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This game is the sequel to First Past the Post , an adventure in which you had to intercept a letter you'd written to your financée, Miss Rosie Cheeques, in a fit of temper and drunkenness otherwise she'd no doubt call off the wedding.

Fresh from that adventure and having recovered and destroyed the incriminating letter, the date has been set and our hero, Ernie Spludge, is all set for his wedding and will live happily every after.

Unfortunately, there are one or two minor problems which might blight Ernie's big day. For example — lie's currently twenty miles away from the church and has no transportation. His best man is asleep in his bed and shows no sign of recovering from last night's monumental stag party.

Once you manage to rouse Robin (which isn't as easy a task as it first sounds), he manages to inform Ernie of a couple of other things that he forgot to do — like booking the honeymoon...

The game has been written using the Adlan compiler and is therefore available on disc and tape (hurrah!). It's light-hearted and humorous and the problems set are not very difficult to solve. The most difficult is working out out how to wake up the best man and that becomes obvious with a little thought and careful attention to the location and object descriptions.

Several helpful objects are craftily hidden, so it's as well to search everything and don't forget that objects can be hiding behind and under things.

Obtaining transport is a priority but the way it is accomplished is more than a little oblique, to say the least. If I say that it involves a telephone, a pizza and a moose's head, you might get some idea of how convoluted this game can be.

Once you manage to get to Scumsville (having solved the problems caused by your vehicle breaking down and a mad dog trying to impede your progress), you have more problems to solve. How, for example, do you manage to get money out the the cash machine? Why do you need dynamite?

The game is quite playable, not very difficult to solve and it should give a smile or two along the way. All in all, the game is a must for fans of Ernie Spludge. If you've not acquainted yourself with him yet, perhaps you should.

Get Me To The Church will be released in the next few months and Snow Joke will be free on the B side.

A review by Phill Ramsay, played on the Amstrad CPC


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