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I HAVE found Protext an invaluable asset, yet there is one part of the Amstrad/ Protext package that really bugs me: The lack of visual clues indicating caps lock.

The caption in the top right-hand corner of the Protext display is not obvious enough. The omission of a red light on the caps lock key is.

I therefore decided to write a routine to change the border colour in relation to the status of caps lock.

However, the routine only works while stepping through the code in Pyradev's monitor. I cannot run it from Basic and do not know how to patch it to Protext and this is why I am writing to you.

Protext uses the same call (&BB21) to check the status of caps lock/shift lock, but I have run out of ideas as to how to change it.

Can you please give me some pointers and tell me where I'm going wrong? If you can provide a better routine that would give a similar indication of the status of caps lock, I would be eternally grateful.

R.M. Poole, RAF Laarbruch.

It's simply a matter of intercepting &BB21 and pointing it at your routine which then jumps off to the original destination after setting the border colour. As we're short on space and many readers don't have an assembler, here is our version in the form of a Basic loader.

If you have the rom version, just run the listing before entering Protext. Disc users should add a line:


and run the program before running Protext.


★ PUBLISHER: Computing With The Amstrad
★ YEAR: 1988
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