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The Rocky Horror Show
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Auteur :  Princesse Mariana [ 18 Jan 2022, 08:55 ]
Sujet du message :  The Rocky Horror Show

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The Amstrad version of this game is probably the best out of the three conversions and thanks to Martin Stokes of Solihull who sent in these tips to help you complete the game Has anyone seen the CBM version? ft is enough to make you feel sorry for them.

Around the house you will find many keys, these keys open any door. Also you will find small flashing brick-like things which are parts of the De-Medusa machine. With one of these bricks go to the room with a big curtain in it and walk up to the curtain. The curtain will now rise and reveal the De-Medusa machine and your friend. Place the part you have collected onto the De-Medusa machine and then go and look for another piece.

Whenever the temperature gauge reaches 0, Eddie the mad biker thaws out and proceeds to race around the house and occasionally knocks you down. The way to remedy this is to get to the freezer room and press the flashing box. The only problem is getting there. Go to the top floor and into the room with the energy Now climb up the ladder and press the button at the top— you will have to pass the energy beam quickly while it is switched off otherwise you will be killed. Go left through Frank n' Furter's laboratory and then through the next room as well. You will then be in the freezer room. A quick way to escape from here is to go back into the next room and press the button that says ‘Don't Press this' twice — this will transport you back to a room on the around floor.

When you bump into characters they will say lines from the film but other than that they rarely harm you, but sometimes they take your clothes which you will get back when you collect the object that looks like a brain Beware of the butler, Riff Raff, because he fires lasers at you when you are on screen.

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