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A Meddler's Utility from NEMESIS

This program comes on'a cassette, but readily transfers itself to disc. There is also a tape-to-tape copying option plu3 a few other goodies. A newsletter is included. This contains a list of many of the games Idle Meddler can copy, as well as several specific changes needed to get some of the more difficult ones to work

When you use Idle Meddler you'll notice that lots of funny coloured lines appear on the screen. You wouldn't be excused from thinking that you've crashed your Amstrad, but fret not, for all is O .K. Meddler is written in the screen memory so as tc handle the problem of being overwritten by long programs. This is a neat idea, bu: rather messy. The prompt messages'telling you what to do scroll on a small window at the bottom of the screen and are rather difficult to follow

The Nemesis set-up strikes me as being one of the "cottage industry". This isn't meant as an insult far from it - but I think the program lacks the professional finish of Transmat and Discovery. If you're looking for a tape-to-tape and tape-to-disc copier for under a fiver then Idle Meddler will do, but you may soor: find that you want something more sophisticated. As for the tape-to-tape copier I shall only say that it is restricted to block programs and there are far better copiers on the market that can handle turbo and headerless tape-to-tape copying.


★ YEAR: 1985
★ AUTHOR: Colin Harris
★ PRICE: £4.50 (cass)

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» Idle  MeddlerDATE: 2014-05-05
DL: 89 fois
TYPE: image
SIZE: 212Ko
NOTE: w1434*h877

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» Idle  Meddler    ENGLISHDATE: 2012-04-28
DL: 66 fois
NOTE: Dump by Johnny FARRAGUT ; Headerless Custom; /CDTBlocks=9

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