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[EMU] CPCEPower v2103
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Auteur :  Megachur [ 19 Mars 2021, 15:59 ]
Sujet du message :  [EMU] CPCEPower v2103

Nouvelle version v2103 qui inclue ces changements :magic: :

SNA/DRIVE: Fixed a rare bug where track is fixed to a value superior of the max tracks available of the inserted disk
SNA: Fixed z80 registers and GA colors index save thanks to Roudoudou !
ARGS: Corrected a bug which disable the loading of a LROM binary file passed with parameters.
Z80: Thanks to MadRam experimentations -> Corrected the Flags of F for ini/d(r) and outi/d(r) instructions ! cf https://64nops.wordpress.com/2021/01/13 ... pc-timing/
Z80tests program with ORGAMS last distribution is now 100% accurate !

je poste rapidement la version Windows, MacOS et Pi4 pour :gamer: dlfrsilver :pir8: !

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La versions Linux à venir...

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