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★ YEAR: 19xx
★ INFO (Text Inside this Production): Hello, boys and girls, crackers, swappers and rappers, men and women, littles and talls, Punks, Teds, 60s, Wavers, Normalos, Poppers, Altenativos and Oekos, animals and human beings, Americanos, Africans, Asians, Australians and Europeans, Kapitalisten und Kommunisten (KEINE FASCHISTEN!), Freaks, Loosers, Winners, Teacher-Killers, and Lovers, Jokers, You, Me, Myself and I, he, she, it, they, we and you all there, you classics and modern fans, footballers, tennis-freaks, volleyballers, faustballers, golfers (Hi, OBI!), HIP-HOPpers, Funkie-Freaks, Dancers, Heavies (NO SATANS-PRAYERS!), Christen und Katholiken, Buddhisten und Baptisten, Juden und Mohammedaner, SISTERS AND BROTHERS, Anti-NPDer und Anti-REPUBLIKANERer, Omis und Opies, young, middle old and old ones, sound-, graphik-, effect-, game-, user-, sprite- and scrolltext-fans, Joysticks, Mouses, Amstrads, CPC 464's, 664's and 6128's, z-80's, livings, injureds and deads, babies, rubber-ducks and teddy-bears, mega-teddies, elephants and jaguars, toasters, freezers and other things, beings of the north, the south, the east and the west, rich ones and poor guys (for example with a C 64), ...welcome to THRILLER-DEMO Nr. 2! At first the greetinx (salutations ?): GROO (Never at the CPC... no more... waahahhhhhhhhh!) , YODA COOPERATION (It's up to you, FRED!) , MERLYN (Oooooh,your screens look so coloured on a colour-monitor! OkOk, my colour-pics look terrible at a green one. Please watch 'em on a colour-monitor!) , THE LEGENDARY, UNFORGOTTABLE, GREAT, MISTERIOUS AND EVERLOVED ... Heino (Ooooooooh, I like your sun-glasses!!!), next greetinx to MTI (What's up with your GIGA-SKYFIRE? I'm hungry for this!!! Hechelhechel!) , ALEX of ESC (Greetinx to KGB too ; well, I like your hairstile! Who is your hairdresser ?) , FLASH KNIGHT of THE NEW SOFTWARE IMPERIUM (Hello boy! I try to ring you up just for one week. Where are you ???) , BLACK MISSION (Your ideas are good, your style to write is OK too, but please ...more kreativity in your DEMOS please! Why no Flens? I don't like beer!) , Flyfox (What was your name now?) , RCA (Oh, hi! I hope you have overcome your shock you get at the telephone last time I called you! Always be careful with the police!) , SOKOTRA GROUP '88 (Hey, it's 1989 ! Don't you know ???) , THE COOL (I await the Cooperation-demo-parts! Hohohoooo... it will be great I think!) , TOM & JERRY (I've got a new swap-friend on ST! Please send my discs back !) , TERZEL & SOFTFOX (Shit about CHUCK YEAGER! IT WOULD BE HOT! ESC was happy but now... what a pity!) , CONDITION RED (Hey man! My swap-friends want to kill me! I NEED BLASTEROIDS as fast as possible!!!) , EQUILAZER 8004 (Have a nice time with your class!) , U.G. (Buy new originals! Hoehoehoe!) , H.T. (Nothing more to hear from you! What's the matter?) ...then I want to greet my family, my friends all over the world, MCS, GECCO, TERRATRONIC, TMC-NECROMANCER (on PC), WURMI (on AMIGA), FROG (on ?), SOS (on MS-DOS), VPS, TUFM of TUFC, MCI, C.B. in der Schweitz, LE FAY (Salut!), ACS (AMIGA-Freak), SECTION JAGUAR (What's now up with you?), M.JACKSON, SAM.FOX, PRINCE, THE BLOW MONKEYS, Sa-FIRE, FREESTYLE, INXS, DIE AERZTE (Geldgierige glubschaugige Geruechte-Geier!), DIE TOTEN HOSEN, ICE-T, MC SHY-D, PUBLIC ENEMY, THE CURE, ARETHA FRANKLIN, TRINERE, SALT'N PEPA and many more... The screen was painted by myself, the 'SHOCKWAY'-Muzak was ripped by myself too outta a special SOUND-FILE, all routines by THRILLER but the scrolling: Enjoy this pretty good bit-Scrolling coming bit for bit into the screen (hohoho!... it's a very good trick! My compliment, 50001!). I had ripped it out of the STARS-DEMO of 50001. I'm very sorry for that! 1000 sorrys, 50001! I won't do it anymore! I hope you will forgive me but this scrolling is really cool! ...eine Nachricht an S.C.S: Falls Du mein 1-Screen-Demo noch nicht gesehen hast, die Disketten habe ich Dir laengst geschickt; falls Du sie noch nicht hast ist es Dein Pech! Ich kann auch nicht mehr mit Dir tauschen. Ueberleg' Dir mal, warum! Falls jetzt wieder ein Haufen Leute schon 'n Kasten Bier hergeholt haben, das Telefon abgestellt und den Bildschirmfilter aufgesetzt haben, da sie nun die laengste Scrollschrift der Welt lesen wollen, dann muss ich diese leider enttaeuschen. Stellt das Bier weg! Das steckt doch eh' nur voll bitterem Geschmack und ueberfluessigen Kalorien! Das mit dem laengsten Scrolltext dauert noch ein Weilchen! X-tra-GREETINGS moechte ich noch an alle mit-Mitglieder der GUILD OF SWAPPERS (LTP, STB, TTT und NOTSOFT) loswersen! X-tra-X-tra-GREETINGS to god (I love you)! ...und damit wollen wir es beschliessen! Tschuess und THANX 4 ATTENTION! Euer guter,alter T H R I L L E R (fuer alle, die schon wie verzweifelt einen Basic-Schutz oder sowas suchen, denen sei gesagt, dass die Demo von oben bis unten , von Lowbyte bis Highbyte und umgekehrt in Assembler geschrieben und dazu noch Compactet, also gepackt ist!) Na, immer noch da? Muss ja Spass machen, sich so 'nen Screen und so'n albernes Gewackel da oben anzuglotzen. Wird denn der Sound nicht langsam langweillig? Na, um fuer Abwechslung zu sorgen, ...hier ist der ganze bloedsinnige Text nochmal...

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» Thriller  Demo  2DATE: 2013-08-30
DL: 93 fois
SIZE: 37Ko
NOTE: 40 Cyls

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