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★ YEAR: 1989
★ CRTC: ???
★ CONFIG: ???
★ INFO (Text Inside this Production): HI! and MOIN! Welcome to THRILLER - DEMO III !!!You are listening to the MIG-29-Sound and you can choose the Sound of PERICO DELGADO by pressing 3... ...further you can choose the SILKWORM-Sound pressing 1 but BE CAREFUL !!!! THE SILKWORM SOUND IS NOT FULL ALL RIGHT !!! Sometimes it breaks out and then you must start the demo once a time more !!! But if you are lucky then it runs without a bug... it's just a risk. ...but now we go on... ...I hope this Demo is a little bit better than myother 2 Demos and you are able to enjoy it 'cause it's not easy for a MC-beginner to programm such a demo in such a little time !!! Yes, you've heared the right thing! It's 1.42 am in the morning of the 2nd October of the year 1989 and THRILLER-Baby is still sitting in front of his only real friend, his old, good CPC 6128 and he's typing a real shit text, but that's life live...! But now I want to deklare why I had to programm this in such a little time: That's easy... in 4 days I will travel to the hot-hoped BLACK MISSION-COPYPARTY and there I will publish the Demo and the last time I had the same emotions like WEEE!, KNS, SECTION JAGUAR, UMBERTO of THE GREAT GECCO , usw... ...I had nearly no power to programm anything. (In German: Kein' Boooooooooock!) ...but because of I am very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, verrrr...v....ver..rr.r.r....r.y...very.verry.....very tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaagahn! GOOD NIGHT you people! ...OUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!... ...time passes... ...schnorchel... ...schnarch... ...hmmmm... ...Oh, it's morning, aeh, afternoon and EXCALIBUR is wisching me in my face herum with a record-massage-handschuh !!! We are hearing, aeh, no ! We are listening to the great, super, wonderful, megaapocalyptic, sensationell, good ROXETTE-LP copied from BLACK MISSION of ICO. Hello, old boy! Very many thanx for that great muzak I was listening to the whole time programmin' !!! BOBBY BROWN also isn't bad ! ...I am very sorry for the shit beginning of this text... ...and I am more sorry for these words.. oaahaohakhahjslkdjhsdksajnsalkcsdkjdlscnsa! EXCALIBUR is hitting me with the Z 80-Buch (Sybex - Rodnay Zacks - 58 DM; 53,40 sFr; 452 Oes) from KREATOR... ! I think I have no bock or so to write and sososo I write sooner weiter... I must watch VIDEO! I have the following films in the house: SHANGHAI SURPRISE, THE GOOD WIFE, SPACECAMP, EXTRIMITIES, MOONWALKER, BEATLEJUICE, CRITTERS II and BIG... lechtz! ...glotz... eyes getting... ...UARGH! It's Thursday the 5th of October and I am listening to the newest MAXI-Single-Programm in my Radio. They are playing: DAS OMMLET Another new very cool REMIX of DAS OMEN from the band KOCHKUNST !!! ...and now the newest Song of CURIOSITY CILLED THE CAT ! ...but back to earth: In the following you will see the MOONWALKER-Part which is the next part of this Demo and if you think watching the part that I cannot programm clean running animated sprites then press the CURSOR UP Key and the MOONWALK becomes a MOONRUN !!! OKAY! Then let's greet some people... ...the greets go to: THE COOL (We are all very sorry that you won't come to the party but we hope you will have a very nice time with your friend !!!) , YODA COOPERATION (Yeah! I'm looking forward to see you! Let's make 'em nervous on the partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!) , TOM & JERRY of CBS!,... (How many clubs?) , ALEX OF ESC (Cut your hair before coming! HOE! HOE! HOE! ...I will take my sea-cap with me!) , MERLYN (What a pity that the second member won't come but it's very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very great to see the MERKYN DEMO III at last !!!!!!) , RCA (MOIIIIIIIIIIIN, Freak! Do you like............................................................................................................................................................................. ??? HOE HOE HOE!) , SPIDERMAN (You are back and that's great! YO! and HELLO!) , FP7 (Hi! Sorry, but I don't know anything to write about you ; I don't want to get on your nerves about your Demo) , FLASH KNIGHT of TNSI (Wake up!) , BLACK MISSION of ICO (Very, very, very big thanx for the party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!) , EQUILAZER (Send the Disc back !!!!!!) , THE GREAT GECCO (First I am looking forward to SKAR's RAIDER RUM !!! Then I hope to enjoy the Demo - Test with NERVI the freak of the freaks and then I am absolulety addicted to GECCO-DEMOS and I am megaapocalyptic-geil about the (let's hope!) ELITE - DEMO !!!!!!) , O.D. (I hope this Demo is a little bit more your taste! Show it to Addi to show him what he had made when he begun swappin' with me! He started the stones to roll... hoe hoe hoe!) , KREATOR (Tomorrow we'll telephone... HA!) , WEEE! (Very, very, very, very, very, very and very THANXXXX-X-XXX-X-XXX-X-XXX-X-X-X-XXX for programming the hot hoped great mega-SMOOTH CRIMINAL-Sound in the following MOONWALKER-Part !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) , CUG (Nastrowje!) , STEFAN OF TCW (You are good at swapping, aren't you ?) , THE BLOOD BROTHERS (...You're in the army now...) ...and THE LEGENDARY MEGATROTTEL... Maaaaaan! I think you are soooo mighty !!! But there is nothing mighty with buying about you at the moment !!! ...further greets to CONDITION RED (YO!) , KKB (HI!) , MCS (Salutations!) , CLOUSEAU (Tach!) , GROO (WORD!) , LE FAY (Bongschur!) , NEW WAY CRACKING (?) , THE SAURIAN (GROEHL!) and JABBA-SOFT (BLUBB!) !!! Special greets to the other two @|-members LTP and EXCALIBUR !!! ...Oeh, yeah! What can we talk about now ??? Today the whole world rings me up: GROO, KREATOR, NERVI, SOKOT(Z)RA, my aunt, my mother, my friend Mitschie, LTP,... ...oh, and I am soooooooooo tired! OK...I've watched the VIDEOS and give you a tip: Watch EXTREMITIES once a time !!! A very cool movie! Very interesting! Also CRITTERS II! Very tasteful!!! ..BEATLEJUICE isn't bad too... ...and then of course: MOONWALKER !!!!!!!!!! Really a very sehr gut film !!! Have you ever seen somebody dancing like MICHAEL JACKSON ??? He's relly greatest in this buissiness !!! ...but let's change the topic: I am hot searching for a copy of the LP from INNERCITY !!! If you've got this Album then contact me !!! We can swap other muzax too... THRILLER is the trademark of the scene !!! You can contact my dealer until the 31th of October under the following adress: H.O.T. PLK 0 6 3 8 3 0 A 6 4 3 0 B A D H E R S F E L D Since the 1st of November 1989 you won't meet H.O.T THE HOT DEALER anymore under THIS adress... ...but once more: Please don't write your name ON the packet and also don't write H.O.T on the packet but only the PLK, the PLZ and the place! Thanxx! At the time I copy a tape for BLACK MISSION. The Muzak sounds like TRINERE and her very hot song ALL NIGHT !!! Yeah! We all get BLACKOUT !!! Jack to the music! ...but another thing... Oooooooh, I'm looking forward to this great party !!! I will have to work all the time: Make ready PERICO DELGADO - Loader ; Make ready the MOONWALKER-Part (Sound is not right at this time) ; test some Demoz together with NERVI ; ... but it will be greeeaaattt !!! some years we (@|) want to bring out a GOS'O'MAT ! ...but if anybody does have the SUPERMONITOR of the H.C. on EPROM (!!!!!) then also write to H.O.T. PLK 0 6 3 8 3 0 A 6 4 3 0 B A D H E R S F E L D ...tja,oeh... ...enjoy the rest of the Demo, OK ??!!! Tja... ...OKAY! Then really enjoy the rest of the best! BYE! THRILLER OF THE GUILD OF SWAPPERS (@|!) 10.14 pm 5th of October in 1989 ...gaeeehhhhhhn...

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  » Thriller  Demo  3DATE: 2019-09-26
DL: 64 fois
SIZE: 32Ko
NOTE: 40 Cyls

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