'in the ROM-RAM-BOX have ROM-numbers from 0-7 (0-15), the ROM-number of the EPROM-socket can be chosen from 0-15. The eight (sixteen) 'RAM-ROM slots' and the EPROM-socket can be switched on and off. This comes in handy if some software does not run with ROM-software installed.

The ROM-RAM-BOX has to be connected to the CPC expansionport. The bus is led through the box so that other expansions (harddisc, memory expansion, etc.) can be used, too.

The BOX features a reset-switch (plus compatible) as an 'extra bonus'.

The INICRON ROM-RAM-BOX is revolutionary, useful and "probably the best ROM-BOX ever for the CPC".

The BOX is supplied together with a SOFTBRENNER-disc, utility programs and an instruction manual.

The prices:

Normal version 128KB = eight 'RAM-ROM slots': 60 + p&p
Tuned version 256KB =sixteen 'RAM-ROM slots': 60+ 12.5 + p&p

For further information please write to:

Ingo Willers
Horststr. 9
31061 Alfeld/Leine

★ YEAR: 1995


» Inicron-Softbrenner  v1.24    ENGLISH    ROMDATE: 2020-12-22
DL: 108 fois
SIZE: 16Ko

» Inicron-Softbrenner  v1.27    ENGLISH    ROMDATE: 2020-12-22
DL: 104 fois
SIZE: 16Ko

» Inicron  Rom-Ram-Box  Tool  1DATE: 2011-08-24
DL: 534 fois
SIZE: 157Ko
NOTE: Extended DSK/40 Cyls

» INICRON-Rom-Ram-BoxDATE: 2019-12-22
DL: 109 fois
SIZE: 360Ko
NOTE: Uploaded by CPCLOV ; 2 pages/PDFlib v1.6

Other platform tool:
» INICRON  512KB-RamBoxDATE: 2005-10-25
DL: 212 fois
SIZE: 135Ko

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