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Not content with selling a lot of budget titles. Code Masters are now launching a range which - by their standards - amounts to full price. Code Masters Plus games will sell at £4.99. with the extra three quid justified by the inclusion in the package of two cassettes. These will contain two versions of the game - 'expert' and 'ordinary'.

The idea, according to Code Masters' Minister without Portfolio Bruce Everiss. is that the expert game is unplayable until you've mastered the ordinary version. On loading the the advanced tape, you'll be presented not just with a tougher game, but with additional scenarios.

The Plus range is due to be launched in early December 1988 with Jet Bike, by the Oliver twins, on Amstrad and Spectrum at £4.99.

Also expected shortly from Code Masters are ST and Amiga versions of Grand Prix Simulator. The price isn't yet established, but is likely to be £9.99.


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