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Rundschlag can only be described as the International CPC Notice board. Imagine a really big house, yeah? And in this house is every CPC user in the world, RundSchlag is the cork pin board on the kitchen wall. That's the best way it can be described. Sorry.

The first thing that hits you about the magazine is the presentation. Each of the forty pages is either poorly laid out on a DTP package or just printed from a word-processor from various people on the CPC scene. But then, you can't expect the writers to spend hours on every page when you consider that the magazine is free. The only thing you pay for is the photocopying, then like public domain software, you can re-copy it and pass it on to your friends to your heart's content.

The articles are written in a wide range of languages (including a small section of English text). If you want to know what is going on in Europe, there is enough English to keep you clued up on what is going on, the rest of it is basically coders passing messages onto fellow coders (“Matt Gullam: I like your fanzine very much!” is one of the many greetings). A demo scrolling message on paper, if you will.

If you can speak French and German, you will obviously get more for the little you pay for, however, if English is your only known dialect, you can get a small amount of information but not that much.

The idea of multi-language magazines always seems to fail in Britain (thanks to that lovely ‘casual' British education system), although I'd expect they are very popular on the continent.


★ YEAR: 1992
★ AUTHOR(S): ???

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