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[TOOL/WIN] The Real and Imaginary Disk Editor (RIDE)
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Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 19 Fév 2024, 11:58 ]
Sujet du message :  [TOOL/WIN] The Real and Imaginary Disk Editor (RIDE)

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As I was missing something in each application I tried, I created my own one and named it Real and Imaginary Disk Editor (or simply RIDE). It serves for direct access to filesystems of some obscure or obsolete platforms, including the once very popular MS-DOS. The filesystems can be stored both on physical floppies and in images (hence the name "real and imaginary"). RIDE is suitable for both novice and expert users in a given platform. Novice users will find it easy to use for their early experimentations, while expert users will appreciate its advanced features that facilitate direct data modification and recovery. If the DOS you need is not implemented, you at least can access the floppy at the sectors level, or implement it yourself and then ideally commit the result to this repository, so that we all can benefit from your efforts.

url/src: https://github.com/tomas-nestorovic/RIDE/

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