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In cold storage

A household utility for the Amstrad machines -written by Alan Lawless Ever since purchasing my Amstrad I have been under pressure to justify the expense and make it do something useful! It has often been the case in our household to find food well past its best down in the darkest corner of the freezer and subsequently have to be thrown away. So it was that I decided to search for a way of monitoring the contents of the freezer and learn how to drive my new acquisition!

The program is menu driven and gives the user the ability to add and delete items, view a list of contents in alphabetical order, and save the information on tape under the file name "Freezer.dat". As the user is prompted to enter the date on power up, a facility has been added to warn whether or not any item is past its best or whether anything in the freezer should be eaten within the next "x" weeks.

Program notes

Line No

  • 600-780 Routine to convert date to an integer number of days elapsed since 1st Jan 1985. 
  • 180-240 Load data file from tape.
  • 320-350 Set up various text windows and pen/paper combinations.
  • 380-510 Display master menu
  • 510-570 Enter and select option.
  • 840-1010 "Add" routine - note facility to change date.
  • 1070-1280 "Remove" item.
  • 1340-1490 Produce inventory in alphabetical order.
  • 1500-1580 Swap subroutine - called during alphabetical sort.
  • 1650-1800 Display any out of date items and give opinion to see which items will expire shortly.
  • 1860-1940 Save data to tape.

Main variables

  • Item Array of up to 100 items stored in freezer.
  • Expirnum Associated integer array containing a number equivalent to the expiry date.
  • Count Tally of number of items in freezer.
  • Daynum Equivalent number of days elapsed since 1 /1 /85. 


★ PUBLISHER: Popular Computing Weekly
★ YEAR: 1985
★ AUTHOR: Alan Lawless


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