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Snake is a game for the 464 written in machine code and occupying about 4k. You play the part of a snake travelling around a garden full of mushrooms and toadstools. You must try to eat as many mushrooms as possible, but avoid the flashing toadstools at all costs as they are poisonous.

The more mushrooms you eat, the longer the snake gets, thus decreasing your manoeuvrability. There is only a certain amount of time for you to eat all the mushrooms on the screen, and if you do this you get a bonus depending on the time left.

You then progress to the next screen where things work faster and you have more toadstools to avoid. You have three lives for each game. There are three skill levels with level 1 being the easiest (slowest) and level three the most difficult (fastest).

The keys to press are Z for left, X for right, semicolon or plus for up, and / or ? for down. Press P to pause the game.

To play Snake, you must type in the Basic listing which pokes the code for the game into memory and SAVEs it for you. Save it straight away without running it.

Now run it and if the program informs you of any errors in the data, it will point out the line at which the error occurred. If this happens correct it and resave it.

When you have got the Basic program to run without errors you must have a tape ready to save the code on to.

The program saves it for you automatically, in the form of an auto-run file. Then to run the program you can use the Ctrl and Enter keys.

ACU #8702


AUTHOR: Simon Conroy

★ YEAR: 1987
★ GENRE: BASIC , snake game


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