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Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 10 Déc 2023, 17:07 ]
Sujet du message :  ROCK STAR ATE MY HAMSTER

Matthew Bayfield from Gravesend in Kent has completed the Codemasters Gold game Rock Star Ate my Hamster, and sent in some hints and tips to get you a bit further along the road to stardom in this absorbing game.
Amstrad Action a écrit :
Selecting Rock Stars
• Always select four Rock Stars.
• You can afford to pay wages of up to #30,000. Pick one for around #15,000, one for around #10,000, one for around #1,000 and Sidney Sparkle for #50
• Each star will have a different temperament - Stars to be avoided include: Maradonna, Izzy, Asbeen, Rotton Johnny, Dorrissey, Alison Nightmare and Lumme.

Getting Started
• Keep the band name suggested by Clive.
• Buy dodgy gear, this will get confiscated by the police later if you become successful enough, but by then you will be able to afford brand new stuff.
• Follow this pattern to get going:
Gig... Universities... Charge #15 for 4 nights
Gig... Clubs..........Charge #10 for 4 nights
Gifts Food (BILL 4x#50=#200)
Gig... Universities... Charge #10 for 5 nights
Gig... Clubs..........Charge #10 for 4 nights
Gifts Food (BILL 4x#50=#200)

• If during this period any of the stars ask for anything they are not a good choice.
• Continue gigging in concert halls, and charging #10, for 4 nights until you fill them. Give the stars gifts after every 2 tours.
• Once you have filled the concert halls, move cautiously up to stadiums, charging #10 for 7 nights, continue giving gifts every 2 tours.

Record deals & sponsorships
• Refuse all sponsorship, e.g. Lievie Jeans, Soma Electronics.
• Accept the record deal worth #50,000 + 20% royalties. Ignore others.• Once you have accepted a deal you can record an album.

• Choose a 48 track studio (#50,000)
• Important: Before you record, you should not have more than #1,000,000 (about #900,000 is a nice figure to have) otherwise someone will hold your master tape to ransom for that price, leaving you short of cash. Give gifts to reduce cash if necessary.

Naming Album Tracks (and Album)
• Keep most of the single tracks named by Clive.
• Change about 3 out of 10 to your own names.
• These names should have similar names to common top 10 records, e.g. “I want your shirt”, “Drinking with the gas man”, “Hula Hula Bop-A”, etc.
• Call your album (when you release it) something to do with the band name, e.g. The Crazy Band - A billion Crazy Band hits.

Releasing Singles (and Album)
• Release first single straight away after recording with Busby Berserkely, in the Bahamas. Choose the most “sensible” video type.
• If a single takes more than 4 weeks to chart, release another.
• You won’t chart if you release more than one single at a time. (When you release a second the first automatically drops out of the chart).
• Release a second single when the first falls to no 7 or lower. Hopefully you should be able to afford a video with Cecil Bidet-Mills in the Bahamas. Always choose4a different video type to all others.
• All subsequent singles should have videos by Steven Cheeseburger in the Bahamas (if affordable).
• Release your album the week your first single charts. The whole game is based on album
sales, so this is really important.
• Never re-release a single.

Charity Gigs & Telephone calls (argh!)
• When the Taiwanese outfit report is received, either send the boys around or sue them. You’ll still have to pay, even if you win.
• Later in the game, you will get sued or back taxed for £1,000,000, there is nothing you can do about it.
• Charity gigs: Important. Some charity gigs are real charities, and some are phoney. Your choice to perform the gig is crucial. If you refuse a real charity or accept a phoney one your sales will go down, you’ll get bad publicity, single and album sales will fall, etc.
• Determining real charities can be done. It depends on your group’s LAST NAME, i.e.
Gig no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Armageddon Y N N N N Y
Donkeys Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Band Y Y Y Y Y
Orchestra Y Y Y N N N
Crowd Y Y N Y N Y
Y = Yes to a charity gig, N = No.
• Note: There are other last names for your group (Organisation, Group etc.) the charity gig sequence for these can be determined by experience.

• Give gifts every 2 tours.
• Increase these in value through the year.

• Don’t bother, it just wastes a day!

• Don’t do publicity unless:
a) You just got a charity gig wrong.
b) A star has just quit or died.
c) Your singles aren’t charting.
• Publicity can be fatal - avoided at all times.
• If you do go in for, some then repeat until “good” publicity is obtained.
Good publicity begins “Rock star...” and a picture of the star appears instead of the page 3 cartoon.

• Apart from royalties (very little money), gigging is the only way to get cash.
• Generally, once your first single has been released, all gigs should be in stadiums at #10 for 7 nights.
• N.B. If you begin a 7-night gig on Saturday two charts will pass before you are brought back to the options screen.
• Gigging at #15 hardly ever earns as much as gigging at #10
• If you get a charity gig wrong or a star has died/quit then attendance will be low. Gig in concert halls at #15 for a week before moving back to stadiums.

The Charts (singles and albums)
• The object is to get four gold discs.
• Gold discs can only be achieved by good album sales.
• Good album sales follow on from good single sales.
• You can't directly control where and when singles chart, but a good one will first chart 2 weeks after release.
• The album will normally go up one place in the charts if:
a) The single goes up (or new entry) at no.8 or higher.
b) The single stays at no.6 or higher.
c) The single is no. 5 or above.
• The album will go up more places if the single is atno.l
• If the album is out of the charts it takes ages to get it back in.
• Release the next single when the first falls to no.7 or lower.

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