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Moving on from the general accounting practices of personal and small business users, the next step in any company's ladder to success, is the hiring and firing of staff though, in the present climate, let us hope it is more of the former.

Getting to grips with the financial implications of employees can add an even greater burden to the small businessman's already straining reserves. However, thanks to Hertfordshire based SD Microsystems, there is even an answer to this little problem, in the form of the EXTENDED PAYROLL.
Using an extremely simple operating routine, the program is divided into two distinct areas. The first, PAYE 1, allows you to enter exact details of each of your employees, listing National Insurance numbers, tax codes, hours worked, gross pay to date, pension contributions and so on. The list is seem-
ingly endless, and certainly provides an excellent substitute for the old filing cabinets.

With a maximum input of 50 employees, you are not going to run out of space too quickly, either. With P35 listings and tax code change options included, Extended Payroll forms a totally comprehensive update of your financial standing with each of your employees.

The second file area, PAYE 2, allows for the direct printing of all wage and salary slips, making all calculations of gross pay, including any overtime, sick pay, holiday or tax adjustments needed to reach a final net figure. With options for non-contracted out and contracted out employees and full summaries of tax periods, the program does exactly what it was designed to do: take the pain outof payroll management for the small business.

At £24.99, Extended Payroll is a true good fairy, guaranteed to become an invaluable tool and well worth investing a little money in.

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