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It requires a device running with an ARM processor and Palm OS 5. It does NOT work on Palm OS 6.x.
It also requires a high-density device (320x320).

It has been tested and will run on the following devices: Tungsten T, T2, T3, T5, C, E, LifeDrive, Treo 650, Zire71, 72, a number of Clie devices: UX50, TJ35, NX70, NX73, NZ90, TG50, TJ25, TH55.
On other devices, it will accept to run but no guarantee is provided that it works. It could even force a Reset. Use it at your own risk and don't forget to backup (HotSync) your data before using it.
If you see the "Unsupported Device" dialog when starting, please let me know your Device ID and whether it works on it or not.

The Settings Dialog allows you to define if the Rocker is used as Arrow Keys or Joystick.

The buttons below the CPC screen are: Run/Pause, Reset, Settings, Insert disk image, Swap disk images, Toggle Sound On/Off, Show CPC keyboard for Input (on 320x480 devices only).

The hard keys are used as follows: DateBook: Fire, Notepad/MemoPad: Break, AddressBook: Shift, ToDo: Ctrl Disk images (standard .dsk files - zip not supported) must be on an extension card (SD, ...).

In order to be able to use the DIA on a T3, the 2 PRCs in the T3 folder must be installed on your device.
CAUTION: You should install both at the same time using HotSync. If you really want to beam them one after the other, start with StatusBarLib.prc.

CoPaCabana is provided AS-IS without any warranty. We can't be held responsible for any data loss due to installing it on your device.
It's ALWAYS a good practice to synchronize your device before installing any application.
Don't install it if you are not confident that your data are backed up.


★ ANNÉE: ???
★ AUTHORS: Régis Nicolas et Gilles Fabre


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» CoPaCabana  v0.73-PalmOSDATE: 2009-12-24
DL: 52 fois
SIZE: 172Ko

» CoPaCabana  v0.75-PalmOSDATE: 2009-12-12
DL: 46 fois
SIZE: 173Ko

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