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[EMU] CPvC : Colour Personal Virtual Computer.
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Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 07 Oct 2020, 14:39 ]
Sujet du message :  [EMU] CPvC : Colour Personal Virtual Computer.

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How is CPvC different from every other CPC emulator?
CPvC has additional features on top of the standard ones offered by most emulators:

- A more "persistent" emulator model, where one or more virtual CPC instances can be created and persist even after the application is closed. These instances can be loaded again and resume from where they left off.
- Snapshots (or "bookmarks" as they're called in CPvC) are organized as part of a branching timeline, instead of as separate .SNA files.

src/url: https://github.com/alybaek2/cpvc

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