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And now, here is the first interview of this #7.  I  have  interviewed  Face Hugger, whose Ultimate Megademo  broke  into  the  small  CPC  world  (read  the Demotest-article for more precisions). I have left  the  interview  entirely  in english in order for all german and french readers to understand it...Antoine.1> Hi Face Hugger !! Can you introduce yourself ? Name, address,  age,  hobbies, professional situation etc..

Well, l'm 22 years old. In my spare time which is really rare l'm  listening to heavy metal music, l'm playing billard and l'm  just  watching  out  to  have fun... Maybe l'm gonna buy a guitar in a few months and in a  few  years  you'll watch my first video on MTV. I also have a  keyboard  (eh,  I  don't  mean  that CPC-keyboard) but this keyboard stuff is boooring. Metal lives! My  professional situation: l'm a student.

2> What was your first computer ? The evolution of your  hardware  since  you've bought your CPC until nowadays...

The CPC was my first computer. The first computer  experience  was  a  Color Genie which is also based on Z80. My brother  bought  that  thing  and  when  he switched it on it didn't work. The screen was only filled  with  colour-garbage. But I was really impressed of it. When I was searching  for  a  computer  a  few years later the CPC came out. That was the right thing but I didn't have  enough money so I had to wait..... I bought  one  of  the  first  german  CPC  6128  in september 1985. Since 2 years I have a Kick Off-machine, too.  (Amiga  500  with Kick Off II) I learned Basic on CPC. When my brother made a program on  CPC  and published it in a german CPC magazin, I've been really surprised  that  you  can earn money with coding some stupid stuff !! So I started  to  program  more  and more. My biggest program was "Soundmanager" which is 99.99% Basic. By  the  way: the  music  of  my  megademo  is  made  with  this  program.  I  only  wrote   a system-independent play routine. Since 2 months I have a second CPC 6128.

3> When you leave Amstrad, for which computer do you think it will be  ?  Amiga, Falcon, PC ? What do you think of Atari's new creation ?

l'm considering of learning to code on Amiga 'cause I have got  one.  PC  is the worst machine I know. The most interesting machine is the Archimedes  'cause it's a little bit like our CPC. Turn  it  on  and  you've  got  your  BASIC  and Assembler... and it's a powerful machine.
I don't know much about the Falcon. But l'm not interested  to  invest  much
money for a new computer (NDAntoine: the Falcon will be 2 times cheaper than the Archimedes and Macintosh...). Maybe l'll buy an Apple  Macintosh  for  my  study because l'll need a working machine (NDAntoine: I think  there  aren't  lots  of shoot'em ups on it, are there ?? Arf arf...). I will need it in two years, so  I have much time to think about it.

4> For your latest productions, you made nearly all by yourself  (design,  code, graphics, music). Will you continue in this way or join (or create) a group ?

I like to make everything by  myself.  Simply  coding  is  boring.  But  the Multi-Ball-part of my demo has no music 'cause I was too tired to compose a  new song. I won't join or create a group. l've not much time for CPC anyway.

5> How did you have the idea of the real-time-calculated 3D for your demo ?  Has it given you much problems ? Do you feel to have coded high-performing routines  or can we easily do better ?

Many ideas are stolen from Amiga. I watched some vector-balls  on  Amiga  by Red Sector and Hypnosis. In that  Hypnosis-demo  I  found  the  explanation  for vector calculation and I tested it on CPC. About high performance: It is easy to make the fastest sprite routines. But coding vector animations is more  complex. So there are more time-eating routines you have to watch for.  My  vector  balls are 18 months old. I speed them up sometime but some vector ball  objects  could be much faster. That was the first generation. The  second  generation  are  the filled vectors. I found some errors and I made a faster mirror-routine. Now,  in the third generation (hehe), I still found some time-eater. My next vectors will be line vectors only... watch out.

6> Whereas everybody agrees to say that the Ultimate MD is the best one on  CPC, some members of Logon System had a scornful reaction about it and even meant it  was only garbage... What is your opinion about their attitude ?

I only know Longshot and he's a nice guy. If they don't like my demo I don't care about it. I didn't expect that success of my demo anyway.  Many  parts  are some kind of a  test.  For  example  the  Multi-Ball  or  the  Turrican-picture. Therefore they are right if they say that some parts could be better (especially on 128K machines). (NDAntoine: well, everything can always  been  improved,  but that's no reason for Logons or others to criticise like this. Your demo  is  the first real-fun-demo on CPC and maybe it is not  very  honest  to  criticise  its coding. I think the aim of a demo is not a coding-performance but the  result  - what you have in front of your eyes and in your ears. The  demomakers  on  Amiga have understood it for ages...) ...Anyway I didn't write my megademo to beat The Demo. (NDAntoine:  maybe  they don't want to say it, but the motivation of many CPC demomakers was to beat  The Demo. Now it is to beat yours !! he he...).

7> What are your projects after the Ultimate MD ? You're saying it is your  last demo. Is this serious or will you go on coding in order to fuck Logon's  future  Megademo ?

(laughing) I meant that I won't code a second megademo (stressed on  'mega').  I programmed a part for a party-demo and I will finish another part  in  the  near future as a guest part.

8> What do you think of the lamers who consider the Zap't'Balls-game as a sacred  institution in the CPC world ?

Sorry, I don't understand your question (NDAntoine: yet  it  was  clear...). What do you mean with 'sacred institution' ? Sounds like  church...  Zap't'Balls is really a fantastic game. If you are playing  an  illegal  copy  of  the  full version you are really stupid (NDAntoine: I must be very  stupid  !  ...nooooooo don't kill me !! that was just a joke...). Elmar Krieger (EGS) is the best coder I know. His newest (and best !) game released by Titus  will  show  you  !  It's called Super Cauldron III, or something like that.

9> Last words, messages etc...

Some  greetinx  to:  Fraggle,  Duck,  GWM,  The  Cranium,  Longshot,  Alien, Prodatron, Leather Rebel, Kangaroo, Crown, BSC, Odiesoft, Knutschfleck,  Marabu, Hiroyuki, Crittersoap, DSC, Shining, Weee, Thriller, Excalibur, Joker, Boris and Claas of Merlyn, Mike, EGS, Borntoski and all those I forgot... Face Hugger.



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