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If you think this little collection is going to be child's plav, you'd better think again.Most of the excellent offerings on this collection have both easy and hard versions, for the young and not so young.

Pick carefully which version you want to play, then get going for the high scores. To start with, how about helping Postman Pat to deliver his assortment of mail around Greendale.Finding Mrs Goggin's post office is your first task, after which you must whizz through the village, timing your deliveries to perfection by pressing fire as you pass the Hashing houses.

Watch out for oil slicks as you progress, and be sure not to knock poor old Miss Hubbard off her wobbly bike in your rush.This one is great fun for both young and old, and has to be seen to be appreciated.

Izzy wizzy let's get busy!You'd better if you want to help Sooty and Sweep clean up the house before Matthew returns.You see, Sweep left the door open, letting all the bugs in, as well as leaving his dirty bones all over the place. As a one or two player game, you must pick up the bones, avoiding the creepy-craw lies at all times, and give them to Soo to take a way. On your own, as Sooty or Sweep, this is excellent but, as a two player blast, as you compete to find the most bones, this is an absolute must.

Count Duckula has gone to the Pharoahs in the next item in the collection. Hunting for the strange and magical Sax, you must take on the role of Duckula and search the pyramid for the ancient saxophone. This is no picnic, however, as the mummies and the wacky Crow brothers are out to stop you at all times.Use your wits and find the sax before sunrise, or it's all over.

Remembering you're a Womble will help you out on the next offering, as you race against time and Wellington to find litter, special items and a copy of The
Times for Uncle Bulgaria.This is a hilarious offering, guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen.

Before we run out of space, there should just be room to mention the last great offering on this collection, the epic Superted! Spotty's been kidnapped and only you, using your special powers, can get him back from the evil Texas Pete and his cronies.Use your powerpunch to do away with the henchmen and, when you get to the end of the first level, you'll need to be quick to dodge the swipes of the skeleton guardian.

If you manage to defeat him, it's off into space on the way to the final showdown with tricky Texas Pete .Good luck Ted, Spotty depends on you! What more can I say, this collection is a must for the younger gamesters and it could even give the more experienced trigger finger a run for its money!

All of your playtime favourites have arrived in one big bundle.

ACU #9204

COMPILATION: KID'S PACK [Postman Pat 1+Popeye 2+Sooty & Sweep+The Wombles+Count Duckula 1+SuperTed The Search for Spot]

★ YEAR: 1992


  1. Count Duckula 1
  2. Popeye 2
  3. Postman Pat 1
  4. Sooty and Sweep
  5. Superted: The Search for Spot
  6. The Wombles


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SIZE: 329Ko
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