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 ★ This text is presented to you in its original version ★ 
 ★ Este texto se presenta en su versión original ★ 
 ★ Dieser Text wird in seiner Originalfassung präsentiert ★ 

This TSMRZ'94 is a completely new version of the Super Montor 1.4+ (by Crown), adepted to the needs of coders. 
As the 2nd 64 KB of all 128K-machines are favoured, the total free memory enclose 107 KB ! 

Read the short commando describtion:  A - Ascii: the memory is dumped into Ascii symbols.

  • C - Compare two memory blocks; the non-corresponding addresses will be  displayed. 
  • D - Disassemble
  • E - Search for Soundtrakker modules (in the whole connected memory bank);  this will also display the real implantation address. 
  • F - Find: search for a string of hexa bytes or an alphanumerical string.  You can enter up to 255 bytes or 30 characters. 
  • H - Header: displays the header datas of the last loaded/saved file.
  • J - Jump: make a jump to the specified address.
  • L - Load a file: the header will be displayed and you will be asked  for the loading address. 
  • M - Memory dump: hex and ascii dump of the memory.
  • N - Memory map: this makes a map of the current memory bank. Dots are made on or off according to the parity of each byte. 
  • P - Play a Soundtrakker Raw module.
  • S - Save file.
  • V - View memory: you can view the memory as bitmap datas in the specified screen mode (0-2). Useful datas about the window can be displayed.... The screen size has been changed in order to view even overscan graphics!
  • W - Write: one of the most powerful functions of the Turbo Super Monitor Razormaid Mix 1994. With this you can write Hex bytes and text in the memory thanks to a powerful page editor a la Maxam (but faster). You can move the cursor very comfortable and fast through the memory, and swap between Hex and Ascii zones. 
  • X - Copy two memory areas.
  • Z - Fill an area with the specified byte.  

and many others, including some clever calculating functions like offset-calculating, 16-bit-operations, etc. 

A really useful utility for demo/game/tool/whatever-coders! 

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★ YEAR: 1994
★ CONFIG: ???
★ AUTEUR: antoine PITROU


» Turbo  Super  Monitor  Razormaid  Mix  1994DATE: 2013-09-03
DL: 60 fois
SIZE: 58Ko
NOTE: 42 Cyls

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» Turbo  Super  Monitor  Razormaid  Mix  1994    ENGLISHDATE: 2014-05-05
DL: 45 fois
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» Turbo  Super  Monitor  Razormaid  Mix  1994    FRENCHDATE: 2014-05-05
DL: 76 fois
TYPE: text
SIZE: 12Ko

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