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** This is not an official CPCfs release. **

I was talking to Frederic Herlem, maintainer of the ALL-CPC list, and he mentioned bugs he had discovered and features he would like to see in CPCfs.
We both agree that CPCfs is an excellent utility for transfering files to and from CPCEMU style disk images.

Since I have not seen any CPCfs releases for a while, I decided to take the original CPCfs source and add my changes to fix a few bugs and add some more features.

Frederic has tested this version quite thoroughly so there should not be many bugs.
We have both tried hard to remove all major bugs (crashes, corruption of disk images).

If you find any bugs, please e-mail me with details to reproduce the problem. 

I hope that eventually my source additions will be part of the official distribution.
Derik, if you are reading this, please feel free to use any part of my changes in CPCfs.

Included in this release is a Windows Command-line executable (cpcxfsw.exe) - which will run in a DOS box under Win95/98, and on the Command Prompt under Win2000 and WinNT, and a DOS version (cpcxfs.exe) - compiled with DJGPP C compiler.

If you want to run cpcxfs in linux, please ensure all files are in lowercase, otherwise they might not be found.

I have released this source for the benefit of others. All credit goes to Derik for his original CPCfs code. CPCxfs is *not* my own work. 90% of CPCXFS is the work of Derik, with 10% from my bug-fixes and additions.

I hope that with the permission of Derik we could all help to extend the  functionality of CPCfs furthur. 

I would prefer that CPCxfs would be integrated into the original CPCfs.

The included "cpmdisks.def" has been checked and compiled by Frederic.
I have included the ZX Spectrum + 3 additions from Cristian Secara.

It is compatible with 22disk ".def" files and can be used with 22disk without modification. It has been compiled from a few ".def" files from the great Amstrad CPC archive at: ftp://ftp.lip6.fr/pub/amstrad

You can customize this ".def" file by adding and removing definitions. If you create a new definition we would be happy to add it to the next distribution of cpcxfs.

There are two built-in default formats "DATA" and "SYSTEM", these will exist if a ".def" file is not found.

I have renamed this version of CPCXfs so people will know it is not an official public release  of CPCfs.

I hope you will enjoy this update.

Best Wishes,


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★ AUTEURS: Derik Van Zütphen , KEVIN THACKER


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