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CPC4X is in many ways the nicest Amstrad emulator on Linux. It's easy to get going, even from source, with neat documentation. It has sound and supports all three graphics modes. The GUI windows use TCL/Tk 8.2 if available, or basic shell facilities otherwise. Unlike the Frodo one, the GUI works well and is recommended.

Special functions use function keys, which did not appear on the original Amstrad keyboard - in other respects the key mapping resembles the original system. F1 yields information, including online help from a 50K HTML file. F3 and F4 allow images - in the common .DSK format - to be inserted into virtual floppy drives A: and B:.

F5 toggles sound, F6 snapshots the screen as an X pixel map, and F7 allows configuration options. You can chose emulation in German or English, the make and model of the emulated CPC, disk image paths and ROM and RAM configuration. These can also be set from the command line when you launch the emulator, or in the file  ~/.cpc4xrc.

Printing is directed to a Linux file, with optional filtering of control characters. F9 closes this file and submits it for spooling, as does a form feed character from the CPC. Other buttons let you reset, quit, or call up a machine code monitor in a terminal window.

CPC4X is great for CP/M, BASIC programs and those that do not stretch the CPC hardware, but some demo and game graphics get scrambled as the emulation is at a fairly high level and does not respond well to metal-banging capability - disk drive and graphics quirks are not well emulated.


★ YEAR: 2001
★ AUTEUR: Ulrich Cordes


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L'Amstrad CPC est une machine 8 bits à base d'un Z80 à 4MHz. Le premier de la gamme fut le CPC 464 en 1984, équipé d'un lecteur de cassettes intégré il se plaçait en concurrent  du Commodore C64 beaucoup plus compliqué à utiliser et plus cher. Ce fut un réel succès et sorti cette même années le CPC 664 équipé d'un lecteur de disquettes trois pouces intégré. Sa vie fut de courte durée puisqu'en 1985 il fut remplacé par le CPC 6128 qui était plus compact, plus soigné et surtout qui avait 128Ko de RAM au lieu de 64Ko.