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CPC User is a bit like Amstrad Action, really, except that ft comes out every two months, doesn't have any colour and there is a lack of a covertape. But despite all that, it's still a bit like the magazine which has outlasted the rest. So what am I saying? It's pretty darned good, that's what.

Thirty-two A4 pages make up the mag and each page is crammed wth serious articles on just aoout anything.

Indeed there s hardiy a thing that is not covered, Plus machines, type-ins. reviews, letters and tips as well as a few tutorials are all jammed into the latest magazine so tightly its stal:es could pop out and bop you in the nose at any moment.

Issue 44 has a different look out unfortunately looks are not CPC User's forte. The same font is used throughout the magazine so it avoids the patchwork quit effect, but even though the move from one to two columns (which makes reading easier) has improved the looks somewhat, the pages seem a little cluttered in places. Fortunately the magazine reads well and has a talented bunch of writers.

One of the most important things about any magazine is that it has a friendly feel. A user group which seems arrogant would just alienate its readers at the drop of a hat.

Once again CPC User comes up trumps in this area because it is written by members for members and there is continuous interaction.

As with the other 'zine on review this month, there are other benefits of being a member, such as the tape and PD libraries, book library and helplines so it is well worth taking a look.

CPC User is one of the best magazines available at the moment (after AA of course} and so I advise you send off a bit of cash to see for yourself - you won't regret it (well, you will if the post office manage to lose your letter: perhaps you better send a cheque instead).

★ PUBLISHER: United Amstrad User Group
★ YEAR: 1994 (APRIL)
★ LICENCE: ???
★ AUTHOR: John Packham (EDITOR)

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