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[EMU] CPCEPower v2105
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Auteur :  Megachur [ 04 Juin 2021, 08:57 ]
Sujet du message :  [EMU] CPCEPower v2105

v2105 - Windows 10 x86 & x64 - MacOS x64 - Linux x64 and Raspberry Pi4

OSD: Added files selection for A: B: TAPE: SNA: and CART: !
FDC: Corrected the sector order when formating track
ALL: Code refactoring and correcting some little bugs
RAW: Better correcting of bad sectors
IPF: Major refactoring/rewrite of the decode Engine and now it is bit aligned (was byte aligned before (8 bits))
SDL2: Updated to the last version 2.0.14

Enjoy :biere: !

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