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[UTIL/GFX] Martine convert image
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Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 14 Juin 2019, 15:45 ]
Sujet du message :  [UTIL/GFX] Martine convert image

Citer :
Martine convert image (jpg png) to Overscan, Screen or window for Amstrad CPC (and Plus series)

v0.16: dithering treatment and add performance
v0.15: M4 integration
v0.14: add resize algo MitchellNetravali.
v0.12: Rotate image option, kit and ink palette added, add lz4 compression
v0.11: Ink apply, fixed rle8 and 16 bits
v0.10: rle bugs fixed

src/url: https://github.com/jeromelesaux/martine
url: https://cpcrulez.fr/emulateurs_UTIL-GRA-martine.htm

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 15 Sep 2019, 10:04 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [UTIL/GFX] Martine convert image

Citer :
v0.18: flash animation added , generate png image from scr files
v0.17: add cpc plus loader for classical screen.

src/url: https://github.com/jeromelesaux/martine/releases

Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 09 Fév 2020, 09:04 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [UTIL/GFX] Martine convert image

Ça ne chôme pas du côté d'ImpAct!
Citer :
v0.19: EGX 1 & 2 output format (classical screen and overscan) for CPC old and plus"
fix: correct screen mode in reverse, and rawpixel in mode 1 fixed.
add: add extension test to avoid decode SCR file by image.Decode.
add: go fmt.
fix: bad color correpondance.
fix: image data from overscan file fixed, kit file open function fixed, reverse mode 2 fixed.
add: egx 1 mode added (unfinished).
add: fix wide pixel in egx1 mode
add: egx format added.
add: egx 1 loader assembly routine added
add: egx 1 and 2 version implemented, egx loader added.
add: add sample cmd for egx mode.
fix: fix poked modes inverted and offset.
fix: allow to set the first line in egx mode.
fix: now allow first line either in mode 0 or mode 1.
add: avoid overwrite of the existing scr in egx mode.
fix: fix egx2 mode in assembly loader.
add: add overscan egx mode
fix: fix egx routine offset in copy
fix: fix egx loader on CPC plus
fix: makefile create differents archives for snapshot and release.

v0.20: Fix egx bugs, egx for CPC Plus series and add arm binary."
add: add raspberry pi binary.
fix: fix plus color on 17ko plus screen mode egx1, inversion in overscan mode egx2 on classical screen fixed
del: remove pal file export for cpc plus useless.
add: treatment mode added in dsk filename.
add: filename exported in dsk is the input filename.
add: change mode start order in egx2.
add: remove unsupported char in amsdos in filename.
add: add egx for classical plus screen.
add: add dithering, flash, egx in process file.
fix: egx on cpc plus routine to patch colors added.
add: add makefile rules to change filename between snapshots and releases.
add: loader egx cpc plus done.
mod: work in progress cpc plus egx overscan loader.
mod: egx cpc plus egx routine modified.
add: routine egx for cpc plus added.
add: change version to release candidate.
add: add inline cpc plus colors in DWord.
fix: makefile create differents archives for snapshot and release.

v0.21: Sprites hard, issue on quantization, split rasters and egx for all modes"
add: add description in help message.
fix: fix bug discover in Roudoudou stream. Using Quantization without palette.
fix: fix structure and allocation in structures.
fix: fix algorithm to set split raster and to generate output .spl file.
fix: fix performances issues and find split raster with background color.
add: add splitrasters label to exported dsk.
fix: fix issue in splitraster offsetatindex function.
fix: bad call to export split raster function fixed.
add: add split raster for old CPC WIP.
fix: fix sprite hard issues, bad size setted.
add: add sprite hard for cpc plus, fix dsk fullpath avoid suppression.
fix: add kit palette cpc plus format in sprite mode.
add: add sorted palette.
fix: fix useless dithering tag added in filename.
add: add import into sna and transfert to m4 device.
fix: issue when reading file without header fixed.
fix: fix some typo errors.
add: new dowgrade palette algo.
fix: fix palette downgrade on CPC old.
fix: bug in cpc plus loader, bad screen name.
add: introduce color distance to select them into the final CPC palette.
fix: fix egx palette test.
add: test on colors number in palette in egx mode added.
add: custom the exported dsk name for sprites

url: https://github.com/jeromelesaux/martine/

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