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New CPC libraries seem to be popping up on almost a daily basis. The latest to come to my notice is Scull PD, based in Glasgow. Scull PD operates both a tape and disk service.

The arrangement is that you supply the media plus a copying charge and a few days later it will be back, crammed full of goodies. There are 12 disks and 22 cassettes in the library, and the numbers are growing all the time. An SAE will get you a copy of the latest list.

Scull has obtained permission to use demos of commercial games such as The Untouchables, which appeared on the cover cassette of Amstrad Action over Christmas (The latest issue of AA is available from all good newsagents, and at only £1.45 it's a bargain too!). Many of the listings from the Type-Ins section of AA also appear in Scull. So if you can't be bothered to type them in yourselves, you know a man who can...

Mac is one of the programs from the library. No, it's not a Macintosh emulator for the CPC - that has yet to see the light of day. Mac is one of those maze-type games where you wander around picking up keys and dodging loads of nasties.

In terms of looks, Mac scores well. It has big bold graphics, and reasonably cute characters. The amazing thing is that Mac is written almost entirely in bog-standard BASIC! I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing in the game yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out...

Lots and lots of utilities, routines and other bits and pieces came crammed on the Scull disk. There's loads of stuff that can be used to spice up your own programs. You know the sort of thing - fancy screen fade programs and italised character sets. Best of all though, all these trillions of programs will cost you just a £1!

NewComputerExpress (1990)

GAMELIST Space Base (Scull PD) 198x
GAMELIST Adult Two 1990
GAMELIST Exploring Wales 1988, 199x
DEMOSCENEScull PD - Animations Disk #21990
DEMOSCENEAnimator Demos1990
DEMOSCENEDino Demo 1: Dancer!19xx
GAMELIST Reflector (Scull PD) 19xx
GAMELIST Tiles! 19xx
GAMELIST Mac 2 19xx
GAMELIST All Out! 1988
GAMELIST Welladay 19xx
GAMELIST Ghost House 1989
GAMELIST Gold Rush 1990
GAMELIST Journey Thru' the Stars 1990
GAMELIST Sizzler! 1990
GAMELIST Humpback 1990
GAMELIST Shootbol 1990
GAMELIST Jolly Roger's Dungeon Escape 1990
GAMELIST Mac 1 19xx
GAMELIST Destructboll 19xx
GAMELIST Cave Crusade 19xx
GAMELIST Box Clever 1990
GAMELIST Tracker 2 1989
GAMELIST Crossword Compiler 1991
GAMELIST Doomlords 19xx



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