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Please help! I've had a problem for a while and it's driving me nuts! I've got a CPC464 with a 'Superpower' ROM card and Toolbox ROM and recently I've purchased the Protext word processing ROM. I have also linked to this little lot an Epson RX-80 F/T printer.

However, ever since I've had the printer it has always form fed an additional line so all the lines come out double spaced. I've disabled the Carriage Return and Line Feed DIP switch in the printer so it is now switched to carriage return only, but it still persists in double-spacing the lines. I have also had the printer linked to a BBC computer and it performed with no problems and no extra form feeds.

With Protext however I thought my problems were solved by selecting line spacing zero. It printed beautifully with no extra lines (by sending a control code to stop the extra form feeding) but it will no longer initiate page breaks automatically.

Please tell me if there is a fault with my 464 that it keeps sending extra control codes or is it a fault with the printer. If you think the fault is with the computer could you tell me if it rectifiable?

Is it possible for you to give me an address for Epson as I have mislaid my RX-80 F/T manual, and would like to try to get another one.

One last point to ask you. What is the maximum length printer lead possible to connect with a 464 before there are problems with printing (On top of the ones I've already got!).

David Lea West Wimbledon London


Not that old problem again! We last printed the solution in AA50. so I suppose it's about time to print it again. This fault is peculiar to the CPC range of computers, and happens with many different makes of printer. The AUTOFEED line is constantly held low by the CPC, hence the printer always 'sees'a line feed with every carriage return.

To solve it, pin 14 of the printer port must be disconnected, either by cutting the wire in the printer cable that goes to that connection, or by masking the pin with a bit of sellotape.

You don't generally get data skew problems with computer cables, so you can have the cable any reasonable length.

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