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[EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release
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Auteur :  hERMOL [ 03 Jan 2014, 15:15 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

update v2.3 est dispo chez Devilmarkus

src/url: http://cpc-live.com/data/index.php

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 12 Juil 2015, 21:30 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
JavaCPC Desktop 2.9m

Update from v2.9l to 2.9m changelog:

- Fixed Roland Radio player application
- Removed (unnecessary) check for Update.jar, added it as manual menu entry: Help - Check JavaCPC
- Fixed some things in CRTC emulation (And probably added new bugs)
- Added CNGSoft's compacted games to Amstrad BDD
- Some minor fixes in CPC emulation (Nothing noticeable for the user)

Update from v2.9h to 2.9j changelog:

- Bugfixes in Amstrad BDD Gui, cpc-p0wer should work now in testmode
- RolandRadio added to Desktop (Listen and enjoy the music from http://rolandradio.net)
- Triple size option for display size added (Fuckings to GreatXerox :-P )
- Minor bugfix in FDC emulation

Update from v2.9e to 2.9h changelog:

- GUI improvements for BDD databases, cpc-p0wer added, but no database is available yet!
- RAM-Management rewritten and 4MB RAM expansion added
- Fixed faulty start of JavaCPC on non-Windows OS (Hopefully)
- Internal samples will not playback when non-Windows OS is detected

Update from v2.9 to 2.9e changelog:

- Hotfix in tape emulation, removed a bug, which caused a division by zero in some cases.
- RAM-ROM management rewritten. The emulator doesnt define a new CPC after each ROM change. Just changes the roms, and thats it.
- Added a nice startmenu to "AMSTRAD" logo, when used as Desktop.
- Small resetbutton added to emulator window.
- few GUI improvements for BDD databases. (You now can also search for a game)

Update from v2.8 to v2.9 changelog:

- BDD CPC file databases added: JavaCPC Games and JavaCPC Demos
- Z80 turbo mode integrated (Accessible in System configuration)
- Internal ROM font editor improved (Access: ALT + F11)

Update from v2.7 to v2.8 changelog:

- Amstrad.eu BDD added (Play games directly from http://www.amstrad.eu database)
- Bugfix in BASIC autotype and autoboot
- Some GUI changes
- Some parts are partially translated into German, French or Spanish (Translation is still in progress)

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 25 Avr 2016, 17:57 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
Update from v2.9m to 2.9.20 changelog:

- Fixed FDC emulation (For some reason, games like Fres Fighter Turbo did not work)
- Bugfix in Assembler: READ "filename.asm" / INCLUDE "filename.asm" fixed.
- Minor bugfixes in GUI
- Added amstrad.eu chat
- Several minor fixes / improvements

src: http://cpc-live.com/

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 01 Juin 2016, 13:53 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop v2.9.4

Citer :
Update from v2.9.3 to v2.9.4 changelog:

- Fixed the raster code for RasterPaint. Old code caused bad behavior in FDC and PPI ports.
- Reimplemented port-behavior problems for FDC emulation. (I once disabled them, for internal testings)
- RasterPaint: Function added to export the raster screens directly as executable binaries.
- RasterPaint: Raster table and screen pixeldata are simply crunched now (When export binaries)
- Removed "New CPC / Old CPC" setting. For CPC Plus / New CPC you need the source file. By default it renders for old CPC.
- Added: RasterScreen.asm for developers (To assemble for New generation CPCs, too)

Update from v2.9.20 to 2.9.3 changelog:

- Added application "RasterPaint". Convert pictures to rasterized MODE 1 screens.
- Fixed "READ" , "INCLUDE" instructions in Z80 assembler
- Added "REPEAT", "REND" instructions in Z80 assembler
- Fixed GateArray raster change positions (More or less)
- Fixed a crash in CRTC / GA emulation
- Added several new bugs and problems :-P

url/src: http://cpc-live.com/download.php?view.2

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 15 Juil 2016, 04:22 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop v2.9.5b

Citer :
Update from v2.9.4 to v2.9.5b changelog:

New features:
- Assembler understands command "define"
define .myfile = "MYFILE.BIN"
define .mycode = "MYCODE.ASM"
INCBIN .myfile
READ .mycode
this works with INCBIN, INCLUDE and READ (READ is similar to INCLUDE)
When you use INCBIN / INCLUDE / READ instructions, make sure, the additional files are in the same folder than your assembly code.
- Assembler: added IFDEF check
IFDEF does not check the value given to a label, just checks if this label has been defined.
ifdef mylabel
<asm code here>else
<asm code there>endif

- Fixed LD IXH,x and related instructions

- RasterPaint is improved. You can now select every single zone/line to disable autogeneration for palette. (last palette is used then)
This is VERY useful to remove some unwanted stripes.
Use right mouse button into preview window:
1x clicked: rastermode 1: zones are selectable. (You can see them) Click one to toggle as active (default) or inactive
2x clicked: rastermode 2: lines are selectable. Click them to toggle, too
3x clicked: rastermode 3: zones AND lines are visible and toggle on click
You need to play around with that. But it really can improve the result.
- RasterPaint: Image can be opened in a 3x zoomed frame. It has the same rastermodes to select zones and lines like the main window.
Makes it easier to find / hit the correct zones.

- RasterPaint: Image, which is vertically higher than 320x200 pixel ratio can be scrolled up/down now.
- An emulator has been added :P (You can only use it with a special cheat command from console...) (Hint: It's not a toaster but may have to do with bread)

Many more things fixed, which I forgot now to list were made, too.
And, as usual: Many new bugs added for your pleasure ;-)

url/src: http://cpc-live.com/download.php?view.2

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 09 Mars 2017, 10:05 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop v2.9.5e

Citer :
Update from v2.9.5b to v 2.9.5d changelog:

- New features:
- ModeX Paint added (Available from Menu, experimental)
- Ability to store and read 4MB SNApshots (SNA V2 compatible)

Update from v2.9.5d to 2.9.5e changelog:

- Important bugfix in ROM handling (JavaCPC was not able to recognize the selected OS, which is important for some apps to work properly)
- Bugfix in JavaCPC Paint
- Bugfix in ModeXPaint GUI

src: http://cpc-live.com/
url: https://sourceforge.net/projects/javacp ... t/download

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 09 Fév 2018, 19:43 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
Update from v2.9.4/5 to v2.9.6 changelog:

- Several bugfixes in JavaCPC Paint
- Rasterpaint: Re-arranged the GUI
- Fixed 4mb ram expansion port problems (Re-arranged port numbers)
- Fixed some Z80 cycles (Probably implemented new bugs now)
- Added possibility to update FutureOS ROMs directly from FutureOS Server (Menu: Help -> Check for FutureOS Update)
- New .EXE Icons (Thanks to Paul Barrick for the nice pixelart- CPC 464!)
- Major and minor bugfixes in CPC emulation
- Re-wrote PAL filter
- Re-wrote parts of the sound emulation (Tape-noise is seperated now and less annoying)
- Bugfix in FDC emulation: Fixed RPM and added "Match Sector" to commands
- Updated the startup-splash screen
- Bugfixes in MagicCPCDiskImage: Corrected filesize for binary and basic files, fixed filesize for creating directory
- RasterPaint: Added line-mode: INKs change each line only
- Added: New bugs, problems, funny behavior (As usual)

src: http://cpc-live.com/

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 13 Avr 2018, 07:51 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
Update from v2.9.6 to v2.9.6b changelog:

- Fixed a problem in splash-screen on non-Windows OS
- Default soundbuffer changed to 4096 bytes to avoid sound lags on non-Windows OS
- Improved the JavaCPC MovieMaker, it is fps accurate now, and also simulteanously plays a mp3 file, if is present
- Added a cheat ;-)

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 18 Juil 2018, 06:55 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
Update from v2.9.6b/c to v2.9.6d changelog:

- Fixed a problem in Z80 emulation (Perhaps added more now)
- Fixed some major and minor bugs in FDC emulation.
- DSK images with wrong given track number in header are fixed on the fly now.
- 3d mode: Added fullscreen mode (Alt + Enter: Toggle fullscreen, CTRL + Enter: Toggle panning)
- Added chip noise (Optionally, in Audio options)
- Several minor bugfixes

Citer :
JavaCPC update to 2.9.6e is ready:

- Fixed some Z80 instruction parsing in Assembler
- Added "ENT" in Z80 Assembler (E.g. ENT $ does not run the assembled code, but put exec. address into AMSDOS header, when written)
- Rewrote fill routine in JavaCPC Paint, dithered fill added
- Fixed a few bugs in FDC (And added new bugs)
- Fixed some GUI elements
- Added "Doodle" import for Paint (Doodle .drw is a format, which I published in a freeware tool)
- Fixed some file dialogs (Which let the "Save" or "Load" button in some cases disappear)
- Removed some older stuff from JPaint, and improved first rendering settings for CPC+ format
- Added several "Ordered dithering" methods in Paint
- Updated SamDisk in tools to latest version (For Windows users, DSKUtil makes use of it to transfer disk images to real disks)
- Fixed some bugs in tape emulation, improved recording behavior, REW / FFWD is slower now, own created tape images now can also be stored as CDT (Windows only)
- Added Synthetica Java skins (Because JavaCPC is a non-commercial product)
- Changed "Update.jar" because my server doesnt like so many downloads, so all downloads are handled parallel now :-P (Makes it faster, too)
- Added tons of more things, improvements, bugs, etc, which I already forgot to mention

src: http://cpc-live.com/forum/index.php/top ... ml#msg5410
url: http://sourceforge.net/projects/javacpc

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 27 Juil 2018, 15:43 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
Update from v2.9.6e to v2.9.6f changelog:
- Removed the old virtual keyboard
- Added a new virtual keyboard with better look and handling

src: https://sourceforge.net/projects/javacp ... t/download

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 23 Sep 2018, 12:05 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
Update from v2.9.6f to v2.9.7 changelog:

- Added +/- buttons in JavaCPC Paint's effectmixer for Tolerance and Balancing to adjust them more accurately
- Added option to sort color palette in JavaCPC Paint
- Rewrote tape mechanism, animated tape counter, added block building for saved WAV tapes
- Added a multi-debugger, fixed read/write/any in debugger
- JavaCPC detects 64 bit / 32 bit Java now, and selects proper DLL file for OpenGL handler (3d Display)
- Renamed JavaCPC.exe to JavaCPC32.exe
- Registry settings fixed for 32 / 64 bit (Run JavaCPC-32 or -64.exe as administrator, check registry entries in desktop options)
- Improved and fixed some minor issues

url/src: http://cpc-live.com/

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 09 Sep 2019, 04:19 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
Update from v2.9.7b to v2.9.7c changelog:
- Important bugfix in memory emulation, emulator was not able to detect proper system roms.
- Minor improvements and bugfixes
- Up-Update (No version change!): Amstrad BDD Gamebase fixed for cpc-p0wer, changed from http to https

Update from v2.9.7 to v2.9.7b changelog:
- Minor bugfixes in CRTC / Z80 / PSG Emulation
- Bugfix in BDD Databases
- Memory / Snapshot saving: Bugfix in size calculation

src/url: https://sourceforge.net/projects/javacp ... 20Desktop/

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 20 Fév 2020, 17:40 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [EMU] JavaCPC Desktop official release

Citer :
Update from v2.9.8e to v2.9.8f changelog:
- Added the possibility to export / import special characters. Export is possible via the BASIC debugger, import via Autotype (F11)

Update from v2.9.8d to v2.9.8e changelog:
- New filedialog for JavaCPC Paint / Rasterpaint, new import features, better preview
- Bugfixes in JavaCPC Paint
- Re-arranged some parts of JavaCPC Paint GUI
- Improved file import in JavaCPC Paint
- Happy new year!

Update from v2.9.8b to v2.9.8d changelog:

- Amstrad SSA-1 Speech synthesizer and DK`Tronics now have different allophone sets
- New render method for JavaCPC Paint and Raster Paint
- Small bugfix in animation player (ANI-Files)
- Minor fixes

Update from v2.9.8 to v2.9.8b changelog:
- Serious bugfix in autotype when used with boot functions
- Improved IFS - Internal Filesystem: Added ability to save BASIC files as textfile, and load.
Just load your BASIC file from disc / tape, then enter |SAVE,"filename.txt" (May not work with BASIC programs containing control chars!)

url: https://sourceforge.net/projects/javacp ... 20Desktop/

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