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Next in the firing line was the Pro Ace's big brother, the Micro Ace. It looks very similar, the only visual difference being the tastefully done but oh-so-bright red colour of the shaft as opposed to the Pro's mean black. Buried inside is the main change - microswitches instead of leaf switches.

Microswitches are designed as sealed units, and are both more reliable and more accurate than their poor tree-borne cousins. Arcade games the world over use microswitches in their joystick units for these very reasons, and the Micro Ace feels not dissimilar to many a games console. The biggest plusses are feedback - there's a reassuring click that can be felt as well as heard - and a more responsive, less musclebound feel as the shaft travels much less in changing direction.

It still needs a fair flick o'the wrist to move yer marble or spin yer starship, but this time it's not so bad as to nobble nimbleness. It's also feasable to handhold this one, and in this mode it acquitted itself well with all three games. Construction is again solid and bombproof, and this is a stick which should be given some serious thought by the avid gamester.

ACU #8609

★ YEAR: 1986

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