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[LINUX] GTK3 front-end for CPCEC
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Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 05 Déc 2021, 09:40 ]
Sujet du message :  [LINUX] GTK3 front-end for CPCEC

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An Amstrad CPC / Plus / GX-4000 emulator for Linux.
Emulation code by 2018-2021 Cesar "cngsoft" Nicolas-Gonzalez (http://cngsoft.no-ip.org/cpcec.htm)
GTK-based UI program (including packaging and this documentation) by 2021 Arnaud "norecess" Storq

  • Integrated CPCEC emulation core 20211130
  • Added new menu options to set realtime emulation speed to 1x or 4x
  • Memory inspector + RAM/ROM configuration got moved out from Z80 Debugger (created a new dedicated window for that)
  • User can select to READ or WRITE mode for Memory Inspector (cf. data location where the Z80 will READ from -or- WRITE to)
  • Added new menu options to resize main window to 100% or 400%
  • Saved last opened folders into configuration file
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Minor fixes
  • Updated shortcuts

  • First public release

scr/url: https://gitlab.com/norecess464/cpcec-gtk/-/releases

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