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Okay, onto the main software review for this month. One of the big things that dropped through our postbox this month was a pretty good PD word processor called VDE. As I understand it, VDE has been in the public domain for some time but what makes this version so special, are the enhancements that have been made to it by Paul Fairman, the head honcho of SheepSoft. Paul wrote in last month to the letters page, and ranted on about VDE, so we thought that this month we ought to mention it, especially seeing as VDE is completely FREE!!

The main thing that Paul has done with VDE is on the spell checker side, by increasing the dictionary from 7000 words to 10,000! No mean feat for any man (or sheep!). Although VDE requires a small amount of setting up, anyone with half an ounce of sense should have no problems. The main thing I like about this program is the amount of text space you have under CP/M over 60K (!) compared with, at best 39K under AMSDOS. Indeed Paul used it to create the SHEEP text file on his catalogue disk which is 51k long. Anyway, what's it like. I hear you asking. Well it's slow, but that's expected from CP/M anyway, but it is fully implemented with features such as FILE MERGE, FIND and REPLACE. DELETE and UNDELETE line. PARAGRAPH REFORMATTING. LINE CENTRING, and basic block operations. It can be fairly cumbersome at times but. as I say, is free. If you would like a copy, just send a SAE (Jiffy Bag with Stamps on it), to SheepSoft.


★ PUBLISHER: SheepSoft
★ YEAR: 19XX
★ CONFIG: ???
★ AUTHOR: Paul Fairman


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